WANTED: Help not enough pots for Trades

weenerdogg(Zone 7b)October 28, 2008

I don't have any money to spend on them. Any ideas for make shift pots?

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1. Cut in half plastic soda or water bottles
2. old butter tubs
3. for rooted cuttings, cut and fold in the bottom 1" of a paper roll (toilet paper, paper towels, etc...)and add potting soil. Voila!
4. worst case scenario: wet newspaper,a baggie and a twist tie! LOL

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I have the same problems. I use 1 gallon sunny d jugs and I drive around new landscaping projects in the area ask for their used nursery pots as well. You could also go to walmart and purchase those cheap plastic red cups that are like 2 bucks for 25+ cups.

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weenerdogg(Zone 7b)

All good suggestions! Thanks so much!

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dcarpenter(z7 DFW/TX)

I've been collecting the syrofoam cups from work for potting up things and also getting them ready for winter sowing :)

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liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)

Oftentimes nurseries will give away their smaller pots - anything up to a few gallons. I called my local one the other day - they have tons, though they do ask 25 cents for the 5 gallon, as that's a size they actually use. I think all the smaller ones are free.

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I have started using gatorade bottles for cuttings and then cut the top off for a pot. I will have some to trade at the swap meet.
I can give you some more ideas at the swap meet on where I have found free ones.

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