Mango tree dying

live4uAugust 17, 2014

Fellow experts,
I live in CA and am an ardent fan of mango. I bought "4080 Mangifera indica - Alampur Baneshan Mango
" from t*ptropicals. I placed this into the ground after receiving it. Watered regularly with organic soil and compost. I see that all the leaves are gone, the tiny branches are turning brown with some green in them. I am not confident if this will survive as is. Can I know if I need to do something for this to survive please?

Also, I have the mango seeds. Can I plant them into a pot initially and take care of it. If yes, what procedure should I follow.

Appreciate your kind responses for both of the questions.


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More pics

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last one

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Anyone who can answer plz?

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A couple of questions, over what time period are you talking about? Your lawn looks very lush and green, are you using a lot of fertiliser on it?

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It could be anthracnose or even fireblight. It also could have been burned by too strong a lawn fertilizer- both are fatal to young Mango.
The worst appears to be dead. If you think its alive,look for growth buds over the next few weeks.
If the trunk begins to shrivel..that's a sure sign its going to die no matter what you do.
Sorry to tell you that. It sounds like a hard to get variety. Try again. I've had them die..bought the same variety..and success- in a different spot. You might just need to not feed a new plant- make the watering basin larger as a buffer.

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No, the lawn was laid about couple of months back. For the mango, I used organic soil. Everyday morning at 2am, the sprinklers wet the lawn as well as the mango tree. This happened over few weeks and is at this situation today.

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When did you plant it onto the ground? should never plant a mango tree after 3 or more days in shipping -- it was weak from stress. The instruction says to plant it into a not too larger pot and keep away from sun for a week or so, depends on weather. Direct hot sun sure will kill and stressed plant.


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Soil might be a bit rich? It definitely looks like a goner to me. Why not use your thumbnail, live4u, and scratch the trunk about a foot up from the soil level and see if you get any green or live-looking stuff under the bark....

(I thought I posted on this yesterday, but it now looks like I didn't....oh well....)


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Ah..yeah,how did I miss that? You must have gotten if from Florida..and just about everything from there to California needs acclimating. to our stronger summer sun,low humidity.
Next time,keep it in the pot for about two weeks in part shade..move into a area that gets full sun- but not all day. When you notice its handling all that well,its safe to plant out.
From Florida to California is like when you take a plant out of a terrarium..its wilts fast.

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Worst, this Alampur came from North India, thousands miles from CA.

Anyway, I think you should try to get another one to replace it. My Alampur is doing great with strong new growths. It tends to send out new horizontal growths, not a single up straight.

I'm not a novice in gardening and I must say growing mangoes in Los Angeles and north of it is not an easy task as one may think. They have too many invisible enemies, especially in the winter.

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I had an unsuccessful experience with growing mango last spring, but if I could give you any piece of advice it would be " if you need one tree only, get 5 or more" so if some die, you have more chances for at least one to survive.
I keep my fingers crossed 4 ya :)

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vanman23(6b/7a - OK)

Agreed. It looks like stress and shock after transportation. I got these two trees from Pine Island, a Mallika and a Pickering, two weeks ago. It was 100 degrees the day they arrived and and about 100 for the next week. Then it cooled down to 98.

I would not be in a hurry to plant your tree. When i get my plants, I mist them with distilled water and wrap them up in a clear plastic bag. I leave them on the north side of the house and leave them like that for a week or two. I open the bag every 2-3 days to let fresh air in. I will slowly take the bag off over a month or two. I just leave the pots wrapped up in the plastic that they came in.

Once the bag comes off, I continue to mist them 2-3 times per day and then slowly wean that off over 2-3 weeks. I probably take even longer in the dry air of So. Cal.

I hope you get a new tree. Maybe you can offer to pay the shipping.

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vanman23(6b/7a - OK)

Here are the trees with the bags taken off. They are showing new growth. So. far, I have been very happy with these Pine Island trees.

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vanman23(6b/7a - OK)

Here is my Nam Doc Mai from Plant-O-Gram. Probably should have cut the fruit off, but I'm too impatient. It's showing new growth as well.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

That's a very nice little NDM and very nice fruits on such a small tree...I think you're right that you should not have let it fruit at such a small/young tree...but I can't fault you for doing so...I too am very impatient. I know what the right and recommended thing to do...but its not easy following that advise, least for me!

At least with new growths you're getting is a good sign...Good luck with your trees...

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