What's wrong with my avocado tree?

tropicalgrow516August 18, 2012

I have a grafted avocado tree from Logee's that I have had for the past 3-ish months. It is pictured below. It is in the lower half of the picture, below a meyer lemon tree.

The avocado tree has been growing well up until the last month. Since then, the leaves have gotten somewhat shriveled and brown (as pictured). The nodes of growth have also become brown and drier than they should be.

I have been fertilizing in the same fashion and quantity as I have my citrus trees, which is a mix of kelp, dried blood (for N) and a fertilizer for flowering plants (which has a balance of N-P-K). All of my 16 citrus plants have across the board been thriving, and I have heard avocadoes have much the same fertilizer needs as citrus, so I don't think that's the issue. I have been allowing the tree to dry out for a day before watering it, as I do with my citrus trees.

Humidity has been high constantly the entire time I've had it, temps have ranged from probably 69-100 constantly, and there has been a lot of sun. It doesn't seem to have any sign of pests. I really do not know what could be eating this little guy. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Try laying off the fertilizer for awhile to see if that's what's causing the situation

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I remembered subsequent to posting that I had the same problem last year with another avocado tree. Same discoloration and drying out. I had applied little/no fertilizer for the duration of its life if I recall correctly, yet it had the same problem. Even still, I will withhold fertilizer, as RodneyJS suggested, to see if it helps at all.

The internet seems to suggest avocados will tolerate full sun. It's definitely getting sun from morning to night in its location, including strong afternoon sun. I am going to try, despite its preference for full sun, to move it to a spot where it gets sun in the morning and midday and partial shade in the afternoon. Will this help? Also, as you can see from the picture, it is on a black asphalt roof that gets very hot (too hot to walk on barefoot on a sunny day). Could it be getting too hot? Again, all my citrus trees seem to be happy as ever with all of the same conditions and care, but I'm just wondering.

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Avocado leaves dry off and shed to protect the shallow roots. I would definitely move it away for the asphalt and make sure that it is properly watered. Make sure you don't remove the leaves that fall off, because it is the Avocado's natural way of mulching.

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Tropicalgrow, I see you're in NYC, which means you've overwintered your avocados indoors during the winters. Can you share any info on how you go about doing that? I'd like to be able to keep an avocado tree indoors during the winter, but there's limited sunlight for me during that time. How have you overwintered yours?

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