WANTED: Want/Trade: Brug Cuttings

fortunegardener(8/TX)October 18, 2006

I have one peach color brug that is blooming now. Eventually it will be cut down to make cuttings before winter. I like to trade for other colors of brugs.

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I have 6 that haven't bloomed yet. One has buds and that's the one I have no idea what color it is. I'm pretty sure the rest are are going to be pink white.
At least that is what the labels say. I'd be willing to trade or just give you cuttings, once I see what I have. I'm watching them and the weather closely. I plan to bring them indoors and baby them along hoping they bloom soon.

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kiddo(8 Tx)

I have frosty pink, insignis gols, savolens white that smeels wonderful, would like to trade for your peach
some are rooted

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I like to trade your savolens white. My brug still has a lot of buds on, so I will email you later when this round of blooming is finished.

I love your pink ones. Let me know when you can send out cuttings. For the past three years, mine always bloomed in the fall - one year one did not bloom until it was brought into the greenhouse for a while.

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These are my first attempts, so you can bet I'm on pins and needles waiting for these to DO SOMETHING!!!

I just watered and fertilized again today, but only see buds on my big one, which I have no idea what color its going to be.

Will be in touch as soon as something happens.

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