Help, Roundup!

mudlady_gw(Syracuse-z5)July 19, 2013

My cleaning lady/petsitter/gardener sprayed Roundup around all the trunks of the trees and now some of the leaves and seeds are turning color and shriveling. Are these trees going to die or is only this year's foliage affected? They are all trees planted within the past 7 years.

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You will probably have a better chance of getting a response if ypu post this in a different section.

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Mudlady - That sure comes under the heading of "What was s/he thinking??????" Hoping it is only a temporary setback with no permanent damage. Is it possible that the intense heat of late has distressed the trees somewhat?

We had our doublewide pressure washed last month and had been assured that the cleaner was eco-friendly, etc. Well, the smell of chlorine lingered for several days and several plants were pretty much knocked out - one being a clematis I had nursed for 3 years. I've left the affected plants in the ground with the hope that they will come back next year.

PS, how is the pet gate working out?

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bernd ny zone5(5)

I killed azaleas that way. Probably shallow roots and green bark of trees can take up the Roundup. Best luck!

But things can happen. I used a Bayer grass and weed killer on lawn grass, thought I was reading 'crab'grass on the label.... I am still learning.

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Lo and behold, this appeared yesterday! Now if it can just survive what is forecast as a frigid winter........

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