WANTED: New to exchanging- vegetable gardening . . .

countryboy40December 9, 2005

I am new to the notion of saving/exchanging seeds to use year to year . . . Not sure how to get started so any advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated. I've had years of sucessful vegetable gardens from store bought transplants and seeds but relish the idea of growing from seed what others care to pass on to me, saving and storing those which I would save for the next year to use and pass on. I don't have any to exchange with now but would gladly pay for any shipping if any of you would have a few extras you could send to me . . . Especially enjoy growing tomato, squash, zucchini, carrots, spinich, green beans, - all the basic delicious edibles. Thanks in advance for any replys!

Am currently reading "Growing Garden Seeds" by Robert Johnston (Johnnys Seeds)

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Countryboy, I don't know many on this forum that grows veggies but have seen some that grow tomatoes. The only thing I grow that my husband eats are hot peppers like Habanero, Thai and Caribbean peppers. If you like hot peppers email me and I can send you some seeds.

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You might post on the Seed Exchange Forum, & I think the Vegetable Forum, Tomato Forum, & Heirloom Gardening Forum have Exchange pages.

Also, keep your eyes open for springtime Plant Swap meetings in your area:

Here near DFW, we have several gardenweb get-togethers each year, & I'll bet there are some near you as well.

Also, check your area's organic garden clubs.

Best luck, & have fun!

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leaz7b(z7b TX)

Get back with me so I can get your seeds to you. Thanks, Lea

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dmj1218(9a West Houston)

I do alot of seed trading (both veggies and flowers) mostly on that other well known garden forum.

Your a bit late for carrots and spinich but I have lots of winter (many lettuces, kales, spincih) veggies and right now a ton of summer seeds. Lots of tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans (both pole and bush), melons. Way more than I can ever have room for. I'll load you up for two stamps (I have tons of bubble mailers too).

I have your classic edible/perennial/annual/native mixed garden.

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

Hi Countryboy,
If you are interested in Asian/Indian veggie seeds, send SASE and I wll send you lots of seeds. Email me if interested.

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Countryboy send me a self addressed envelope and i will send you some tomatoe seeds , rutgers a homestead they do good in texas heat. billtex i will email my address.

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

I see that you are in my zone. You might be interested in coming to our first GW Plant Swap in Belton this next Saturday. It's going to be at the Ag office. We'll be able to tour the greenhouse and see the current veggie garden in the works. I've invited my class of Master Gardeners. You are invited. It's posted under Texas Exchanges. Check it out. If you've never been to a GW Plant Swap, they are lots of fun. You get to meet people who deal with the same weather as you do and can share tips on planting/growing.

You're invited,

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Countryboy, I grow veggies, I'm sure you've already been inundated with seeds from these wonderful people.
Good luck with your garden.

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