Has anyone seen Kopper King Hibiscus for sale?

mstrainerJuly 25, 2006


Has anyone seen the Kopper King Hibiscus for sale in the Utica/Rome area or even in Syracuse? I have seen other varities of Hardy Hibiscus this year, but not the Kopper King.

I am really hoping to find a couple of plants locally and do not want to have to order a dinky specimen off of the internet.

Thanks a bunch,


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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

Do you have a Hewitts garden center there? They had a ton of Hibiscus at the one here . Good luck. Kareen

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

If you look in the FAQ"s on this site there is a list of nurseries divided up by area. Maybe you can save gas and let your fingers do the walking thru the yellow pages....Kareen

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I bought one last year at Lowes in Binghamton. It was late in the summer when I got it (maybe end of July- beginning of August). It was a foot high when I bought it. I had to water it a couple times a day to get it established. I was worried it didn't make it through the winter. But it did... This year it's 4 ft high! I am so waiting for the blooms!

So check your local Lowes if you have one near by.

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