Stump of the World and San Marzano

coatfetish(z6 VA.)April 20, 2013

I only have room to grow two varieties of tomatoes, so I've finally chosen Stump Of The World and San Marzano.

I picked both on a whim, never having had either before. Stump Of The World is spoken of very highly here in posts, so that's why I picked it. San Marzano because I'd like to try & make my own paste this year and the ebay seller had both of these tomatoes up for sale. Lazy shopping, I know.

I'll be starting the seed as soon as I get it, fortunately I have a long growing season here.

Any opinions or info I should know about these two?
~ Cindy ~

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

When do you normally plant out? It is late to just be starting seeds now IMO since it will be another 6 to 8 weeks before they will be ready for planting. Plants are going into the garden over the next week or so in much of zone 6. How many plants of each will you be growing?

Stump isn't noted for production numbers but many find it to be good flavored. Just don't expect a large number of fruit.

San Marzano is a good paste tomato but it is very prone to BER like most paste-types early in the season but planting so late you might be able to avoid some of that. There are better ones but then there are worse ones too.

I assume that you mean make your own tomato sauce rather than tomato paste, right? Given all the problems and energy costs with making tomato paste have you had success making it before? If so I know the folks on the Harvest forum here would be interested in how you do it. I know it can't be canned, only frozen and many don't care for the way it separates.

And that you don't have to use only paste types to make tomato sauce? Many find that a much better sauce results from using a wide variety of tomatoes types including slicers and oxhearts rather than paste-types.

Just some things to consider.


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coatfetish(z6 VA.)

I normally plant out the last week of May - in my county our last frost date here is typically between May 16 and May 22 , yet I am in a band that gets colder temps and frosts & hail when others just two miles down the road get rain. (I am in the Appalachian mountains and in a cooler micro climate)

I have no space indoors to get a good start on seedlings so I start what I can later than everyone else - if the seedlings get too large before the end of May I have nowhere to go with them. So far it's worked out fine for me, I don't mind later yields. I am still getting fully ripe tomatoes in October before the frosts hit and kill the plants.

Locally the choices I have for seedlings looks pretty boring so far - although few nurseries/plant stands have much yet. I'm looking for something different. Something heirloom and non-GMO, something I've never grown before. (and I'm by myself so I don't need a lot of fruit - but I'm still disappointed Stump Of The World is a low producer - oh well!)

The whole paste/sauce thing is new to me, I have only used fresh slicers and canned before. Thanks for the tips/info on that...I'll start doing my homework! lol

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SOTW is indeed a very good tasting mater!

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coatfetish(z6 VA.)

I'm looking forward to trying it!

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Hi Cindy,

I just moved last October to the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia (Floyd) and started my tomatoes on April 15th. Based on my climate research and discussion with locals I agree late May is an appropriate time to set tomato seedlings outside here. I'll carefully monitor the 10 day forecast beginning mid May and choose a date based on that.

I am also growing SOW, along with 13 other varieties including beefsteaks, hearts, and pastes, 60 in total. I've been growing tomatoes in NJ for nearly 40 years, so this will be an interesting experience growing in a different climate and soil.

TomNJ (VA)

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Something heirloom and non-GMO,

Impossible to buy GMO plants or seeds so that isn't a concern.

Glad to hear it won't be planting late for your location. So how many plants do you have room for? If severely limited I'd skip the San Marzano. Go to the seed trade forum here and pick up some other non-paste variety.


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coatfetish(z6 VA.)

TomNJ, we are practically neighbors! In in C'burg, outside of town limits in Montgomery Co., halfway between the hospital and R. University. I'm usually in Floyd once a week or every two weeks. (if you like Mexican food, try El Charro - yum)

I must say I envy the space you have! I'm on a little mobile home lot and the park owner is fanatical about neatness (not a bad thing in a mobile home park) So I'm limited on space, with the added constraint of trying to keep the veggie bed invisible. I'll be interested in how your garden does, I'll have to watch for your posts.

btw, I'm a Connecticut transplant myself, way back in '89! We could start a Yankee club - lol

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Hi Cindy,

I'm just north of the town of Floyd, eight miles up the 221. Our new "farm" is 25 acres, but the veggie garden is only 50' x 80'. I'm hoping to be vegetable self-sufficient in time.

We split our time between our NJ home and the Floyd home and will eventually move permanently to Floyd. We ate at El Charro last week - yummy is right - and frequent Mickey Gs (tonight) and the Pine Tavern when in Floyd. Love this area!!


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