WANTED: Equity in Trading-Posted in Reference to Ft Worth Swap

sylviatexas1October 3, 2008

thought this might be a good time to address the concept of "equity" in trading.

While many of us are delighted to share our *surplus* plants & seeds generously with everybody regardless of what we get or don't get in exchange, most traders don't expect & don't like to be put on the spot by being asked for more than they are offered.

When we are on the "other side of the table" *asking for* something, we need to be reasonable, polite, & respectful.

If you, or I, ask for a particular item, we need to first check our lists & the trader's lists to be sure we are able to offer an equitable trade & one that the trader is likely to want.


If I want the $75 clivia you've posted, & I only have 2 kinds of seeds & some garlic chives on my trade list, & you haven't expressed an interest in either item, then I need to either email you privately or beef up my trade list, & *not* put you on the spot (& not discourage other traders who might have something comparable to offer you) by asking for it on the forum.

Please think before you post, & be sure you're offering something reasonable in exchange for what you're asking for.

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Good idea Sylvia.

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I really hate to bring this up, but I really feel it's necessary.

I noticed at least one prohibited plant on the trade list. Please reconsider bringing anything illegal to swaps. Not only could someone in authority see the list and come to the swap for the purpose of fining the person who brings such plants, an unsuspecting person who accepts the plants could be detained & fined. Plus, it puts our gardenweb swap in a bad light.

If you don't know what plants are prohibited in Texas, here is the list from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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Whoa! Marti8a thank you so much for bringing this up! It had never occurred to me to check if some plants were prohibited! Very good idea.

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debbiedo7(zone 8 Texas)

Thanks Marti
I didn't know that the water hyacinth was on the list. I have now withdrawn it from my list.
This was given to me & is in a private pond

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