WANTED: My first and only Datura

weldontx(z 8a TX)December 21, 2005

From a seed exchange last winter, I grew this and was surprised! It had both single and double blooms with the singles being white and the dbls cream. The stalk is a dark purple. I have some seed, but no idea if they are from the single or the dble bloom.


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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Hi Weldon, Although I don't need any seeds, I just wanted to say how pretty your garden is. I have some seeds and been debating if I should plant seeds this year. Only thing I worry about is my dog running back behind them. Neighbor's dog and her have a game they play running up and down the fence line.

By the way we are planning on getting together in late Jan be sure to check it out if you would like to join us.


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janet_w(TX 8)

Hi Weldon,
The Datura are beautiful. Are they hard to grow from seed?

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Janet, as I recall they were not hard to raise from seed.
I started them indoors under flouresent lights probably in Jan or early Feb. I think that was a little early. They really like warm weather and I had to keep them inside too long.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Hi Weldon,

I looked for my dautra seeds but have miss placed them. I was wondering if you would like to trade seeds. I have salvias and some columbine seeds.

Sincerely, Barbara

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Your Datura's are beautiful! I was give some seeds and I'm not too sure how to start them. Could you please help me. When and what need I do?

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

greemseeker, I don't find the Datura hard to grow. If you have a seed starting kit from Home Depot or the like, that will do--you know, the tray with a clear plastic dome. I made a starter box, thanks to Robert in OK, for rose cuttings and it works great for seeds as well. Materials used are: Sterlite box approx. 12"X16" X 9" deep. Cut a piece of waffle type flourescent light cover to fit into the bottom. A piece of cheap glass (Lowe's will cut for you) 1 to 2 inches larger than the top of the box and cover the edges with masking tape. After you plant the seeds in small pots (like pansies come in) place them in the box, put a little water in the bottom , put the glass lid on and place under the lights. I use double bulb flourescents.
By the next day, you will have condensation in the box. Check moistness of pots about once a week.

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