Pictures from the sa swap

dstartz(9a)October 10, 2009

Hopefully I have these in the correct forum....

Pictures from the
2009 Fall
San Antonio Plant Swap

Phoenix7801/Joey & .....? jolanaweb & ....?

bossjim1 Kathy/plantmaven's son nbtonya

Kathy/plantmaven texasfern castro_gardener/patty & ....?

My apologies to those whose names I don't know or have posted incorrectly.

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Good pics, Donna. Thanks for posting them so quickly !

With Joey is Joan.
With Jolana is Linda.
and with me, Patty, is Meredith, garden and swap newbie !

we had a grrrrreeeaaaat TIME !!!


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And you're on the right, not the left as I listed....

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Aww, those are great pics. Thank you for posting them and it was so good seeing you. Looking forward to seeing you again
I sent you an email a while ago but just noticed they are having trouble with their mail. So if you don't get it, please let me know
Today was a really great day
Patty, it was really great seeing you too!!!!

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

How wonderful that you posted those pics.
I will do so later. I need another cup of coffee before mind brain kicks in.


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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

Let's play hop scotch. Please post your pictures on the Gallery page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gallery

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And you're on the right, not the left as I listed....

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I have tried to send personal emails to some of you if I didn't get to see you off yesterday afternoon. I don't know emails for many of you, or your GW names in order to send you a note through this forum.

So, please consider this a THANK YOU for all you gave me yesterday.... wonderful new plants, kind words, and new (and renewed) friendships.

Joan, it was good seeing you again ! I hope you'll return again in the spring. If you find the ID for that wavy succulent, please email me.

It was fun talking to Annie, Pat, and ____ (I'm sorry I can't remember the third member of your group).

Joey, thank you for the succulent mix and the great plants I received from you. And the pot ! I LOVE the pot !

thank you Linda for the goodies you shared.

Shirley (I hope you finally warmed up) and I'm SO glad the boots fit you ! Thank you for the zebra grass !

What happened to the picture for TexasFern ?

We had a good time, despite the cooler temps, but we HAVE been wanting them, right ?

see you all next year !


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PKponder TX(7b)

You are all so slim! What's in the San Antonio water? ;-)

Looks like a fun time, even if it was chilly!


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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

A big thank you to Kathy for putting the swap together.

Patty, those boots are the best! So good to see you again. Thanks for sharing so many of your great plants. I did warm up by running the heat in the car, a rare event for early October.

Thanks to our surprise guests, Bossjim and family. Really nice to meet the man with that awesome garden. Thanks so much for sharing your plants with us.

Pat, I love the plate flower. I'll post a picture of it as soon as we get it set up. If it ever stops raining....

Meridith - It was so nice to meet you and help enable a newbie.

Tonya - Good to see you again, too. Thanks for the iris and other plants.

Roselee - We missed you, thanks for sending the plants along. We'll see you in the spring.

Jolana - thank you for the feather grass and turks cap.

Joey, Joan, Linda (bluebonnets), Rose and family (silver angel wing)...So nice to meet you all and hope to see you back in the spring.

I was having too much fun visiting to keep good notes, so if I missed thanking you it's just me forgetting to keep track again. So thanks to all whom I might have missed.

I plan to be at the Herb Market next Saturday, too. Hope to see some of you there.


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It was a wonderful time! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends meeting new friends and talkin' plants. Thanks to everyone for the great plants I received! See ya in March!


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The original picture I posted of texasfern did not show well as her face was far darker than the background. I equalized the tones and took some of the graininess out of it to try to make up for the lousy composition.

Wish I could have put the code for this version in my first post....

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Sorry so late to post, I enjoyed this swap, thanks to Kathy and everybody, thanks for the plants...and those who took my plants...really, because I'm just too OCD, need to cut down. And of course, I went by and rescued some more plants afterward, so I guess there's no hope I'll stop this! I took a few pics but I don't post pics on GW...maybe I'll put them elsewhere and give a link later.

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looks & sounds like y'all had a *great* time!

"thanks for the plants...and those who took my plants...really, because I'm just too OCD, need to cut down"

sounds like me!

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Oh my Lord, you could of gone all day without posting that picture of me! When did my behind get soooo big?
It was a wonderful time and I will eventually get everyones names to thier faces.
Thanks for the pictures!

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I was glad to find this page, as it will help me remember all the great people I got to meet Saturday! Thank you for posting these.
Also, could Phoenix7801 write to me here?
about the wonderful lumbricus rubellus he gave me.

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Thanks for the Great fall swap, Kathy (I'm using the door prize I got - weed digger - to do just that). It was good of you to help me find and get signed up on this website
....and then for niggling me to get on and make comments ~ even if I'm the last one to do so!

I loved visiting with each of you vibrant people. It was great to see all of you from last year ~ my garden was enriched by your exchanges. And, it was delightful to meet and greet and swap with all of the new plant-swapper gardeners that hooked up with Kathy and company this year.

As I walk out my door into the sunshine and look out at the plants each of you exchanged with me, my face glows with happiness (really) heart is glad! I will just say that I am very thankful for the generosity of each one of you.

Linda D....All of your deer-proof plants are thriving. Some are already in the ground...others will go in the hot house. I love the mule ear kalancho. Maybe it'll have little ones to share next year. Looking forward to receiving the Dutchman Pipe Vine seed.

Tanya....the Mexican Flame Vine looks so healthy ...and like it would love to start growing up a trellis right now...but No...It will have to go in the hot house for the winter months.

Joey...Your Blue Passion Vine seed are drying until I think where I want to plant them, which I hope to do this week.

Gina...Can't wait for early spring to sow the Lettuce Leaf Basil & Garlic Chive seed. I love Basil & Garlic & Chives!

Pat...The colorful orange kids hat you gave away has been a fun thing for me...I've used it as a fall decoration on my table with gourds & such!

BossJim...The Morning GLory tree is healthy and am looking forward to it's prolific blooms come spring....And the Persian Palm will be protected for the winter...planted early spring. Can't wait to see it's elephant ear leaves reaching for the sun. Also can't wait for the Crocosmia Bulbs to come up in the spring. Oh yes thanks for sharing your botanical knowledge - giving me the correct name for the Peacock Ginger I was calling a hosta.

Donna....The Clerondendron ugandens plant and Hibiscus 'Snow Queen' rootings are doing well...I know in the spring I'm going to be amazed at their bounty. The Vitex is sitting there as if dormant...which it may be this time of year...but the blue blooms are worth the wait.

Sheila...Thanks for the Chiricanos Rojos Panama (pole bean)pods from Panama that grow 10-12' tall. This will be fun to grow in the springtime.

Shirley...The Creeping Fig is beginning to creep just a few weeks after I swapped for it. It's a great plant...and I'm glad you traded it to me.

Someone traded me a small verigated agave which I think is a treasure! Was that you Pat?

If I've forgotten anyone...or anything I apologize.
~ Joan (flourish7 on Gardenweb)

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Hi there, Joan.

I enjoyed meeting you, too. So glad the creeping fig is going well, a little start goes a long way. The pink arrowhead I got from you is very special, I did not have anything like it.

Hope to see you again next time.


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