Container growing sugar apple, and Guava

gnappiAugust 2, 2011

I just bought a sugar apple, and a Guava. My yard is full and I plan on keeping them both in containers.

The reasons are twofold: One is to have "spares" in the event that one or more of the trees I have planted die or do not winter well, the other is in the event I do not like the fruit of something I have a backup to drop in its place.

Of course if everything in the yard stays in the ground I would very much like to keep these new ones in the containers and get fruit from them.

Now, I've read that both the guava and sugar apple will do well in pots, but all my experience with trees had been with them in the ground. If anyone has suggestions on keeping them thriving I would greatly appreciate it.



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Which guava do you mean? I have grown the 'tropical guava' (Psidium guajava)--Ruby Supreme in a container for several years. They are relatively easy and even surprisingly 'cold' tolerant. (Have had them recuperate from complete defoliation.) Containers offer some challenges--need to pot up when necessary, and potentially excessive cold and hot (depending on the season). But they also offer some advantages--easy to move if they don't like a particular location or you change your mind w.r. to location, and easier to control soil moisture as they drain well. Good luck!

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pj1881(10a PBC Fla.)

Funny how you speak of "spares", I am the same way.. Its like we are alcoholics with a spare bottle of booze in case we drop a bottle... I think I would research the Gritty Mixes that are mentioned on GW. I use "Als Gritty Mix" and I have JakFruit, Guava, Avocado, Mango, and lots of seedlings in that mix and it seems to do really well, it also makes for easy repotting when it comes time (less shock to the roots). I set up a sprinkler that comes on every two days for 5 minutes at full strength on a three foot pipes that come up out of the ground with standard 360Deg sprinkler heads. Im in south Florida and the weather has been dry and in the 90's!

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I have both fruiting in 15 gallon containers. Good fruit set on both for first season after buying them. The sugar apple is a bit more thirsty this time of year.

Aside from having to hand pollinate the sugar apple, both are 2 of the most care-free tropical fruits I have ever grown. If you have the space and muscle, you can grow in larger containers. I haven't seen the need to yet.


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I have guavas in containers - green guava (psidium guajava), strawberry guava, and a "red guava" that is an unknown species but looks like a strawberry except it's bigger.

They are young - just over a year old, but they have done very well, and (with the exception of citrus) I have NOT been lucky with other tropical fruit plants.

I was hospitalized for an extended period of time, and my guavas were somewhat neglected - they were in the care of a housemate who wouldn't know a guava from a turnip, so it was 4 months of benign neglect for them, but they came through totally unscathed. They are tough plants. A little thirsty in hot summers, and somewhat heavy feeders it seems, but otherwise tough.

Too young for fruit yet on mine though. They didn't flinch at being in for winter (I'm in North Carolina), they haven't flinched at the 100-degree days we've had this summer. I made sure they weren't exposed to frost, but they can take some cool - I left them out until the temps hit the mid 30s and they were unbothered. The strawberry guava can take a bit colder than that - that one did see some *light* frosts, and again it was unbothered.

Mine are not grafted or bought - seed-grown, so if I get fruit, it will be a longer wait. I do have a calamondin that is budding, so fruit in a pot certainly isn't impossible, and I'm a serious novice!

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