have: crinum jc harvey (i'm pretty sure)

fairviewOctober 25, 2006

I will be digging one of my clumps of Crinums this weekend (weather permitting). I'm pretty sure they are JC Harvey but you can't be disappointed if they are some other Crinum. I know they multiply like rabbits even under my regiem of benign neglect. I would be interested in trading for any southern bulb hardy in zone 7 that will grow in my nasty black gumbo that charades as soil. Let me know what you have. The larger bulbs will be reserved for those that have something to trade that I don't have. I will send the smaller offset bulbs with no trade to whomever wants them if they are willing to send me a postage label. I won't know how many offsets will be available until I dig them but there should be at least three large flowering size bulbs. If you want a smaller offset(s) for the postage, please contact me off forum. I would rather send them to someone who will plant them than toss them.

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I'm interested in your offsets let me know how to contact you off forum. my E-mail is gingersaddress@yahoo.com Thanks

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My email is fairview_101@yahoo.com. Sorry about that

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

Hi and welcome to GW,
I see that you are a recent newcomer. I hope you've gotten a lot out of this site.
I'm intersted in your JC Harvey's. I have some of the native Johnsonii Amaryllis which are a hot reddish orange. Would you be interested in trading... or maybe I can cover the postage. PLEEZ, don't just toss 'em.


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I have potted up the remaining bulbs for sale. There are no more available.

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centraltexan(8 Belton)

Do you still have any to trade? I have some bulbs for the white spider lily that blooms in June. Would you like to trade. They grow great in my area in shade or sun. They do like wet or damp soil, not that mine are growing in those conditions. Send me an email, if you are interested:

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