Cucumber Beetles 2011

zephyrusJuly 10, 2011

I live in New Hartford (Oneida County) and this is my 8th gardening season. I've had plenty of cucumber beetles before but none (and I mean none) in the past 2 seasons. They're back this year, however. Not a bad infestation but bad enough I guess as they've done significant damage to some cuc and squash leaves but no bacterial wilt yet. Funny thing is they've yet to migrate the approx 180' from one garden to another. Anyhow, fellow Upstaters, I was wondering what your experience with cucumber beetles this season has been--lots of 'em or very few? How do you control them? I hand pick them and squash them (pardon the pun) on the spot. This grosses my wife out to no end. Also, have resorted to applying rotenone (sp?) but only once so far.

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I've had the opposite experience! The last few years I have had bad infestations. This year I haven't seen one! I also haven't seen bees this year in my garden. Usually its swarming with bees. I have not used any pesticides on the garden this year and have used them very sparingly in the past.

In the past I've squished them. I also may dust with Sevin (maybe once or twice a season. I really hate to use it because I know how bad it is.)

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Ok, maybe I spoke too soon! The last two days I have seen a few, but still nothing like the past few years. I just squished those bad boys. Leave those little carcasses where they lie. Apparently, they can't stand the smell of there own dead.

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Thanks for your input Becky. My squash and cucumbers are big and healthy now so it appears that they are out of the woods even though my little "friends" are still present. A few found their way to my other garden but the Small Sugar pumpkins (7), Australian Butter winter squash and Paydon winter squash are just fine. All of these, by the way, are on trelises.

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