Dry Creekbed after Hellacious Thunderstorm

wantoretire_didJuly 14, 2005

This was the worst thunderstorm we have experienced in nearly 2 years here. Lots of yard cleanup tomorrow :-(

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lblack61(z5 NY)

It was something else, alright. I had to leave work just as round 2 of it kicked up. Hydro-planing half the way home.
I hope there wasn't too much damage for you.

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Not any real damage, just many branches from 2 weeping willows, which is nothing unusual. I just found out that the muddy appearance in the water was over a yard of a neighbor's newly delivered dirt. A pond across the street from them overflowed into several yards, including theirs, then on into ours.

I just looked at your website. Did you put something over all of the containers? Looks like some kind of snow protection, like a lightweight tarp. I thought I'd give WS a try this year; that and some lasagna areas to cook over the winter.


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lblack61(z5 NY)

I would be so sad if I ordered a load of dirt and it got swept away!! I feel bad for you and your neighbor.

I forgot I had that webpage (haven't updated it in a LONG time!).
I actually had those containers on the porch on makeshift shelves, and some were just sitting on the porch. They all got covered by snow just by the weather itself.
This was my first year WSing and my first big year of trying to grow more than just herbs and Impatiens bought at the store. It was a HUGE success! So i highly recommend WSing (especially if you want a lot of variety for a fraction of the cost).
Here's the link to the results of my WSing this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some of my WSing bounty

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