fruting tamarin in a pot

mostro(jax/9a)August 12, 2012

Hello all:

I've had a cutting grown tamarind tree in a pot for around three years. The pot is twelve gallons and I prune the tree regularly to keep it dense an compact. This year, for the first time, the tree has flowered multiple times and I just found a small fruit on a branch! so, I've been thinking about moving it to a larger pot, since it appears to be possible to fruit these monsters in containers.

* Does anyone have any experiences to share regarding potted tamarind trees?

* Has anyone been able to get reasonable amounts of fruit from a potted tamarind?

* was it sustainable over the years?

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That's interesting. I've never thought of a potted tamarind tree. I've got quite a lot of them, but well beyond pot size now. Hope some people who have grown them in pots share their experiences.

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Yeah, I originally did not think it was possible, but the little tamarind cutting was too hard to resist, so I gave it a try. Like I said, I only have one little fruit, but the tree is still young and in a rather small pot.

So, has anyone else tried this before?

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It looks like you get to be the guinea pig.

Let us know how it goes.

I would guess that you going to have to prune it with a chainsaw, some of the ones I've seen are huge.

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I've seen some huge tamarind trees as well, definitely not something that one could imagine growing in a pot. in reality however, those trees probably took a century to reach that size. In fact, my potted tamarind is just moderately vigorous, much less than my mango or citrus trees.
Now, the tree is beautiful, it looks like a miniature version of a full size one. I'll try to post a picture some time (time permitting).

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