small mango care/transplant ?

greenman62August 7, 2013

I have a small mango started from seed
it is in a 3 liter soft drink bottle with the top cut off.

I am wondering how long i can keep it there or should i transplant it into a larger container ?

Do the roots grow with a long/deep taproot ?
Or,, are they lateral roots ?

There is a second sprout coming up from the seed.
should i chop it off ?
I hear from some, that is the one that is actually
"true from seed" of the original plant.

I would hate to cut off the larger one, as its very healthy looking, and the small one is very small.

if i transplant, can i save both ?
Do they come apart easily ?


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Hi Brad - I felt someone should respond to your questions, though I am no expert on this. "They" say you can separate out the two sprouts with great care. Me - I would say for a rookie like you, can't you just leave them together and see how they each develop?

Since your "tree" is in a soda bottle (I hope you have drainage holes in the bottom....) you should be able to see the roots as they develop. I've heard mangoes develop a tap root, so, it is probably wise to transplant to a large container at some point (and then keep it up as the roots come out of that container at the bottom, and all subsequent containers). Once you reach a very large container, you can keep it in that by "root pruning" once a year or so. There is also something you can buy that will chemically prune (kill) the roots on the very outside, but can't think of the name of that product at this time.

Of course, to plant it in the ground you will get more growth and mangoes over time, but don't know where you are located or the amount of room u have. I'm also in 9B and they do well here, but I do have to cover the smaller ones in winter at any hint of frost....

Anyway, hope that helps....MDog

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i am in New Orleans, the winters are pretty mild, but i probably will container it for at least a year, since i am not sure if i will be selling my house right now.
One reason why i asked, and had kept it in a small container, is cos ive seen mango seedlings in very small containers before, on youtube etc...
i know some plants have a long taproot, and if you stunt it,
the plant will be negatively effected forever

i wil probably put it in a larger pot very soon, so i will decide whether to keep both seedlings. if they come apart easily, or not, maybe i will cut the smaller one off.

It may make itself obvious what to do when i transplant anyway

thanks much

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