WANTED: Please check my trade list, esp. firebird

liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)October 30, 2008

Here's my list. Have I missed anything?

~ firebird - snapdragon plants for shasta daisy & red zinnia seeds ~ How many snapdragons do you want? I forgot to ask earlier. ~

mikeb1206 - 35 of my cosmos for his rain lily seeds or bulbs

weenerdogg - dill (?), chives, 15 catmint seeds? for his lariope

Brenda/barefoot - bread for lunch

Sylvia - bread for trailing vinca and confetti lantana

Debbie - (seeds) Black-Eyed Susan Becky, Anagallis monelli, Celosia Fresh Look Red/Yellow, Dayflower blue, dianthus russian skies, snap dragons for stella d'oro and artemesia

alley/Alison - jugs for seeds - Black eyed susan-both kinds, dayflower, armeria bees mixed (find Alley by 11)

Cheryl/seamommy - white snapdragon seeds for columbine seeds & peony

Mommyfox - assorted seeds to include white snapdragon for pots, groundcovers & cuttings

fortunegardener - cosmos(35) and candytuft seeds for variegated vinca and monkey grass

Phyllis - 8 pansies, 6 snapdragons, chives if available for zephrina hollyhock plants, & seed for red salvia, red cypress & hyacinth bean vine

SandyB/organicgardener - bread, 12 - 13 pansies, SEEDS - agastache anisata 25, blanket flower goblin 40, catmint 8, nasturtium 15, snapdragon RB 75, arugula 75, cucumber 10, spinach 75, scallion 75, lettuce, radish, dill for *seeds - Nueves Azorean tomato, flamme, French Dandelion, Amaranth, pale pink & white salvia, balsam impatien - *plants - gill ivy, horse herb plants - *cuttings - coleus - *domes, trays & WS containers - *Herbal book

Sherman/sshuang - bread for WS pots & strawberry plants

Lila/pondnut - seeds of ornamental cabbage, white snapdragons, agastache anisata &? for wintercreeper & thyme

joie33 - Gallardia/Blanket Flower Goblin for rain lily seeds

chickenmom - white hollyhock & snapdragon seeds for basil & veronica seeds

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Do you remember what cuttings I was supposed to bring you?

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liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)

mommyfox - it's the confetti lantana.

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weenerdogg(Zone 7b)

Hey there, I'm a her but yes that looks fine to me :P

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liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)

Oops. Sorry about that!

Btw, I just received a whole bunch of seeds in a newbie seedpack from bakemom on the wintersowing forum. Some of these are way more than I can use, so I'll be bringing even more seeds.

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You still want the purple coneflower seeds?

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Looks good to me. Although, I don't have the time constraints now. In fact, I'm thinking of not coming until later. I have a kid's soccer game that I was going to miss, but now may go to it first. Don't know what I'm doing.

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liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)

element - Yes, I do! Thanks, not sure how I forgot that.

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Liz h: How many do you have? I can use 10-12 if you have that many. If not, just share some of them. Thanks!

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