WANTED: The December Wows

phyllisb2008(8 DFW)December 16, 2009

Hey everyone,I see no one is thinking gardening so thought I would brighten your day. Sylvia and I cut the brugs back and put them in a bucket in the greenhouse back in November and you should see all the blooms, they are gorgeous better than the summer for sure. Everything is a bloom in there it's so pretty and smells heavenly. Last year things stayed alive but did not have the flowers I have this year,and I'm sure it's due to putting an electric heater in there on low. It stays about 44* at night and it will climb up to 80 or so during the day. Everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR>

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Well, don't everybody jump in all at once!

Phyllis has all those "Wows" because her plants don't know it's December:
She has the most beautiful, charming greenhouse, just *stuffed* with healthy green growing things!

I my own self have these, or have had them recently:

re-blooming iris "Anxiety" bloomed til first hard freeze.

miniature climbing rose "Red Cascade" still has flowers.

Rose "Eutin" has buds that may or may not open, but the flowers were blooming until the last hard freeze.
(I've seen this rose blooming in the snow!)

Broccoli has, uh, broccoli-looking things on it.

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