NEW: Plantaholics Anonymous Houseplant Swap #1

ladygreensleevesJuly 16, 2008

I would like to invite everyone that loves houseplants as much as I do to join in this Round Robin.

This is a first time for me to be a hostess for a Round Robin and would like to make this a wonderful experience for everyone who joins in.

Sign up until 15TH of August. Boxes to be sent out no later than 30TH of August.

Heres the rules:

Send at least 4 or more if you want of plants/cuttings rooted or unrooted that are indoor plant related. Can't send just all one type like African Violet leaves.

After signing up please send me an email (make sure your email is linked to your account or I can't email you and neither can your swap partner!!!)with your updated want list and have list (houseplant related) and I will do my best to coordinate your haves and wants with someone else.

Boxes should be mailed priority with confirmation/tracking numbers so that plants don't get lost in the mail. Please also notify your swap partners of those dates mailed and numbers.

If in case you need to drop out,let us know, we are only human and things happen, we will understand.

Boxes should be sent out on Mondays,Wednesday's or Saturday's so they don't get stuck in the P.O. over the weekend. August is the hottest month of the year!

And most importantly I insist that everyone who joins has fun or else I'll sic my mnf friends on ya....(((HUGS)))

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Hey LGS,
I would be interested in a swap, but I only have 4 common house plants at the moment. I will see what I can round up. I know RHSC, is looking for cactuses and I may be able to get those. I will check. I will let you know for sure before everyone is partnered up.
I am looking for these that I would like:
String of Pearls
Split leaf Philodendron
Anything else would be fine with me.
Glad you are hosting, I am sure this will be fun! Now, I think I need to go to bed.
Night all, :) Fran

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Welcome ncgardengirl
Common or rare we dont care!
We are plantaholics
Out to enable others
so join in the folics!

Wow.....a poet Im not! Smarta** yes..ohh Darn...sorry slipped out already.....snicker

Cactus and succulents are fine by me and some of the dont rule them out everyone! I for one have a Terrarium garden. Guess what lives in it, beside a couple of geoko's. Red and I did a swap so know all about the cactus thing. True be told thats why we now have Plantaholics Anonymous....she made me do it!
Dont be afraid to list those plants people....ya never know what someone else might have and you just might have something they want...*looking over shoulder at ALL my plants to share*

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Ummm.......I can't join this swap, but couldn't help notice the name..... shouldn't it be PW's??!!

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Most of my indoor plants aren't very big yet, but here's what I have that are big enough for swapping:

pothos ivy
'green butterfly' philodendron
purple queen
mother in law
hoya 'fungii'
spider plant -green
spider plant- variegated

My wishes:

*Begonias (Dragon wing, Angel wing, Rex, etc)
*Hoya (any except publicalyx, kentiana, cumingiana, or
fungii - i already have these)
*Philodendrons (any, especially monstera/swiss cheese)
*Plumeria -cuttings or seeds(any,esp.'named' varieties)
*Anything tropical or unusual.....

...and if anyne has a greenhouse they'd like to throw in, I'll trade for that too!!!LOL

Thanks for hosting this LGS!!!!

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WOOHOO let the games begin!! lol

Here is what I have:

Hoya Bilobata
Hoya Sulawasii (bella)
Hoya Rubra
Ric Rac cactus
Rhipsalis Micrantha
Philodendron Brazil

I have some others.....

I am looking for:

Christmas cactus
Thanksgiving cactus
Easter cactus
Orchid cactus
Hoyas ( other than what I have)
Or anything flowering or unusual. :O)

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Count me in! I'll have to compile a list and see what I have. Be back later!


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Welcome Chellflower so glad you decided to joined in the swap *hiding GH and plummies* grinning.
It was mentioned that some of us don't have rooted or potted plants to send and was cuttings ok. I would think that would be fine, if say 3-4 nodes or cuttings where sent. And I suggest sending rooted plants bare-root as the added weight of the soil can get expensive to mail. Remember we want to have fun,not go broke doing it. So like have fun already and start rooting them plants!

Here's what I have:
spiders...verigated and non
arrow leaf....verigated
desert roses
Hoya...Kerii,Kentiana,and Rubra
Rhips...Sunrise cactus,L.Crusiform,eliptica
Rabbitfoot fern
Wandering Jew
Devil's pothos

What I wish for:
verigated Jacob's ladder
Hoya's I don't have
Rhip's I don't have
Terrarium plants
and anything else I don't have!

nodes: Point on a stem or root,often swollen,from which shoots,leaves,leaf buds,or flowers arise.

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I checked my 'houseplant''s my updated haves list...

pothos ivy
'green butterfly' philodendron
purple queen
mother in law
hoya 'fungii'
spider plant -green
spider plant- variegated
Desert Rose seedling
Asparagus fern

My wishes:

*Begonias (Dragon wing, Angel wing, Rex, etc)
*Hoya (any except publicalyx, kentiana, cumingiana, or
fungii - i already have these)
*Philodendrons (any, especially monstera/swiss cheese)
*Plumeria -cuttings or seeds(any,esp.'named' varieties)
*Anything tropical or unusual.....

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Welcome did you sneak in under my last Glad you decided to join us.

Ya'll welcome redheadedstepchild as well...she put me up to this, so she will be co-hosting this with me, so please feel feel to bug....I mean ask her whats going on too hehehehe.

Ohhhh and redhead they are wondering where you are on the intro thread....

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I need to get over there huh?
Me being me.....Eric (my husband) got his bonus check today from I've been a little pre-occupied with finding a good Epiphyllum mail order company. lol
I know I know......and, he knows he knows. lol

I have some beauties...on their way to me!!! :O)

If anybody needs anything at all...please do not hesitate to ask me or crazy Regina! lol
I'm not crazy...I'm sweet and innocent! lol

I'll go head over to the intro thread....I'm trying to figure out where the heck I sign up for MNF swaps. lol I'm all bamboozeled. hehe

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tehs(9 N CA)

This is such a great idea :)

Here's what I have:
Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya)
Begonia 'Richmondensis'
Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus 'Holiday Bells')
Episcia 'Ronnie'
Goldfish Plant (Nematanthus 'Green Magic')
Easter Cactus (red flowers)
Thanksgiving Cactus (pink flowers)

Here's my wish list:
Wandering Jew (any type except all green)
Pilea: Aluminum Plant, Friendship Plant, Moon Valley, etc.
Elephant Bush (Portulacaria afra 'Variegata')
String of Pearls
ZZ plant
Peace Lily
Arrowhead Vine

Looking forward to seeing other's posts. There's a lot of plants mentioned so far that I'm unfamiliar with!

