please help my mango seedling

peter.poiuytAugust 8, 2014

copy paste above link to see pic/s if you can't see them for some reason.


i don't know what the cause of the white stuff on the leaves are. or white-ish? and then its browning on the lower portion. the leaf looks weird since i have cut the leaf as a few days prior the edges looked like they were burning. i mean it started to go brown. so i cut the part that looked like it was spreading. it got healthy after that though, i thought all was normal, now this again.

btw i checked underneath and there is this fungus? growing underneath the pot on the soil where there are holes in the pot, for water drainage. i did not manage to take a pic of that as i removed the fungi. is it normal? is it my fault? i used store bought potting soil or pot soil. it says it would prevent fungi and pests, or help prevent them.

the past few weeks were rainy, not much sun. the plant is outside when sunny, inside when raining. the plant was healthy earlier (1 week ago) now its this. i water daily like 1 cup except the last 2 days, i made sure the soil was damp. but the excess water flowed out the holes.

is this a mango or part of the mango. the small thing to the left? is that weed? do i pull it out and kill it or what? i mean if its part of the mango better leave it right? if its weed, do i pull it out? will it damage the mango?

when can i transfer the mango to a bigger pot? will it survive in a pot or do i need to plant it on the ground?

how does flooding affect a mango? say i transfer it to a place that floods like once a year, but its flooded for at least a week, before the water would subside? or can i just grow it in a pot? a big pot but a pot still?

do i need to use pesticide? fertilizer? i am living in the philippines by the way. at least half year sunny, half year rain. sunny climate, then suddenly, rain. so not entirely sunny. we are now in our rainy season. sun is blazing hot tho, tropical, not desert.

i am very new at this. any other tips? please and thank you.

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Peter - what would help me first would be a full picture of the mango showing the whole plant. How tall is it, how old, how large of a pot, etc? And don't you have any friends or neighbors there that grow mangoes? I mean there must be a ton of people that grow them in their yards there.....I mean they should grow quite willingly and without a lot of trouble.....


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It could be from an iron deficiency, or maybe potassium. With what you cut off makes it a bit hard to tell how the leaves were overall. Myamberdog is right, there should be a lot of people near you with mangos that would be able to give you advice based on local knowledge.

With the flooding, nothing to worry about during the wet season. Mangos can sit in water or waterlogged soil for months without a worry. Dry season they need to be very dry. Young plants/seedlings are best kept well drained. So if where you want to plant it is very wet then let it grow a bit and plant late in the wet season to let it get established before the rains return.

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well i am looking but i haven't found one.

so its deficient? its not bugs or pests?

by the way i water it with alkaline water, basically tap water purified using alkaline purifier. anyway, could that be it? maybe i should just use tap water? although why we purify is our tap water is dirty. rust is assured. i don't know what else? the chemicals they use in pools? i don't know.

so do i use fertilizer? or just plant it in a bigger pot? use normal soil or garden variety store bought soil?

pot size is about 10inches in diameter. pot with plant is about 1 feet 4 inches. plant is about a month old. i'm not entirely sure of the exact age.

anyway new pix. i didn't cut anymore. i see new leaves sprouting. i removed the plant beside it. must have been grass or something. leaves are much more brown except the new leaf.

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other angle. please and thank you.

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Plants don't mind if the tap water looks dirty, and I think the chemical in the water purification system might hurt it. Can you just use the rain water to water the mango, it's the best way in this case I would think so few can eliminate the water chemical factor out of this issue. If it's warm outside then just leave it out door and rain water which I think better than indoor.


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thank you for your answer. so now i just wait for rain?

it's been 4 or 5 days since there was rain. its a bit dry but still ok for now.

problem is where to get proper water...

will mineral water work? how about distilled water? this is like bottled water. since i don't know where to get water at this point in time. i should probably save the rain water when it does come.

by the way our neighbor uses the same water, but their plants are fine. of course their plants aren't mangos or fruit trees. just flowering plants.

should i use fertilizer?

when should i or can i transfer it to a bigger pot? or should it be soil? do i need to use any particular soil or will normal soil work? can i use store bought soil? should i?

any other options, suggestions, reactions? please and thank you.

