WANTED: next plant swap?

wildscaperOctober 22, 2006

I'm a newbie here, and just found out that I missed the big fall plant swap :-(

So when and where is the next one? :-D

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There will be one on 10/28 in Buda.


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Have you seen the post for the Ft Worth Swap on November 4?

It's become something of a gardenweb/Texas Forum tradition:

We have Spring & Autumn Swaps at Trinity Park north of I-30 on University (just across from the Botanic Gardens), & occasional get-togethers at Starbucks or some such when it's too hot/cold/wet/miserable to get outside.

Everything is casual, no fees, etc.

There are always new participants with new plants, old standbys with "old faithful" offerings (how do you feel about mauve 4 o'clocks???) as well as new experiments that succeeded maybe too well, lots of friendly conversation, & there're picnic tables under the trees & plenty of room for the kids to play in plain sight of their parent(s).

hope to see you there!

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just looked at your trade list, & I have these things:

lantana purple
verbena purple
chocolate mint
partridge pea seeds
pink evening primrose

think I can get spiderwort, unless the person who grows it tossed all the seeds into her wild garden.

(She often "cleans up those flowerbeds" when they start looking weedy, pitches everything onto a plastic tarp, & dumps the tarp into whatever area she has designated as the wild garden that year!)

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I found the thread!!! And I have it bookmarked this time

*And* it looks like we will actually be making our way to the swap. Yay! So I'll have the stuff packaged up for you.

Do people usually wear nametags to these things, or how do they find each other? Are they small-ish events?

Signed, "the clueless wonder"

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

The swap isn't to large yet, maybe around 15 to 20 people and it's real easy swaping plants out. Most put a name on the pot to who they are trading with or place a tag on the pot. then any extra plants you bring can be traded at the swap, people mill around and if they see something they like ask the person if they'd like to trade for anything you have in trade. Then there are those that have extras and just give away plants.
Sometime's we wear name tags or we just ask who is so and so and someone is sure to point them out for ya.
Hope to see you there.

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