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

I would like to join in! I don't have a bunch of stuff as I'm just getting beyond Annuals. I can't help it I just fell in love with Zinnias! LOL I really hope I have some goodies someone wants!!! :) Also, I haven't ever sent off live plants before so any advice on packing, etc would be greatly appreciated. :)

I have:
Purple Wondering Jew
Bromeliad (I'm not sure of the type as it was given to me, it has red flowers when in bloom)
Parlor Palm
Jade Plant
Arrowhead vine
Boston Fern
Snake Plant

Wishing for:
Goldfish Plant
Mother of Thousands (really like the cream/pink)
Spider Plant (variegated or non)
Emerald Ripple Peperomia
Wax Plant
African Violets
Blood Leaf Plant
Prayer Plant
Desert Rose

Thank you both for hosting this! :)


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Kathy...Regina has a link to a pictorial on how to ship live really helped me out a great deal!

I have a link on how to ship cactus and succulents if anyone is interested!!

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Hi - Well, count me in!!! Sounds like fun!!!
Just wanted to say a few things......
I , like trading plants and cuttings. I , always send at least 3 mature cuttings of a plant and each cutting is 6 inches long or I double the amount.
This is to ensure - there are enough nodes and you will get at least one of them to root.
I , am very generous when trading and expect the same. I prefer , decent sized plants and expect the same.
I would rather send you 5 - nice size plants that you really wanted , instead of tiny starts that may not survive the shipping.
Unless , we agree to do something different.
I ship priority , with delivery confirmation and do expect the same courtesy.
And , I email the day of shipping and send the del. confirmation number to my trader.
This way, they know to be expecting the plants.
If you have any questions , just ask.
Now, when I am shipping plants - here is how I do it :

  1. I Gently knock all the dirt off of the roots.
  2. Wrap roots only in moist paper towels and then in plastic and secure with string/ no tape.
  3. Then I lay a piece of dry news paper out and lay the plant in it and roll it up and secure with string/ no tape.
  4. I write, in pen on the newspaper in big letters the name of the plant.
  5. I get the priority box and lay plants in it with crumpled news paper between or packing peanuts to cushion the ride.
  6. I always , make a 2 lists of what I am sending. One for me , so I can refer back and one for whom I am sending the plants to.
    There is nothing worse, than getting a nice box of unlabeled plants.
    And , I always include a little something extra! It may be seeds, plant labels , fertilizer, plant ties, seed envelopes, or whatever. Some traders will let you know, they only want specific plants and nothing else. That is fine with me, also.
    I , just do this to let my trader know that - I appreciate the effort and the trade. And, that I may want another.
    Now , all this may sound very stern. But, I just want to be up front about trading.
    Here's what I have and following is my ''wish list'':


  1. strawberry begonia.
  1. spathiphyllum/ peace lily.

  2. variegated arrow head plant.

  3. moses in a boat.

  4. variegated pothos ivy.

  5. wandering jew/purple.

  6. wandering jew /green.

  7. cast iron plant/ aspidistra.

  8. cereus.

  9. coral shrimp plant.

  10. bulbine.

  11. no id passionflower.

  12. kalanchoe / red flowers.

  13. kalanchoe / orange flowers.

Here is my ''wish list'':

  1. bilbergia plant.

  2. ti plant / any except green.

  3. monstera delisioso/ mexican breadfruit vine.

  4. beefsteak plant/ iresine hebstii.

  5. hoya vine.

  6. philodendron vine / especially variegated types.

  7. hardy angel wing begonia.

  8. lipstick plant / aeschynanthus.

  9. plumerias.

10. coleus.

11. purple velvet plant/ gynura.

12. thunbergia grandiflora/ sky vine.

13. clerodendron vine.

14. hardy calla lily.

15. tropical ''snow queen '' hibiscus with tri - color leaves and large red flowers.

16. coral vine / antigonon leptopus.

17. cyclamen.

I really like variegated, tropical and unusual plants.
And, I hope to have fun with the trading of houseplants.
If, you have any questions - just ask.
Thanks ,for taking time to read this.
Happy Gardening . tina_2

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A big WELCOME to tehs,southerncharm,and tina_2. Happy to have ya'll join us.
Wow...I'm seeing some pretty interesting plants being listed. Some I'm not familiar with either. We really like going for the unusual and different around
Tina has some good pointers there folks....the bigger the cutting or amount of nodes increases the chances for survival and getting a fair trade and a lovely plant too!There are a couple of ways to prepare your plants for shipping, and they vary slightly. Some use tape to secure the plastic wrap,just don't tape it to the plant! There is a link here in the GardenWeb on how to wrap and ship your plants,and it includes pictures. It was posted by Remyo_2006. And....please label your plants....LOL...I have enough mystery plants too!

ok so far we have signed up:


Looks like we have a good start on a great RR so far. Any lurkers out there still thinking about joining? Well.....quit thinking and come on! We would love having ya.

The link to packing and shipping your plants:

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oops...sorry that's hun been a long day. Kids went out to the movie's to see the new Batman movie and just got home(3:25am)and ya'll know mom does'nt sleep till the kiddies are safely back home.
BTW they said it was awesome!!! Special effects were great too!!!
nite ya'll...catch me later

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Ok, I have a partial list of what I have..

Phillipine black hoya (this would be a 4 leaf cutting, it's such a slow growing hoya, I wish I could spare more of it). When it gets enough light, it gets lots of black growth, black spots. Really different!

African violet leaves, all named~ (2 leaves per variety sent). Roots directly in soil.

Streptocarpus leaf segments/ all named~ each segment produces lots of babies that grow directly off the segment.

Bear's paw/succulent Cotyledon Ladismithiensis cutting.

Aloe, rooted plant.

Bella Hoya/mini cuttings.

Meliflua hoya cuttings.

Cumingia hoya cuttings.

Heart philo/solid green cuttings.

Lacunosa hoya cuttings.

Publicalyx hoya cuttings.

Fuzzy wandering jew cuttings.

Amaryllis seedling/1 yr. old, rooted, grown from seed.

"Strawberries and cream" hoya cuttings.

Hindu rope/green cuttings.

Streptocarpella plants/cutting, place directly in soil (will be an entire plant start).

Clivia miniata "Kaffir Lily" rooted plant.

Heart hoya/green cutting.

Philo brasil cuttings.

Baby cactus grown from seed, 3 years old, still small, they take forever to grow! Misc. types.

