WANTED: Have Mints : Seeking Mints

reyna1(Zone 8)November 27, 2010

In addition to what's on my trading list, I have apple mint, chocolate mint, and orange mint rootings to offer.

I am looking for other types of mints preferably something unusual. I am only looking for a small rooting or two.

Ideas of some mints that I am interested in:


Double Peppermint

berry and cream mint

fruit sorbet mint

grapefruit mint

sweet lemon mint

iced hazelnut latte mint

lime mint

wild berry mint

candy mint

ginger mint

Moroccan Mint

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What area are you in reyna?

I'm south of Dallas, & I have peppermint, lemon mint, & spearmint that I'd be happy to trade in person;
it's so late in the year I don't want to mail things.

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