WANTED: Wanted: Blue Pea Vine & Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

tulips_galOctober 7, 2006

Looking for seeds for Blue Pea Vine and Morning Glory, heavenly blue.


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no luck so far?

I'll be happy to bring a blue pea plant or 2 to the FW swap (hope you're gonna get to come);
maybe you can over-winter them or put 'em under a full-spectrum light & get them to flower & go to seed.

& I read somewhere, or maybe saw it on a gardening show, that you can put a warm fluorescent in one opening of a shop light & a cool one in the other opening, & that'll suffice for a grow light.

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Thanks Sylvia! You're awesome! : )
I will be at the plant exchange in November!

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I have tons of seed from my Heavenly Blue morning glories.
What do you have to trade?

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