*cuttings* show that the plant is well established with plenty to spare! Cutting, is a smaller plant that can spare a clipping or two.


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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Thank you for the warm welcome! :)

Great info! Tina_2, I didn't think that was harsh. Very direct and to the point. Will cause a whole lot less miscommunication and disappointment in the long run. :) That's what I like anyway, that way I don't feel like I fowled up somehow. :)

Thanks for the links too, that was wonderful help in understanding the visual aspect of the process. :D

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WOW...ok I'm so jealous of debbya, and thats only a partial list!!!uummmm... Where's the want Someone loves the Hoya's like I do. And the cluster of flowers are trully awesome!
Thanks everyone for the info and links.


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Ok, ok, I'm in. Redhead twisted my arm, as if I really needed persuading!

My haves:
-red/white thanksgiving cactus cuttings
-bright pink thanksgiving cactus cuttings
-strawberry begonia small plant (well rooted)
-little tiny plantlets (1/4 inch in size) that grow on the leaves of my plant. I think it's a succulent. I really don't know what it is, but it's cute and it only takes a few short months for your plants to produce babies. Fun! (I'll probably send rooted babies and fresh-off-the-plant babies)
-AV leaves

-satin pothos
-spider babies
-lipstick plant
-goldfish plant
-anything variegated
-string of pearls
-hoya (with pink/white would be AWESOME!)

That's all I can think of for now!

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redheadedstepchild75(8) I bad? lol

Welcome to all the ladies I missed!!!!

Elaine is a new plant friend of mine....she is really'll love her! :O)

I think I see a whole lot of plants that i'd be more than happy to give a nice new home to! lol

Was it hot enough for everyone today? It had to be atleast 100 today oh man was it hot! lol

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Welcome lainey....I know why redhead twisted that arm....she ain't fooling me for a second!

*little tiny plantlets*....hhmmmm...mother-of-thousands??? many varieties,a member of the kalanchoe family...

I forget I have several different Kalanchoes and a Dieffenbachia I can add to my list as well.

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hot, sticky, humid, and bloodsuckers bigger than B52's(swamp skitter's)lol....
And I know I see plants I would love to give a new home too...*gently pushing redhead aside* hehehe

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I forgot my want list, sorry!

Any hoya's that I don't have. Variegated monstera, monstera (basket type) I already have the really large monstera/pole kind, Unusual ivys (with yellows, or highly variegated), rabbit foot fern, lipstick plant, old man/woman cactus, rock or 'toe' succulents.
Ferns (any).


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Frances Coffill(7b)

ok, promised myself no plant swaps in the heat! But last year I gave out about 20 boxes of houseplant cuttings for postage so that these monsters would fit back in the house in November! Maybe I could pick up a few 'low light' darlings in exchange for some cuttings!

I do not have anything rare or exotic, but most things would be small offset (with aireal roots) plants or rooted cutings.

pothos (dont ask, this is a monster, the victim (er partner) I am partnered with will surely be infested with this vine within moments of openning the box)

variegated spiders (what I said about Pothos....PLEASE TAKE THESE)

Rubber tree, deep green with Burgundy, (Rooted plants, single cane)

Deiffenbacia (green border, white center rooted single or double cane)

Holiday Cactus (sections, red flowering, blooms between ThanksGiving and Christmas)

Peace Lily (rooted division)

Parlour Palm (division)

Sansevaria (tall variegated type, green with white mottling, Pups)

ArrowLeaf (I always called this caladium) MANY MANY MANY various variegated shapes and colours)

UGLY DROOPING JADE (honestly, this is the most pathetic plant I have ever seen, refuses to grow upright)

Beautiful, Green plant with red veins (forgive me it is outside with its name tag and I forget what it is called)
Philodendron (sorry I have few and will not share)

Monstera (sorry tiny still I will not share)

This year I am getting rid of my monster spiders altogether (they are in 16" pots now and chomping at the bit to get out)So if you love variegated spiders and can keep them over winter please let me know..... I have been saying for 5 years, I AM NOT BRINGING THEM IN OVER WINTER...... gosh I am such a sap)

I wish for

philodendron (any)

mystery plant I used to have (flowers similar to a peace lily, white, pink or red), likes low light, arrow shaped leaf. (if anyone knows what that is.


any low light loving plant that can stand normal house conditions.

Plants that will live outdoors in Zone7-8

I asolutely do not want begonia or African Violet


Can I play too?


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We have another player!
Welcome fcoffill!!! We are so very happy you joined us. Of course you can play silly girl!
Would that mystery plant be a Zantedeschia Calla lily?
*UGLY DROOPING JADE* rotflol...some of them do that.

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tehs(9 N CA)

It's great to see what everyone else is looking for. I'd like to add these to my Have list:
* African Violet leaves (Optimara sport, purple flowers)
* Kalanchoe crenata (mother of thousands? lots of little plantlets growing on the leaf edges)
* Lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus, orange/yellow flowers)
* streptocarpus (Lavender Lady)


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Thanks for the update tehs...
would you please send me your e-mail address. I also need southercharms. This is very important as it is how we will get in touch with our swap partners. Only I will have that info(and your swap partner if you fail to contact them!). I want to make sure everyone gets a box in this swap. So please share that with me.

Our plantaholics are now:

debbya (ha! got it right this time)

Looking good ya'll

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

I sent you an email LGS. :)

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Hello to the new players!!! :O)

I have to share my tidbit of good news.....WE GOT A HOUSE!!! where I can plant my own garden.....oh yeah! lol

I am moving at the end of the week, but I will surely have my dsl up before this swap is over!! Just incase though...I'm going to give Regina my phone muber....and she can give it to my swap partner too! :O)

I'm so excited....I'm going to look at paint swatches now! hehehe

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Aww CONGRATS!!! We are still in the process of looking. LOL Can't wait to find one, I can't imagine how ecstatic you are right now! You'll have to post before and after pics!!!

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So happy for you Red....

a word of advice from my experiences..If any of you ever buy a Mobile Home,be sure to buy the land you put it on. Never buy a MHome and put it in a MH park on a Rented lot!!!(I never claimed to be a genius, LOL) ..I did this -the MH park was close to my job and I figured I'd buy land & move my house within a year or so. Well, jobs lay off and life happens! Ten years later I'm still here, only now I'm married with two kids (who also yearn for a *big* yard)...
After growing up on five acres, it has been really hard for me to adapt- I probably never will. Fortunately, we almost have our house paid for...but once its paid off, we're going hunting for a house with a yard the size of Texas!!!
(Okay, we already live there so I guess any good sized little chunk of Texas will do, LOL)

Congratulations Red...I wish you many blessings (and new plants to grow) with your new place!!!!!

