have: many plants in coppell (dfw)

achang89(Z6)November 12, 2005

This is what I posted to North Texas Garden Club.

All, we are moving to the east and I'll certainly miss the nice folks here, also the wonderful swaps. With the change from Z8 to Z6, I had to give away all my tender plants. Melva has been helping me handling out the figs, sweet olive, banana shrub and other goodies. Here are what I have remaining:

1. Star jasmine "Madison", the sought-after hardy one perfectly for Dallas. I get about 8-10 of them, in 1-gallon pots. But they have grown for more than 1 season and some have spread out. They send out wonderful fragrant white flowers.

2. Banana shrubs, 2 of them, in pots, but have firmly rooted into the soil. About 1' tall.

3. Pomegranate "Wonderful". One about 7' tall and the other 5.5' tall. Both were in pots, but have firmly rooted into the soil. Both have fruited this summer and fruits are wonderful.

4. Figs. I think I have two more left. About 1' tall, in pots.

5. Strawberry. I had them as my ground cover, and still have some left. They are the edible ones and are easy to get established.

6. Crepe Myrtle "Bayou", dwarf type pink color. 2 plants, each about 2' tall.

7. Jasmine Sambac, or Arab J. 2 plants, 2-3' spreading, in pots.

8. Gardenia "August Beauty". about 1' tall, in pot.

This is about all I have remaining. I'd like to offer them in exchange for:

Quantity of seeds: meadow, wild flower, annual, perennial, vege, tall grass, etc.

Bulbs: hardy bulbs for Z6, tulips, daffodil, others.

Garden small hand tools.

Garden book and magazines.

Any other garden items you can spare.

Anything left will be given away. My only requirement is "bring with you garden soil and mulch to refill the holes, restore the garden to nice looking shape, or plant annuals if you get any."

Let me know if you are interested. We are in Coppell area. Thanks.

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cncnorman(z7 FW/TX)

Hi sweetie. I have profusion zinnia (orange) that is wonderful and a tall red celosia (36") that I'd love to send your way. I also have four o'clocks and morning glories. I'm sorry that you are having to move but you might find it an interesting journey and get to grow things that don't survive down here. ;) If they are still available I would really like to have some jasmine, or the crepe myrtle or pomegranite.
PLMK, Christina

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cncnorman(z7 FW/TX)

I forgot to tell you I could also send you with some lamb's ears pups to your new place. :) Hugs!

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cdonelson(zone7 TX)

I am interested in several of your plants. I live in Denison and am willing to drive there to get them. If you have these I am interested in
Star jasmine "Madison",
Banana shrubs
Crepe Myrtle "Bayou",
Jasmine Sambac
Gardenia "August Beauty
I have lots and lots of seeds and plants on my list. Check it out and see what you might want or I could pay you for them if you want. PLMK

Here is a link that might be useful: Cathy's Trade List

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Some plants have been spoken for. Still have figs, pomegrantes. Thanks.

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Still available:

Star Jasmines "Madison"
Jasmine Sambac

The figs, pome and dwarf crype myrtle are promised, but not taken yet.

Let me know if still interested. Thanks.

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i am interested in all three but dont have anything to trade.so if you dont get any takers i am ready to give them a home.so please let me know.

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Before you move, be sure to give members of the Coppell PD a hug.
They are an outstanding bunch of folks, look at what they did:
Police Helping Policehref>
Best of luck with your move and be safe!

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