Planning to Root Cuttings of Overwintered Tomatoes

behlgarden(9)April 19, 2012

OK folks, I was able to overwinter some heirloom tomatoes successfully:

1. Chocolate Stripes

2. 1884

3. Italian Heirloom

4. Beefsteak

5. Cherry Red Large

Although I am growing more varities from seeds, I plan on rooting the cuting from overwintered tomatoes to get a head start and try out. I got rooting hormone ready to go. Will let you know results.

I might also try to graft tomatoes to experiment

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I am growing Italian Heirloom for the first time this year. What did you think of the taste and production. I have heard it is a prolific producer.

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It is absolutely delicious tomato. In my garden it beat brandywine red in taste. Size was quite large too. Its sweet, juicy and with very little fine seeds. I got hit with BER and then Squirrels took care of everything else.

This year I have better plans. I also got nemetode problem that I discovered so I have already used special fungicide that helps somewhat.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

You don't need rooting hormone. Tomato cuttings root like gangbusters in just plain old moist potting mix. Do them all the time. I assume you know which parts of the plant to use, right?

Good luck.


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Great news on the taste of Italian Heirloom. Cant wait! Thanks.

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