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Good afternoon ladies. I will post my lists of wants and haves later tonight. The medicine is making this old lady sleepy AGAIN! Sonja

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Awwww, you guys are the bestest ever! :)

I will for sure post before and after pics!! Did I mention I will have an indoor potting plance and propagation place for my plants? :O)
Thanks to my good buddy Chell, I will have some rose cuttings of a climbing rose to share as soon as I get to the outside of the house! I was gonna dig it up and toss it...but, she made me realize even roses can be started from cuttings! lol
She also reminded me that this time of year is when plants go on who knows what i'll come up with! lol

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Well turn my back for a second and they up and MOVE on me! CONGRADULATIONS Frances(redhead)*holdin out hands for rose clippings* chell enlightened me too...*grin* I am thrilled that you guys have found a house! N o w comes the fun part....moving! not!!!
happyseed Welcome! It was good to hear from you, hope your up and feeling better soon and happy to have you join us.
uuummmm......southermcharm I just realized we only live about 2 1/2-3 hrs from each other on the turnpike *wink*. Just thought I would mention
I had a bit of good fortune...had a unexpected and cancelled order of seeds delivered today. Placed this order way back when, and after not receiving it (waited 6 weeks!) I finally asked for a refund. Which I did get. Seems customs got the first order.....I finally got this empty envelope with the customs form in it. By then I had already asked for the refund. I did let them know I got that envie....they knew but didnt tell me....hhmmmm nice huh. But did mention they shipped a second order and was refunding my money.....I just didnt expect to get it....go fiqure!

So shall we have some fun.....
points will be awarded
and a prize too...I'll share my seeds... some are rare!

Can anyone tell me what flower was named after a divine hero in greek mythology?

Good Luck!

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

LGS, :D I got cha! giggles...

My answer:
Hyacinth? LOL

An ancient Greek legend describes the origin of the Hyacinth. Two of the gods, Apollo and Zephyr, adored a handsome young Greek called Hyakinthos. Apollo was teaching Hyakinthos the art of throwing a discus.

Zephyr, who was the god of the west wind, was overcome with jealousy and he blew the discus back. It struck Hyakinthos on the head and killed him. From his blood grew a flower, which the sun god Apollo named after him. Hyacinth. :)

Yeah, moving... ugh! It'll be over soon though, I promise! lol It's only painful for a little bit, all well worth it in the long run! Just think of all the pretties you can plant in your very OWN dirt!!! YAY!

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Hi - I am, so glad I found this swap! I , have been drooling ALOT. The lists, are just incredible and I am finding more plants I like. The swap is getting better and better.
Don't you all think so?
Hope, everyone is doing well. Thank you. tina_2

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And we have a winner....posted just 9 mins after my
Congrats Southercharm with the winning answer and the first set of 10 points!

Where was everyone else.......hhmmmmmm?

question 2:

Where did the sentence "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." originate from?

Don't everyone anwser all at once

Sonja....sure hope your feeling better, keep us posted and let us know how your doing.

our plantaholics are now:


What an assortment of plants we have listed....sure is alot to drool over huh? *rubbing hands together with wicked grin*

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

That list is growing quite nicely ladies! :)

... hehehe Got to learn something new everyday!!!

The sentence "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." was written by Gertrude Stein as part of the 1913 poem Sacred Emily, which appeared in the 1922 book Geography and Plays. In that poem, the first "Rose" is the name of a woman. Stein later used variations on the phrase in other writings, and "A rose is a rose is a rose" is probably her most famous quote, often interpreted as "things are what they are." In Stein's view, the sentence expresses the fact that simply using the name of a thing already invokes the imagery and emotions associated with it. As the quote diffused through her own writing, and the culture at large, Stein once remarked "Now listen! Im no fool. I know that in daily life we donÂt go around saying 'is a  is a  is a Â' Yes, IÂm no fool; but I think that in that line the rose is red for the first time in English poetry for a hundred years."

    Bookmark   July 20, 2008 at 10:54PM
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Congrats Southerncharm!! lol
Too smartypants!! :O) hehe

THank you to everyone who wished me luck and congrats!! my yahoo is such a beast of burden! lol

I thought I might ask all of you master gardener friends for a little help.....should I whack this big old sad looking shrub? down out of the yard? It looks a tad ugly to me...but, if it's something beautiful I wanna keep it. lol
I think the little one that has turned yellow from sun damage is a hydrangea...but, I'm not just looks very similar to one. I'm not moving it if it is....I get a horrible rash from those suckers!!! My first job was working at the Greensboro farmers market at the store there....I repotted plants.....those things would give me little tiny blisters and red bumps.

    Bookmark   July 21, 2008 at 2:18PM
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Fran...I don't know what that could train it to give some privacy on your porch and hang a nice swing in the corner there ;)

Once again southerncharm gets the points for the correct answer.....the ONLY answer! Thank-you sc another 10 points for you.
I did say I assist everyone have fun in this swap, so come on and have some fun ya'll. Or I will be forced to start pushing ya'll in the pool and spiking your soda's.:P

question 3:

Name a plant used today to make salads.

    Bookmark   July 21, 2008 at 6:23PM
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Nastrusum blossoms are used in salad. lol

    Bookmark   July 21, 2008 at 7:29PM
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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

::peek:: Hi ya'll..... just cause... marigolds are used for salads and Johnny Jump Ups


    Bookmark   July 21, 2008 at 7:55PM
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hehehe...I knew this was going to be a good one.....good anwsers ladies.....but not what Im looking for.....keep guessing....teehee...

    Bookmark   July 21, 2008 at 9:30PM
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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Geranium? Hens and Chicks? Wandering Jew? Hehe... I'm just being ornery and chiming in.


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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Lettuce? ROFLMBO!!!

Yay! I don't wanna play anymore if it means I get spiked drinks! hehehe j/k I'll still play! But I want my drink spiked too. ;0)Got some jose cuervo over there? giggles...

    Bookmark   July 21, 2008 at 9:38PM
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hehehehe.....keep guessing.....passing the jug of cuervo to southerncharm

lettuce how original.....LMAO!!!

    Bookmark   July 21, 2008 at 9:47PM
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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Welllll.. I know that spider plants are considered edible... and yucca and orchids...

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All good answers, but not the one Im looking for.

I'll give ya a hint....has to be prepared's poisonous!!! yikes!!!

