Anyone Successfully Growing 'Don Juan' Climbing Rose??

Scbnymph(z5 NY)July 26, 2005

Hello Everyone.....

I got a deal on a "Don Juan" Climbing Rose from Walmart and I was wondering if anyone has them successfully growing in their gardens up here??

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It needs good winter protection and will never be a climber in our climate. When this rose first came out there was reports of winter damage in Maryland and Kentucky! But it is a beautiful rose and worth a bit of effort - just don't think it will cover a trellis.

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Scbnymph(z5 NY)

Never a climber huh, that SUCKS!

Much of the information I have read about this Rose says it is good to Zone 4, it will also be planted between two black-top driveways which retain the heat - Would this make a difference??

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rini(Rochester, NY)

I have a Don Juan that is slowly climbing. I've had it for about 4 years and it's slowly making its way up my trellis -- oldroser is right though, it's not a fast climber.

otoh, the flowers and the scent are wonderful. I interplanted with clematis so it takes the eye away from how slowly don juan is growing. (knock on wood) I have not had any winter damage yet and it did survive our big ice storm a few years ago.


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Scbnymph(z5 NY)

Rini.....Thanks for your input, gives me back a little hope that I might get it up the front of the house after all, albeit slowly!

You are right, the scent is BEAUTIFUL!

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I am getting a Don Juan on its own roots soon...and I will keep its slow growth rate in mind(in fact, thats alright with me!..I like how easy to plant the small own root roses are, and it will leave me more room to plant other "must haves"....I will make sure to give it a nice layer of mulch in the winter, although the snow we get insulates nicely. Another idea if you want to give the rose "Height" much faster might be to plant it in a large Oak tub or other planter and then have it growing up a trellis or pillar sitting inside the tub....Good Luck with your Don Juan!...GardenLove

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Scbnymph(z5 NY)

To be honest I am quite impressed with my Don Juan already! Initially I planted it in a LARGE pot to get it started and because I wasn't sure where I wanted it. Since then I have planted it between mine and the neighbours drive where it will be able to climb the house. I have LOADS of new growth and it is even starting to climb a little

I think the soil helps.....When I planted it I mixed in a bag of Miracle Grow "Rose Soil" to the regular garden soil and Don Juan it LOVING it! I have also been regually applying my used coffee grounds (which I have now stopped)

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Thank You all for the tips, I am trying this for the first time! I wanted a flower that had scent and came back every year! and hopefully I can pull this off!

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bernd ny zone5

I have no comment to 'Don Juan'. But I live in zone 5a, same as the original poster, and never had luck with the normal climbers being sold. But then 20 years ago I bought a Canadian bred climbing rose. That one must want to be 12 ft tall every year, and I have to always cut it back. In late May it will be a mass of red flowers. Jungs was also selling a less vigorous kind of it, have that too. I forgot the name, might be John Cabot. Canada had programs to breed very hardy roses suited for their climate, so I googled Canadian Climbing Roses, see the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Northern climbing roses

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I bought and planted this Don Juan climbing rose at Lowe's last year but sad to say it did not come back it is hard to grow and quite delicate.

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I LOVE the Don Juan climbing rose. We planted two last year, and they are already up to the eaves of the house and LOADED with buds. They are about 6 feet wide, too, just lovely. I am going back to get another one. I sure hope they are selling them this year. I got mine at lowes.

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