HAVE: Fort Bend County Fall Plant Swap Haves and Wants

Yadda(8-9 TX)October 29, 2007

Swappers can also post haves and wants on the website. My haves include lots of butterfly weed. Celosia pink flamingo seedlings. Rock rose (pavonia) white, cuttings of white and yellow angel trumpet, black pepper vine, sword fern, pomello seedlings, banana pups (edible banana variety), cuttings of white lady banks rose and climbing cecil brunner, and for special trades I have some rooted pomegranates if you have tropical fruit tree seedlings or pomegranates or some other citrus or fruit tree I am interested in obtaining. Yadda out.

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Hi All. I'm Jim. I live in Alvin and am going to come to your Swap for the first time this year. Here's my 'Haves & Wants' list.

Blue Sky vines
Coral vines
Mexican Flame vines
Pink Bower vines
Pink Trumpet vines
Yellow Butterfly vines
Chalice vines
Violet (Lavender) Trumpet vines
Tangerine Cross vines
White Bleeding Heart vines (c. thomsoniae)
Carolina Jasmine
'Maid of Orleans' Jasmine
White Cat Whiskers
Eyeball Plant (only 1)
White Cape Plumbago
Barleria Repens
Hot Lips salvias
Tall Cigar plant (only 1)
Red Ruellia
Bird's Nest Sansevieria
Joseph's Coat 'Party Time'

Orange Clock vine
Yellow Walking Iris
Calloway Ginger
Honeysuckle Fuchsia
Yellow Spider Lilies (Lycoris aurea)
Pink Spider Lilies (Lycoris squamigera)
Yellow Rain Lilies
Reblooming Day Lilies

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My list!
Plumeria X3
Brugmansia X 2
Rhipsalis 5 types
Cardamon ginger-alpinia nutans X3
Musa Sp.
Aristolchia-dutchmans pipe vine X 2
Phystogia virginiana-Obedient plant X 9
Red salvia X 4
Alstromeria X 1
Yellow salvia X1
Pavonia-rock rose X 10
Lantana "new gold" X 3
Lantana trailing X 1
Royal red autumn sage X1
White star autumn sage X3
Rasberry rippe autumn sage X1
Caryopteris "Dark Knight" X3
Rubber vine X5
Pride of Barbados X1
Unknown tree
White cat whiskers X5
Earth star X1
Stroblanthes-Persian Shield X1
Candelabra cactus X1
And who knows what else!
Tally HO!

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