wilting sweet potato plants

mary10greenfingersJune 1, 2006

I have sweet potatoes plants from slips which I started this Spring. They look healthy and are full of leaves, but wilt whenever they get sunshine. This happened last year also (my first try ), and I have had to shield them from direct sun. Can anyone tell me why this is so. I thought they can take full sun to part shade. They are in a raised bed with sandy loam. Watering does not make any difference.

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I'm wondering if the root system isn't big enough to support the green growth. Was the wilting less of an issue later in the season last year?

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Hi Jeanie, Your suggestion seems correct, since I posted the same question in the vegetable garden web. The folks there have informed me that it is a normal phenomenum that some will wilt as it is a defense mechanism for conserving water. Perhaps when the root system grows more extensive, they will stop wilting. Last year I continued to keep them under some shade until harvest, and never thought to uncover them to see.

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