Dragon Skin fruit (not dragon fruit)

Doglips(8b/9a)August 29, 2012

About a year ago the wife and I went to Bali. We came across Dragon Skin fruit. Not to be confused with dragon fruit.

I found this picture online....


They tasted and textured like apples, crunchy white-ish flesh. About 2 inches in diameter. The skin was quite tough, I didn't eat the skin, I assume it was in-edible. I don't remember much about the seeds, there were several, and they were much larger than apple seeds. I don't think there was a core, the seeds were pretty much centered in the fruit. I didn't eat the seeds which I also assume are in-edible.

Has anyone heard of this?

Does it go by any other name?

Does anyone have one?

grow zones?

any info?



As a recovering fruit crack addict, I have recently discovered this crack house (forum). So much for recovery.

Anyways I've logged several hours reading just about every post in this forum and I have not seen anything here that resembles this.

Searching the net yields almost nothing except for the picture linked above, or incorrectly linking to plain ole dragonfruit. Must be under some other name.

Years ago my wife recieved as a gift something that looks like this fruit, it is hollow and you can hear the seed rattling around inside. She uses it for coffee table decoration. But it is huge (double fist huge), I will post a picture later.

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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

I did some searching and I think I found it. I think it's called Salak, or snake fruit. Try googling that and see if it looks the same.


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Wow, nice sleuthin!
Sure looks like it to me.
Those spines look friggin lethal.
And you get to hand pollinate it to boot!

I looked at one of the sights on the list
Never ceases to amaze me how little I know about the fruits world.

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