And yes I have hunted this plant,gathered it,prepared it,and ate it *twitching funny*

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ladygreensleeves hallucingenic.....

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Is it pokeweed? Pokesalad? Whatever you call it in your area.

RED: that tree is a crete myrtle, the small on is yes, a hydrangea.


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Red: You need to trim it to get the suckers off the bottom of it. It IS SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL....Don't cut it down or yank it out.

:) Fran

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LOL shrooms! hehe I dunno if this is true or not...but I heard the things people do as drugs are not even mushrooms at all. I know, I just let out how big a square I so totally am!lol
My husband thinks I grew up under a rock or something. hehe

Can you really eat pokeweed? YUCK! lol THat stuff grows everywhere around Lexington and Denton...and just about every other place in NC!!

I totally thought I had it with!

NCgardengirl.....if you look to the side of the house you might not be able to see it well...but, I have a pink crepe mrytle back in the back thats blooming.....why isn't this dude blooming? lol
My dad said to hack away at was a privet hedge gone wild.
It might have been so he could have it though. lol
I feel bad for that poor hydrangea, it's had to have been there atleast a year or so already.....and, it's so small.
Maybe I can talk my hubby into digging it up this fall and moving it over to the side of the porch in the shade.

I have those little spots on each side of the porch...those are my new homes for butterfly bushes and anything butterfly attracting!! :O)

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Frances Coffill(7b)

I thought Crepe Myrtle first, but the bark looks wrong, maybe its a forsythia gone bad, either way its a keeper with some gentle (or even ungentle) pruning. Get rid of the suckers (or bury them for more bushes next year) Eitherway its probably protecting that Hydrangea from a really nast sunburn. I think your hydrangea could just use a little water and possibly some food. They can get a little peeked at this time of year.

As for the salad question..... hmmm, how bout some kudzu or fried squash blossoms!

around here if its crunchy and cold we'll eat it in a salad. Beans, corn, peas, zukes, cauliflower, peanuts, fruit (ok not every kind of fruit, but many kinds)

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Poison Ivy? Did I win??

fcoffil, I only have spider plants that I've grown from babies and they don't have many babies so far. So if it's mature plants you want to find new homes for, maybe we can have a separate trade if we're not paired together...!

    Bookmark   July 22, 2008 at 12:42PM
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Red: does the Crepe Myrtle (gosh I gotta stop posting in the wee hours of the morning, can't spell worth a dang then) on the side look like the same plant as the one in the front or back which ever part of the house that is? I am almost positive it is a Crepe at the front/back porch too. As far as the little hydrangea, maybe it just needs a trim too. I have one here that I think is little nikki cuz it is not HUGH like other ones either and it is pretty much in fun sun all day and is doing fine. I think your is too close to the foundation of the porch. The other one too for that matter. Maybe that is what is hendering both of them from doing what they should be doing, BLOOMING. I don't know.
YES, you can eat pokeweed/salad when it is YOUNG, after that it is poisonous, NO I HAVE NEVER, and don't want too either!....LOL, YUCK, I like my veggies that I KNOW are veggies.

Frances: kudzu or fried squash blossoms are not poisonous and you CAN eat them,,,not me on those either, yuck. Have never tried ANY flower chicken.

Gosh, I wanna know if I am right or wrong....Waiting, waiting, waiting >> is it??? huh, huh, huh??? Pokeweed???Yes, no??? waiting...well you get the picture....I never win again thang, so I am twitching with anticipation, LGS, you are too FUNNY u said
LOL...giggle and snort... I can see you now...ACTUALLY DOING IT ON THE FLOOR......LOL LOL

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

lol Fran, totally forgot the 'poison' part.

All members of the nightshade family are poison, hmm, how bout datura flowers and fruit!

lainyplantgrower, yep I have MONSTER spiders the roots have busted out of every pot I have, need a hacksaw to divide em! three years ago they were babies! Contrary to popular belief they LOVE the sun, I kept mine under control this year by keeping them in the shade, the babies have just started coming a couple of weeks ago, but I AM NOT BRINGING THeSE THINGS INSIDE MY HOUSE AGAIN! They mope and shed all winter worse than a dried up Boston fern!


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Polk salad was my guess too...

Poisonous..Let's see....Sumac, bananna leaves, marigold, datura/brugmansia, hyacinth bean, castor bean, oleander....?

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Had ya'll going with that one huh.....

The answer I was looking for was.....drum roll please......
POKEWEED. The young leaves can be eaten in a salad, older leaves are put in a pot with water and cooked then the water is drained off,more water and cooking and draining,done about 3-4 times to detoxify. Add to scrambled eggs for a yummy sandwich.

As for shrooms....I don't think I could outrun the bull...rotflol. Which by the way,has been in the news here...seems there are those dumb enough to do just that.
Can just see it now in the ER.....Why do I have an extra hole in my butt? Well I was taking a shortcut thru this pasture minding my own business,when out of nowhere came this big bull......ROTFLMAO.

The first winning anwser was submitted by ncgardengirl....good job girlfriend....10 points for you!

Are we ready for the next one...hhmmmmmm....

How did the Passion Flower get it's name?

RED...your Hydrangea might be a petite variety, wayside gardens is now offering them....check it out at

Spider plants.....I know what fcoffill means...I have several mother plants loaded with babies....they love being rootbound too....always giving them away.It's the same with my Arrowleaf(Nephthytis)it is huge! Sends off trailers that will root making new plants or will climb if giving the chance.

I was at a nursery yesterday and Id a Ti plant I did'nt know I had as the Coryline "Red Sister" I have come to notice they are pretty common in landscaping around here. And pretty easy to propagate. They get leggy and need to be pruned back.

Well I'm off to do some repotting prunning and playing in the dirt. TTYL


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ha ha-- hacksaw! Maybe since I have to leave mine inside all year, they've stayed "manageable".... maybe that's a good thing....

ncgardengirl- where are you located? I'm in Charlotte!

FRAN!!! You're in Gastonia!!! We should definitely get together to swap!!

    Bookmark   July 22, 2008 at 4:11PM
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I'm in Shelby...Frances is in the middle of both of us...LOL.

YEAH, I WAS RIGHT....can you believe it?

:) Fran

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How did the passion flower get its name?

When Christian missionaries arrived in South America in the 16th century, they found a plant which they felt was a good omen for their mission. They called it the passion flower because to them it symbolized the death of Christ. The five sepals and five petals of the flower, which are similar in appearance, represent the disciples without Peter and Judas. The double row of colored filaments, known as the corona, signifies the halo around Christ's head or the crown of thorns. The five stamens and the three spreading styles with their flattened heads symbolize the wounds and the nails respectively. The vines tendrils resemble the whips used to scourge Christ.

