hot enough? how dry is it where you are?

gottagarden(z5 western NY)July 21, 2011

Remember those 40 days and nights of rain this spring? Wish we'd get even one of those rainy days now, haven't had rain in over 3 weeks. Everything is dried up, wilting, struggling in this heat.

Let'd do a rain dance!

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Real dry and real hot!! Although I'd LOVE a nice rainfall right away, looks like it'll be dry for days. So, I water, and water, and water......My veggies are all doing well, although one variety of onion browned-up considerably.

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I need rain in the worst way. I am so sick of dragging the hoses and sprinklers around. Cant tell you the last time it rained. My pool is 90 degrees, doesent feel nice until about an hour into the swim. I miss rain. Glen.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Brenda-yeah we couldn't garden in the spring cause it was too wet and now it's too darn dry, I've been watering like crazy my beds and pots, but the tomatoes seem to be liking the warm weather, just need them to ripen now. The japanese beetles are crazy this year doing a real job on a few select plants.

Glen-did you get any blooms yet on that cleopatra canna, mine are beautiful, i love the red and yellow combo.

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We are parched here, even the trees are losing leaves. I am blessed with a great well, so have been watering profusely. I might even have to water some pasture so my poor sheep have something to eat. It has been a year of severe extremes, either too much or too little - never what I would call a normal pattern.


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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

All those storms that moved through the area merely dropped a quarter inch in my rain gauge :-( It was nice to have it cloudy for a change, and it did rain, but the rain didn't last long and wasn't that heavy. Sooooo disappointed.

I actually have big CRACKS in my lawn now, and lots of soil cracks down in the woods. I don't believe in watering grass, and it's all going brown.

I've never seen it this dry before!

Like Rosalinda says, I notice that TREES are losing leaves, and some of my established shrubs are going yellow in a big way.

That pool sounds nice Glen!

desperately wishing for rain!

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Hey Kathy, no blooms yet but the leaves look cool! we got a little rain since the last post but I would'nt mind more. Glen.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

We were in Myrtle Beach the week you posted this and I fully expected to come back home to a yard full of dead plants. Thank God for growing all those southwestern salvias agastaches and penstemons because everything sailed through the heat with flying colors and was all in bloom when I got home. My plants that needed more moisture I put on the porch and double potted them with extra water in the base of the outside pot

My canna is startting to bloom now. The bloom hasn't fully opened yet but it should be by the week end. I delayed the bloom time when I put it inside the porch while we were in south carolina as I didn't want to lose it


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