HAVE: Several Plants Well rooted (no cuttings)

tamixwp(SE Texas 9a)November 8, 2006

I have several plants for trade

Agave Blue Jazz

Ajuga Green (I have lots of this ready to replant. Large amount for each trade)

Aristolochia fimbriata White Veined Hardy Dutchman's Pipe

Beaucarnea recurvata Pony Tail Palm

Cycas revolute Sago Palm

Ficus elastica 'Variegata' Variegated Rubber tree

Gonatopus boivinii or Giraffe's Knees

Indigofera decora Pink Chinese Indigo

Jasminum sambac 'Maid of Orleans'

Microsorium diversifolium 'Kangaroo Paw fern'

Musa Namwah

Musa velutina (Pink Velvet Banana)

Musa zebrina 'rojo'

Philodendron Xanado

Piper auritum Root Beer Plant

Ruellia brittoniana Mexican petunias Short Pink White and Purple

Ruellia squarrosa Creeping ruellia 'Blue Shade'

Spathiphyllum variegated 'Domino'

I also have named Begonias and Named Hoyas for trade.for Named Begonias, Musa and Hoyas I would like the same in trade. Others just tempt me.


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You have a great list for trading. Are you looking for cannas at all? I have Golden Lucifer and Tropicanna. Robin

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