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Yep, you can use Bottled Water be it mineral or source/spring water.

Also, if you can put it in a sandy soil, that would be great for it and they love it and its drainage capabilities.

Also, check out if you have any little spiders hanging on those leaves, they cause a lot of damage on seedlings that can kill them.

Good luck.

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I live in Florida where we get a lot of rain in the summer, the rest of the time I use well water, but I have used tap water for an extended period when my pump failed and I figure if it's OK for me??? Anyway, tap water here is PH neutral, and rain is a bit acidic, but alkaline is the opposite direction. You should test the PH of your treated and tap water and rain there I think.

Flooding protection... mounding is a great way to eliminate that as a concern. Some areas here in South Florida are really prone to flooding and growers plant on mounds. Food for thought.

As far as neighbors go, we have LOTS of mango trees in my neighborhood but I doubt anyone even looks at them till they have fruit on them.

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thank you for your answers.

i check it everyday i don't notice any spiders. i have found an insect tho i didn't catch it it ran underground. very small. i have no idea what it was.

i did find another small insect, looks like a moth but very small. just on the leaf. i removed it.

i don't know what to do guys a leaf fell off. i see it is trying to sprout a new leaf, its out there in the sun right now. but the leaves it as right now are mostly brown and the new leaf in the picture that is green is turning brown now too.

how deep should the seed be btw? its sprouted leaves fine but i think its in too shallow?


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The seed could be right on top of ground or 1" below, no worry, because the tap root is very long -- I bet the tap root already curved around at the bottom of the pot. Your issue could be too much water constantly every day and not enough air in the soil. Try to submerge the pot into a water bucket for 3 minutes once a week, and no more watering after.

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I was speaking about spider-mites, which look like real little tiny wee insects, and sometimes are even like a microscopic white ants!

They're my #1 enemy all the time, as they dive into the soil and hide there. They hate the water though, so I spray the leaves at least 3 times a day by some minerals, which helps the leaves' growth dramatically.

I wish you good luck in exterminating these wicked creatures.

Too much water can damage them, but I believe water damage doesn't look like that, unless it's overloaded with a fertilizer that's too hot to be handled for the seedling.

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@ sapote could the plant need more space? that's why its...whatever is happening? the leaves are brown but the main stem of the leaf, the center, is green. and i already mentioned 1 leaf fell already.

@GreeningTheDesert i'm not 100% percent sure they are pests. what are other ways to identify or make sure that it is indeed pests? can i just spray pesticide anyway? will that harm the plant?

please and thank you.

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Hard to believe your mango seedling is having problem, in the perfect for mangoes Philippine!!! You are doing something wrong by caring too much. Study the natural environment around and just follow its course.


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It could be that the seed was somehow diseased/infected. It happens in nature, a lot of seeds never make it. Normally in your conditions you shouldn't be having this problem. Maybe you should try another seed, it'll grow fast enough. There's lots of mango seedlings coming up on my place all the time, the seeds are scattered around by Flying Foxes. Some seedlings look bad, others grow well. But I have to get rid of them all as there's too many already. So just give another one a try, or two, or more.

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@sapote yeah i thought it'd be easy. it was easy enough to grow. no problems there, suddenly, the leaves started to brown!

@tropicbreezent i can plant any number of mangoes fine, but this one was harder to acquire. its a type of mango that grows as big as papayas! i don't know the taste tho but giant mangoes are good if you ask me. but the source is rare, like once a year. so i don't have ready access to this type of mango.

another leaf fell again. although i can see sprouts. new leaves are coming in but its still weird that it would keep browning.

thank you all but again, any other ideas?

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What I'd say is mix some sulphur with water and spray it over the leaves and a bit on the soil. That won't hurt your plant, and surely will exterminate some pests, precisely spider-mites and co.

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