Passion flowers grow wild in the southern part of the United States and in South America. In the southern USA, it is also commonly known as the maypop, the wild apricot and the ocoee. The last is the Indian name that has also been applied to the Ocoee River and valley.

:) Fran

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I'm in Clover!!! I'm near ya'll too!!! :O)
I wanna trade...I wanna trade!! lol
I'm so amazed...I've never seen this before ever.....three Frances' in one swap...what are the odds of that happening (redheadedstepchild is also a Frances) lol

I think one of you lovely Frances' has epi's too huh? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm we should have a nc/sc mini swap! lol

    Bookmark   July 22, 2008 at 4:38PM
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Red there is a swap planned for upstate SC, go check the Carolina Garden Exchange page for info. I think it is on the dicussion side...
Yeah, I've never seen that many of us either...LOL, were taking over....LOL.

:) Fran

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

That was a wonderful answer. I enjoyed reading it. :)

OH and I live in Florida, so I'm not that far from NC either, just in case you were wondering! ROFLMAO!!! :D

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Frances Coffill(7b)

lol Three Frances in one swap who live within 20 or 25 miles of one another! We drive to Clover for peaches every week in season! (I eat a whole bag of peaches every week all by myself, I am such a pig for them) Well just past clover actually the "Peach Tree" if you know it! Its about a 20 minute drive from here!

Hey neighbors!

LaineyPlantGrower we moved here from Charlotte two years ago, where in town are you?

Ladygreensleeves the arrowleaf and Pothos are brutes too! Maybe it is living outside from April to November! I catch them wandering accross the lawn!

lol, they are so pretty though in the summer


    Bookmark   July 22, 2008 at 8:16PM
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I can tell ya stories about those pothos now and prove it too...Got them like fcoffill has spider Let them climb and OH BOY....The higher they grow the bigger they get. Several members of the philodendrons will do that here turning into true monsters.

Wasent that a pretty story about the Passion Flower ? I was told that story as a child when we first moved to Florida. My mom was the gardener in the family, and she had come across a postcard with the story on it and a picture of a beautiful passionflower. Mom was hooked and had to have one. She had come across one of those "eggs" somewhere that contained the seeds for starting a plant.Well long story short it ended up growing on a fence for several years, giving us some of the prettiest flowers.

When I was outside earlier I noticed I had a Tomato worm on my tomato plant, thought I got all of them yesterday. I'll probably end up finding more......I shared them with my neighbor and tossed them over the fence,onto the florida holly....hehehe.
Anyway .....

Question 3:

Can anyone tell me where they come from?

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Ok, I am assuming you mean Horn worms and NOT your neighbors...LOL

Where do they come from?

pupa from the Tomato Hornworm, also known as the Tobacco Sphinx, Manduca sexta. The large green caterpillars you find on your tomato plants bury themselves in the dirt and pupate into the form of an ugly little bronw thingy. They emerge as large moths, lay eggs and begin the cycle again.

Ok, is this right?

southerncharm: I just might want to come visit you since you are "NOT that far away from NC"....LOL...

:) Fran

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crisann(4 SD)

Hi! I would be interested in swapping some plants.

Here are some that I have:

* swedish ivy (variegated)
* pothos (green or variegated)
* spider plant (green or variegated)
* peace lily (green or variegated)
* mosaic plant (pink)
* african violet

I may have more to add to the list by the time of the swap. I can't seem to pass by houseplants for sale, and I may be able to talk my boyfriend's mom out of a few cuttings. :)

My wish list is:

* hoya
* plumeria
* zebra plant
* clivia
* zz plant
* flamingo flower

That is all I can think of for now --but after seeing some of the interesting plants in the posts, I may have to add to my lists. :) I am new to the gardenweb and this is my first plant exchange, so if there is any other "newbie advice", just let me know. Hopefully, I have some plants that may interest someone -- I am sooooo excited for some new plants!


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Hi Frances,
I live on Park Road about a mile from South Park mall. We're trying to sell our townhouse so we can get a "real yard" but it's not looking too promising! We'd move north of Charlotte, no farther north than Huntersville, so we'll still be in the "Frances plant-swap zone" LOL!! I have about 60 plants in my office at work to "declutter" the house while for sale, so I'm rearing to have my babies back home with me! People probably think I've lost it. That's ok. At least I have more oxygen than they do!!

I need to send an updated haves list to greensleeves.

I've never been in such a fun round-robin!! Y'all are awesome!

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Oxygen is good! giggles...

Thanks Fran, I was startin to feel cold,lonely and left out! HAHA!

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Frances Coffill(7b)

wow lainey, we used to really be neighbors! I just moved from Pineville, Park Road and Johnson, 5 minutes from Carolina Place Mall! I loved that area, we looked for a condo around there for a long time before deciding to buy a house in Gastonia!

I don't have 60 plants (well not indoor plants :) ) But the dozen or so that I do have are 'large' size. I can't lift most of them.

I still cannot get over 3 Frances' in one group (practically one neighborhood. In my whole life I have only known 3 or 4 women named Frances and one of those was my Aunt, who I was named after.

I hated that name as a child... They called me Fanny, Franny, Fancy, Frankie, Fan, Fana, Frana and my personal fave 'the talkin mule'

oh well, I am used to it now!

Have a great day everyone!

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Yeah well Frances not only did I get called the Talking Mule, BUT we had a local author I am pretty sure his name was Richard Dedmon who wrote a book called "Francis the Talking Pig", and they decided since he was a local author the book should be show-cased at school (elementary no doubt) and to read it to ALL the classes, GUESS WHAT ELSE I GOT CALLED?????
And lets see, Francestien (in reference to Frankinstien) yes it was creative but man I HATED IT!
Don't remember getting called the ones you mentioned though except Franny and Fanny, YUCK! Most of the time those two were put together Fanny Franny! Although funny now, NOT funny when your a kid in school...nope, nope, nope!!! And yeah, I was supposed to be named after an aunt too on my father's side of the family. Well guess what? Turns out he didn't have an aunt Frances, my mom named my sisters "D" names and I was either going to get Spring (born in March) or Dawn or another "D" name, but moma said daddy told her she had named the other two and he wanted to name me...Thanks Daddy, this from a man whose middle name is Esley, guess it could have been worse. (Funny more so, my moms middle name is Estaleen).

southerncharm1 No one would leave you out...but seriously, I LIKE Fl...its up for vistors?... LOL.

