My neighbors dragons are at it again...

stanofhAugust 19, 2011

After last years 5th coldest bay area summer-ever-,the Dragons are back. So,the lesson is,upper 60 to low 70's will not allow flowering...mid 70's to 80f,will.

And pics of them for sale with Avo's and Guava's,Mango,locally.

Full size

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newgen(9 Central California)

Did he hand pollinate them?

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I dont know..I never seem to catch them outside when Im wife has talked to them,bought some autumn Persimmons. I got to talk to them next time..

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You're not alone, I don't think the mercury has gone above 90 down here on the coast of So Cal. It's screwing with all the plants, I had to buy lemons since the growing pattern for my improved meyer was thrown off.

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Thats exactly it Wizzard. I can't remember when we last had a 90f,its been weeks. Not as bad as last year..but could be better.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

...and so guys, don't hate me, but Palm Springs has enjoyed a simply wonderful summer - yes - a few 112's and 113's, but many many low to mid-100's days making the mango (and avocado) trees and really everything just grow so nicely with minimal burning. With this summer's weather craziness, SOMEBODY had to benefit!

Now we'll have to see what surprises this winter has in store...gulp...

Your So-Cal desert brother......mangolobo

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Neighbor's DFs look great Stan, such a huge clump. How are yours doing?


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I still have them indoors Ethan-by a sunny window. About 2+ tall now,with branches. I've felt burned by the others that were eaten by slugs.. next spring they will go out in the tropical fruits garden.

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