WANTED: Newspaper Starter Pots

seamommy(7bTX)November 7, 2006

I just figured out how to make these little pots and I am wondering if you folks have any thoughts about them, pro or con?

Do they dry out too fast or too slow?

How about seedlings having damping off problems?

Are they as good as peat pots, or better?

How long before they start to break down with the soil in them?

Is the ink in the Star Telegram safe for starter pots?

If anyone has used 'em I'd like some feedback before I start a gozillion seeds this Spring. Cheryl

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Can't help you with the usage part, but most newspapers use soy based inks now (as long as you aren't using any glossy papered ads). Sometimes it says so on the front page around the top or bottom margin or you can call the paper and ask.

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no direct knowledge, but I bet they'll know on the Frugal Gardening Forum.

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Just wondered how your newspaoer pots have done? I made up a bunch to try to see how they would do to start some live oaks in. So far they seem to be holding up allright even after being completly under water after last weeks big rain storm. But, they have only been in use for a few weeks, so I don't know if it's too early to tell if they'll hold out for the season or not.


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Just wanted to let some of yall know that I once contacted the San Antonio Express News and they said the standard black and white pages are are safe to recycle and use however you want. The glossy paper and ads are of course off limits

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