My latest fruit tree purchase

tropicbreezentAugust 15, 2013

I've been watching these for some time in the nursery and finally they got down to the last one. So I finally got it, Garcinia mangostana, Purple Mangosteen.

Years ago I wanted to get one but because I didn't know much about them got sold a Garcinia xanthochymus instead. Took me a couple of years to work it out.

So, got the spot worked out where it is going to go. Just need to do the ground work.

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Congrats to your new Mangosteen. The plant looks good--with a straight stem and healthy leaves. I'm sure it will do very well with your tropical climate. Heard the fruit has a lot of health benefits and they sell the juice of it in the health stores here. So, how old does the plant start to produce fruit?

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Funny you should mention the health aspects of mangosteen. Here on GW nearly every page I visit there's an advertisement for Australian Mangosteen juice as being the answer to a super healthy life. Personally, I think adding a lot of any fruit to your diet is very beneficial, except making for you resistant to being run over by a bus.

My soil is very poor (like a lateritic gravel). So what I'll be doing with the mangosteen is drilling a large hole and filling it with a sandy loam mixed with charcoal and large animal bones.

Where I bought they tree I was told it is only a couple of years off flowering. I'm hoping, but will also be sprinkling a bit of Epsoms Salts to help.

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That's awesome. Good luck.

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Thanks Tylorgv. I'm still unsure of the exact spot for it, but have until the rainy season to decide. That's when it's best to plant.

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