Wow wee Ladies, it will not be too much longer until we get our partners...Yippee!!! Speaking of does ANYBODY HAVE THIS PLANT???? Rex Begonia Escargot I want it so badly, I can not find it around here!
I think it is so neat how the leaves curl around themselves, I am NOT into Begonias only this one because of the way its leaves are shaped...
Oh yeah, I DO NOT LIKE AFRICAN VOILETS either , I can NOT get those suckers to live...not matter what I do!

ok, off to see what other things I can scope out on GW....:)!!!

:) Fran

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Hello fellow plantaholics. And say welcome to crisann our newest swap member. We are pleased to have you join us. Many of us started out as newbies, so we are more than willing to offer our advice and techniques. There are a couple of links posted in the threads that offer excellent tips on how to pack and ship your plants. And please feel free to contact me via e-mail and I will help anyway I can.

My hat off to anyone who can grow African Violets. Try as I might I just cannot get the hang of these little beauties. I end up being the plantkiller instead of the plantwhore.....rotflmao. Ivy's too, always end up with the little sapsucking spidermites. Pretty and thriving one day,dried up the next. And I have tried,tried,and tried again.

Tomato worms,or horm worms are the cats from a Sphinx moth (five-spotted hawkmoth). A trully interesting moth that feds at night and is sometimes mistaken for a hummingbird. If you have small children or a wish to entertain a classroom science project try this. Place 2-3 of these catapillars in a large jar with some soil at the bottom and lots of tomato leaves. They will fed and grow, and eventually bury into the soil,become a pupa, and emerge a few weeks later as a moth.Points for this question goes to ncgardengirl....way to go, thats 20 points for you now!!! That ties you with southerncharm.

Here question 5:

What is Silage, and how is it made? Good Luck

OoOohhh....and do I hear the makings of a ROAD,my hubby would just die if I told him I was going to make a plant swap road trip....rotflol. Wouldnt that be awesome if we could do that?

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Frances Coffill(7b)

I have never seen the cat, but the moths are lovely! They do look like small hummiingbirds and are very fond of lantana and verbena.

I think silage is fodder for cattle (and other animals I suppose)and is made out of corn usually, I am not sure of the process, but I do know it involves fermentation.

I can't grow ivy indoors, but It loves it outside, I have 5 or six varieties crawling around outside now. They grow well under oak trees. African violets I used to love em, but now they seem to wither and die as I walk by them in the store. (same for mexican heather, begonia and most impartiens)

Yippee a road trip, for plants..... the DH will surely skin me alive and feed me to the compost heap!

yup Fran, I forgot "Francestien" and am greatful to have never heard about the Talking PIG, but there was also "FranyPants" gosh I hated my name!


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ladygreensleeves-Will you be hostessing this housplant swap again? I can't join in this month but would look forward to joining in the near future. I need to propagate some house plants.

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I really do like your nicknames more than the ones I was called! lol

Frankus (I was a metalhead in school)
Franny....hate Franny!

Welcome to all the newbies!!! :O) internet will be hooked up on no disruption of anything...WOO HOO!!

I found another rose bush today too btw....hehe

Have any of the local Frances' been to the Stacy's in Clover? I REALLY wanted to stop by there today...but, I resisted the urge to....for now. lol

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Hey ya'll at least there was'nt a carpet sweeper with your name! Quess how many times my little brother sang that at me... or he called me genie, genie with the lite brown hair.....and it got worse than that, we won't go there *shuddering* ppl died when they called me that one. Of course I always felt better, can't say the same for

Will I host this houseplant swap again.....hhmmmmm. I would very much like to see this continue with perhaps everyone taking a turn hosting each month. I think it would be fun to have a theme behind each month as well. For instance I will take October with a Halloween/spooky theme. I go all out to decorate the outside and transform it into a mini haunted house. It's what kicks off the holiday season for me. Soooo what do the rest of ya'll say. Can we do this and keep the Plantaholics Anonymous Houseplants Swaps going?

Silage is indeed Foddar also know as pickled grass. A farmer will mow the hay and gather it, it is chopped up and stored in a silo,weighed down,bacteria forms which converts the sugar(pickling)preserving it-takes about 2 weeks.
fcofill takes the 10 points this time.

question 6:

Where did the phrase "Keep your ear to the ground originate"?

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Welcome: crisann...And any other newbies...hey, would I be a newbie too..I am to this group, waving to myself....LOL.

Oh, how awful it is to get teased...glad I am an adult now, to a point

LGS,,,(pouting) shouldn't I technically have 30 points? I got questions:
Name a plant used today to make salads.
How did the Passion Flower get it's name?
Where do they come from?

Red: We used to haul plants for Stacy's Greenhouses....they have some nice stuff, and we have a local nursery here who only carry Stacy's.

:) Fran

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

My answer: The expression Keep Your Ear To The Ground comes from the way American Indians did this action to feel for the vibrations of herds of animals or the approach of their enemy who would be riding on horseback, so they would hear the vibration of hooves.

I think it would be a great idea to keep this group going. :)

    Bookmark   July 24, 2008 at 11:50AM
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I too would love to see the group stay together and grow, so who else would like to host? Come on now, step up to the hanging basket. If I can do it so can you. I have enjoyed coming up with the trivia questions(its something the whole family does every Sat. evening at one of our local restraunts). I don't claim however to be able to count or write The last question should have been number 7, with southercharm answering correctly for 10 points.
points so far:
southerncharm - 30
ncgardengirl - 30
fcoffill - 10
Question 8 will be worth 20 points as it has two answers.

In 1932 the first patent was issued for a tree.

What was that tree?
Who obtained it?

Ready.... set.... goooooooo

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Frances Coffill(7b)

1932 - The first fruit tree patent was issued to James E. Markham for a peach tree which ripens later than other varieties.


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Frances Coffill(7b)

........ are my favourite food.

:O lol

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Hey has it been hot here!and humid!yuk!!! I really do not like our summers...just gets too hot for me. And we still have August to go.....uuuggghhh.

Updated Plantaholic Anonyamous Swappers

happyseed(Sonja )

fcoffill takes the 20 points with the correct answer.Scores so far are:

southerncharm 30
ncgardengirl 30
fcoffill 30

question 9

Can anyone tell me what the largest and tallest living organism is in the world.

Have a Good Day everyone.

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Frances Coffill(7b)

it must be a tree, a sequoia perhaps?

