WANTED: Thanks Ft Worth for a Great Swap!

mommyfox(7)October 24, 2009

Hi everyone! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to the Fort Worth Swap today for a great time and such beautiful plants! Thank you especially to Sylvia, for being the guardian of the rules, for making sure we all stay happy with the way the swap works and everyone is treated with fairness and respect.

I just got the last of my new plants planted. I'm very pleased! Though a little shaky from adrenaline - I planted the rock rose I got from Sylvia, and as a testament to the quality of her soil, I got a "freebie" in the form of a big ol' worm who fell onto my hand! Of course this is a good thing, but at the moment all I saw was "SLIMY THING ON ME" and I screamed and dropped it and just about hurt myself. The boys thought it was hilarious, though. >.I hope everyone had as good a time as I did! I'm already planning for the spring ... :-) Happy planting, everyone!


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So *that's* where my little pet got to!

Bwaaa haaaaa haaaaaaa!

It was a great swap;

Thanks to the famous Ruben & Brenda for arranging for our *wonderful* new space, planning, cooking, serving, & rounding everyone up for the prize drawing.

Thanks to all who participated, sharing plants, hints, wisdom, & fellowship.

See you all in the spring!

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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

Sylvia, Are you sure that was your worm? Cause I'm missing one too.

The swap was great and enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting all the new people. Thank you Brenda & Ruben my hotdog was just right.See all in the Spring.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

What a great day it was! Were we lucky weather-wise or what? It was a marvelous day for swapping plants and stories. And the food! Nothing says "plant swap" like Ruben's grilling...mmmmmmmmmmm...hot dogs..... mmmmmmmm.

I also want to thank Cheryl (Seamommy) who got there REALLY early to put up signs. I would have missed that turn into the pavilion for sure.


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What a great time I had! This was probably one of the best swaps we've had so far. Welcome aboard to the newcomers, Muddauber, Busybee and Serenity Moon. Even though there were fewer swappers than we usually have had in the past, I think it went really well. I have to say that the quality of the plants that everyone brought was phenominal.

The new location was great, much less traffic, and except for the frisbee tournement nearby and all the teenyboppers listening to rap at 140 Db, overall I thought it was quieter too.

It took me until nearly midnight last night to get everything into the greenhouse and to repot the items that needed repotting. I got a few things planted before the sun went down with the help of my DGS, Dustyn. Thanks to everyone who brought me pond plants, everything is nestled sweetly into the greenhouse "pond" for the winter.

We lucked out big time on the weather didn't we? It's quarter to eight on Sunday night and it just started raining here. I got so many things done this weekend that I may retain a modicum of sanity for a little longer because I was able to spend a few hours with my good friends, like spirits and fellow devoted gardeners.

I got the rose cuttings into a rooting box this time Lin, and I'm really hoping for a couple of Buff Beauties. But I can't remember what the other cuttings were. It looks like I got three different roses. I hope you remember what they were. I got several dozen cuttings from each one, so hopefully a bunch of them will take. Now all I have to do is take a couple days off from work and clean out my rose garden to make room for them.

I am so looking forward to the next swap, but don't think I can wait till April or May. I think we need to have a meeting over coffee and sweet rolls sometime in January or February. At this little clatch, we could share pictures of our gardens and maybe if anyone keeps a notebook they could share that. I have a couple of them and would love to see what other folks are doing with theirs. Naturally, anyone who has seeds to share should bring those, and a book swap might be fun too. I have a collection of books about gardening including some novels that are centered around gardening themes. A couple of us were talking about getting together before the next swap, and I'm sure we're not the only ones who would enjoy doing so. I'll bring it up again in another post. Cheryl

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Cheryl, I'm fairly certain that the only rose cuttings I gave you were from Buff Beauty. In that tub I only had Buff Beauty and Mermaid, and the Mermaid cuttings were quite a bit longer, I think.

Gardener get-togethers would be fun!!


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Mermaid cuttings will have thorns like fishhooks!

I think a mid-winter "cabin-fever therapy" get-together sounds great!

(no, Phyllis, that are *not* your worm, & you cian't have none of mine!)

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You *cain't* have none of mine.

Your hubs prolly took your pet fishing & didn't tell you.

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Well, I did get some Mermaids cause those bad boys ripped me a coupla times while I was sorting them. I got the news on my labs today-we're all good. No relapse. GARDENING FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:-) Cheryl (doing the happy dance)

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That's very good news!

Celebrate with another truckload of plants & dig up some more of the yard!

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Thought I posted this yesterday but see that it didn't make it. Anyway, Ruben and I had a great time and it was great to see old friends and make new ones. I especially wanted to thank everyone for being so nice to my sister in law and niece. They had no idea what to expect (Okie's ya know) and were truly amazed at people's generosity, both in plants and welcoming them. They can't wait for the spring swap and are already planning what they will be bringing to trade. Thanks again for a great swap.

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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

That's some great news Cheryl we are gonna have to celebrate big time!

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Hooray, Cheryl!! That's the best news!!!!!

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Lin barkingdogwoods

I posted too quickly, I was so happy about your good news!

I am sorry that you got any Mermaid - you'll have to plant them WAY out of reach of your DGS. I have let loose quite a few choice words when one of those fishhooks catches my scalp, and you wouldn't want Dustyn to be learning words like that just yet....

That being said, they are GORGEOUS big yellow saucer-size single flowers when they bloom... it's just a big thug rose though...

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Have been busy the last few days so am just now getting to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,,, I had a Blast at the swap. My wife almost didn't go and she was sure glad that she did. (I think she had a better time than I did!) I spent the rest of the day Saturday planting everything that I brought home, it took until dark, but I got it done. lol As it was my first swap I didn't know what to expect, but was not at all disappointed. I met some great people, got some great plants and ate some great hotdogs.Too many thanks to dole out so I will just say thanks to all and am looking forward to the next one!!

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Sorry we missed you guys. We didn't get the update on the location change.

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Awww, Dandylyon, I'm so sorry you missed the location change! That sucks! I worried about that, someone missing that post.

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I'm sorry dandy, I put the change on several places.

I'm thinking we should make the "new place" our permanent location:

It has
*lots* of tables
several grills (1 for cooking, 1 for warming, 1 just in case)
very close parking.

Thanks again to Brenda & Ruben for reserving it & for the wonderful luncheon!

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Finally got some time to check in. My husband and I had a great time in our first swap. Everyone was so kind to us, from helping us to unload, and back to loading, and everything in between.

Ruben and Brenda's hospitality was bar none and what a great spread they put out. We certainly enjoyed the food, drink and company.

We got back home on Monday and even traveling several hundreds of miles, nearly all the plants made it just fine.
I have most of the plants either planted or repotted and should finish up this weekend.

I am looking forward to many more swap meets in the future. Hope to see everyone come Spring '10!!

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