WANTED: wanting an oakleaf hydrangea.....

tina_2October 8, 2010

Hi - I, am looking for an oak leaf hydrangea.

I have been looking at them, for about 2 years now.

I think they are lovely plants, not only the leaf shape but also the blooms.

Please check my trade list. And see, if I have anything you would like. Thank you. tina

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Hi Tina, I checked your trade list and it looks like a plant inventory. In fact there are so many plants on it, I was kind of surprised that you didn't have oak leaf hydrangea already. It's a fairly common variety and not very expensive, and they're also very easy to start from a cutting. Considering the extensive variety of plants you already have it seems a little strange that you are looking for a large oakleaf hydrangea in trade. SOmething just doesn't seem right.

I do recall several years ago making a swap with someone I can't remember her name, who asked for mature plants in trade and I sent large healthy plants as requested and got some large plastic plants in return. Now I'm sure that wasn't you, but I kinda think maybe I wasn't the only one who got stung in that deal. That may explain why you aren't getting any response to your request.


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Hi - Just thought , I may find one for trade
here in Texas. You know, an in person trade.
I have been to a few of the plant swaps, here
in Ft. Worth. We may, have met there.
But, I have never traded plastic plants ,EVER!
That would just be so rediculous anyway.

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Tina, I think those were marked down today at Lowes. Roselee weren't those the hydrangea plants that you were looking at? They sure looked like oakleafs to me. You might want to check at Lowes, and get an established plant this time of the year. Maybe Roselee remembers what they were marked down to. They were larger than 1 gallon, I think they were $6.25, but they will probably take less if you ask. Barbra

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Barbra, I'm not sure if the hydrangeas we saw at Lowe's were "Oak Leaf" or not, but Lowe's would definitely be a good place to check for them. I hope you find some Tina!

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Thank you all for the advice. tina

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Hi Tina, no I was sure it wasn't you. Sorry if it sounded like I was implying that, and now that I re-read my post it does sound pretty snotty. Sorry. We are having the Fort Worth swap on October 30th if you want to try to make it. I have a lot of OLH, but not sure if I have one I could dig up. But I could look around and let you know. I'm really sorry Tina if I hurt your feelings. Cheryl

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I think Tina may have been the very first person who mentioned to me that she had gotten stung in some of her trades;

she always brings beautiful, healthy plants of good size, & some of the "traders" were bringing her wilted or dead plants, plants with no roots, plants in 4" pots, etc.

Her experience, along with the experiences of several others, was one of the reasons we now have such a long list of rules for the FW Swap.

I've seen & warned against dead sticks being passed off as "cuttings" or rooted plants, but even I haven't seen plastic or artificial plants...
although for several years I did faithfully mist & spray & water a synthetic orchid.

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Hi - Thanks Cheryl , I could not figure out why
you were posting that. As, I am certain I have
not done anything to offend you. I just thought,
maybe you were having a bad day. I can't make it
to the swap, as I have to work. Also, I have had
many trades in person as well as on Garden Web.
That is why, my tradelist is so extensive.
This summer alone , I have had about 20 trades.
Happy Gardening , tina

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Hi Sylvia - Thank you, so much for posting in my defense.
I hope, you are doing well and having fun in the garden.
I still keep up with the the Ft. worth swaps , even
though most times I can't attend. When my babies get
older,I may be able to start going to the swaps again.
The plants, you traded me are growing and doing great!!!
Thanks so much, tina

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Geez-I'll be sure to think twice before I ever ask to trade for oakleaf hydrangea. I've grown many, many plants for decades, but never oakleaf hydrangea. Hard to believe that anyone would find it suspicious when someone would ask for it in a fair trade request.

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