HAVE: Orphan's Table & Directional Sign for Ft Worth Swap

sylviatexas1October 20, 2009

Last week-end, I dug up a whole bunch of 4 o'clocks & tall purple Mexican petunias & packed them as densely as possible into a couple of pots & added enough soil to keep the roots from drying out.

Since I don't have a *good* idea as to how to make it easy for people to take them home, I'd like to suggest that everyone try to bring enough extra bags or boxes or even newspaper for their own use.

Anyone else have some plants lined up for the Orphan's Table?

& while I'm asking, does anyone know how to make a sign, like a garage sale sign, to put at the corner of Colonial & University to direct people to the swap?

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I will have some plants for the orphans table.

I will also make the sign and put it out. So do we want it to say "Plant Swap" or maybe something more cryptic like FWGW with a big red arrow? I would not like to have a bunch show up like a couple years ago when they just wandered through the group and helped themselves.

Any suggestions?


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How about "Texas Forum Garden Meeting"?

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You got it. The signs will be 24' X 36" on foam core board. They will have a green border, purple letters and red arrow. You ought to be able to see them from about 100' away, except that the traffic may be in the way. I will try to post them high enough for most folks to see them over the cars, but I can only reach so high. Cheryl

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