Ch3rr, How is your Indian Jujube doing?

yellowthumb(5a Ontario)August 21, 2011

Hi Ch3rr,

While back in Apr 2010, you got your Indian Jujube tree from top. They weren't looking good at all with all those yellow leaves and broken twigs. How is your tree doing so far? I am sure with your green thumb, they are going to be OK.

I am still debating whether I should get a Chinese or Indian Jujube. The supplier can give me a 2 to 3 feet tall tree, compared to yours, must be a twig.



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ch3rri(z6 PA)

My Indian Jujube is doing great so far. There are some new branches and lots of flowers. There are some fruits on the tree. They are about the size of a marble now. I'm not sure if it was because the tree was unhealthy back then or not but the tree is growing slowly...pretty much the same size as back then with couple more branches.

I have two chinese jujube trees planted in my backyard. They both flowered and one even fruited. The fruits are still small now.

I think I like to eat the Indian jujube more if they are sweet. The Indian jujube flesh is more refreshing than the Chinese jujube because it's not as dry. My husband likes the Indian jujube better because the Chinese jujube caused him to have itchy throat after eating them.

I got the Chinese jujube because my mom likes to eat them and can be planted in ground in my zone. So maybe you can get both too. One for in the ground if they survive in your zone and another as a potted tree.

I'll post picture later. It's been raining here for a week. Very sad weather here.

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

Thanks Ch3rri,
Would love to see the photo. The itchy throat could be because of the jujube skin.
There are some varieties of Chinese Jujube with dry but sweet meat. I like the refreshing and sweet variety.

When I have some time, I will post a picture of my Fig tree. It got so huge now with over 1000 figs, still not ripe yet. I have it in a 50 Gallon grow bag. Very compact, I have no idea how to prune it next spring.


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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

Hi Ch3rri,

Got my Indian Jujube tree today. Much smaller than yours. But what I discovered is that Indian Jujube has very different leaves than Chinese Jujube. Chinese Jujube leaves are leathery dark green with thick leaves. But my Indian Jujube is hairy green with very thin leaves. To me, they look completely different. From your picture, I see your tree looks very much like a Chinese Jujube.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I finally had time to take some pictures and post. I actually think the Chinese jujube and Indian Jujube leaves are very similar. However, the Indian Jujube leaves seem to be larger than the CJ. I also notice the fruits of the IJ are more wrinkle...not as smooth compared to the CJ. Well here are some pictures.

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Ch3rr, What type of Chinese jujubes do you have> I recently planted a GA-866 and "Sugarcane". Now you have me thinking I should get a cuple indian jujubes as well. Do you know the names of any good varieties of the IJ's?

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I have the Chinese jujube in the Li and Chico (GI 7-62). I think there is only one kind of Indian jujube in Florida. The Indian jujube is not that popular here in the US and most of the one at the supermarkets are not sweet because they were picked too early...or it could be the variety. I got mine from Top. Hopefully mine will be sweet. I saw that PI also sell the IJ.

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

Thanks Ch3rri.

Yours looks very good. Mine is just a twig. It doesn't look like the same tree you got a year ago. The main trunk was straight. Now there seems to be two main branches.

Mine tree looks the same as yours. Now I know what kind of fruit I am going to get. I have been buying that fruit a couple of time from a Chinese store. I thought they are special plums. Most of them are not sweet to mildly sweet. But all of them are crispy. To me, they are completely different things compared to Chinese Jujube.

I read somewhere that they grow like weeds. Well, didn't see the potential yet.


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I have an Indian jujube started from seed, It was planted on 12-26-2012 took 50 days to germinate. I'll keep posting as it grows.

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just got an indian jujube, what's its flowering season?

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Your Jujube looks so happy and productive even in a small pot! I wonder how you take care of it? Do you feed it with something special that helps their growth and fruit production? How long have you had it and how long does it take before it bears its first fruit for you?

Mine is in the ground. It has got some kind of black spots underneath the leaves. I had to cut them off, but now they're coming back again. Any idea how I can treat the disease?

Thanks for sharing the pictures. You've done a great job with taking care of your Jujube!

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hi all
i had received this in a trade about a year ago.
not sure what variety it is ...
i have 3,, 1 is in the ground.
they are all producing lots of new growth, and what looks like very small fruits.
(the pic is several months old)

any info is appreciated.

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is this a green or red jujube?

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i dont know anything about them really.
I was hoping someone could give me some info on what kind it is...

there is some redness on the stem in the new growth ?

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We have them growing here like weeds... I bought a thai jujube plant to taste the fruit and compare it with our local ones.

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@ greenman your jujube looks like a red jujube. How big is the fruit?

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