It has been horribly humid here, lots of thunder and lightning, but the rain keeps passing us by! At least the temperatures have been a little cooler (staying under 90F the last few days)

I love my garden, hate the need to water (by hand) its starting to look brown and crispy out there!

Have a great weekend everyone


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Well since you said talest and largest here is what I found on world records:


Coastal Redwoods, tallest living organism
Mendocino Tree, Montgomery State Reserve, Ukiah, California, USA
Height 367 ft 172 m
Diameter 10 ft 3 m


Sequoias, largest living organism
General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park, California, USA
Height 275 ft 84 m
Diameter 37 ft 11 m

Volume 52,500 ft3 1,490 m3
Weight 1,400 tons

Hey everybody!!! Hope you all have a good weekend...

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Tallest not talest...LOL..
Hey Frances, just wanted to tell yah you've got me wanting some of those SC peaches...OH MAN are the good!!! even better in a PIE...ummm, ummm...

:) Fran

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Could it be the Great Barrier Reef? Considered by some measures to be the world's largest living thing stretching 2,000 km.

The Blue Whale is the largest known animal in the world. LOL

The African Bush Elephant, the largest living terrestrial animal.

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Frances Coffill(7b)

lol Fran!
I am down to my last 2 or 3, going to have to make a Peach run (ha ha ha) Sunday, when the DH has a day off! I really miss having a car at times like this.I think my MIL is making peach cobbler today. Personally I want to eat them raw and fresh.... can eat cooked peaches anytime, fresh peaches are only good in season! yum yum yum I eat 2 or 3 every day as long as they last! DH won't touch them, so they are all MINE!

BTW any rain yet? it's been dripping on and off all morning, but it sure is frustrating to have the sky turn black and hear all that thunder and lightning and then pfft, nothing..... where is all the rain going???

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Hey again Frances, oh yeah, I like to eat the peaches fresh too, esp. when they are juicy enough that is starts running down your arm... BUT only if they are sweet. I have had some that were so sour they make you pucker...Have you try any of the peach salsa or peach cidar? They also have strawberry cidar. We loved the peach salsa, the cidar was better than I thought it would be, they will give you samples of everything to try. At Abbott Farms on I-85, we stopped at the exit 92 location. We got a small bottle of the strawberry cidar I used it to add flavor to my glass of tea. The salsa seemed to get hotter after it was opened to me, but first opened it was really good. I was shocked.

No, we haven't gotten any rain this morning, just a few drops here and there. It has just teased us all morning. We haven't had any rain in about a month. I can't remember the last time we actually got some. The area we are in it just tends to go right over us. Lots of lighting and thunder even over head the last few days and still no rain here at all. It is so disappointing.
Frances, I told my neighbor maybe we need to appease the rain gods and do a naked rain dance on the lawn....LOL, bring on the rain....(in my case dancing naked my tick them off more).

Sounthercharm, you are a hoot...she said largest and TALLEST so the Great BR wouldn't be tall I sure would like to visit the reef though, I have never sucba dived before though, I think I would be too chicken to try it.

I have done some more checking since LGS posted the the question and found out there are acutally 5 major tallest trees and 4 major largest trees known in the, who knew? I found the information on
But the two I listed above are the ones listed as the top two that answers the question... :)

LGS, I have been thinking about hosting..I have been trying to think up some game questions, I think I have a few good ones, I would do mystery type questions. Like what am I type things, what do ya'll think? Would this be something anyone would be interested in playing? Set up on the points systems as LGS has this one running. Just a thought.

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Peaches Peaches Peaches yum! Gosh I love this time of year!
The Peach Tree has baskets of peaches for tasting, it is hard to leave that place without making a pig of yourself! Abbots is a bit far but maybe I can talk the DH to it one time this summer. (Poor man, gets one day off of work, I hate to ask him to drive me all over the state the one day he gets to rest!)

I don't know about you, but I live in town (nothing but 4'chainlinks between me and my neihbors) Its not that I am shy, but if I dance naked in the yard, they might think its ok and then I would have to endure god knows what !!!! ha ha ha and besides my MIL lives accross my back fence, she is 73, might have a heart attack.... Nakid dancing is just not going to happen around here. Better come up with another plan! ha ha ha

I think your "what am I" questions would be fun.


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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Ok smarty pants! LOL So I forgot tallest, *scrunches up face* :P

Nekkid dancing in the yard, peaches... Hmmm, my neighbors would probably be selling tickets! ROFLMAO Oh, and if you stood the GB reef straight up it would be 2000 km tall! ROFL!!! Well, I tried. :P

On a more serious note, I have some exciting news! I went to Lowes last night and hit up the clearance racks. I ended up with about 40 plants for $7.00 I almost fell out when the manager told me 90% off. First time I got a steal at Lowes!!! lol

I hope you all are having a good weekend so far. It's so hot here I can't stand it, but I think it's gonna rain soon :).

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Wow, southerncharm, you hit the mother load....what'd you get? Anything good??? I am jealous. Ya'll have good stuff down there we can not get here...
I am going to go scope out Lowe's next week. I hope they have stuff marked down here too.
I am thinking about trying to find some house plant goodies too. I have some other things in the works for the group...IF I can manage to pull it off I will be happy!!!

Where is everybody?

Frances, would Abbotts be much further for you than the other place you go too? Not sure which part of Gastonia you live in. Maybe it would...I can't remember... I have just always been close to SC line in some form or the other so I don't really think about

Oh, we have a trailer park right beside of us, I don't think they would appreciate the nakkid danc'n either...LOL, then again it is full of Mexican we may end up with a neighborhood party.... LOL.... O'la....hehe

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

lol what a score! I crow everytime I come home with a $1 plant and she gets 40 for $7!!!!! I am going to lowes tomorrow!!!! So far I have snatched up a couple of clematis and some Lantanas so far, they had some of those carpet roses, but honsetly they looked so bad not even I would risk a buck on them!

I live right 'downtown' in Gastonia, 321 is only one street over from me, I just take it straith to Clover, the Peach Tree is just outside of Clover. I am not sure but I think Abbots is farther than that. I could Mapquest it, maybe later


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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

This is what I got:
(yes I'm still crowing to everyone I know! LOL Most of course look at me like I'm nuts, they just don't understand...) hehehe

Flat of Penta

Flat of mixed Coleus

Flat of Blue Daze

Sweet potato vine

Porter Weed

Large Pot of Zinnias


2 Vinca Rosea

I got these at a yard sale Saturday, the sweet lady gave me the purple/pink plant and a firecracker. I bought the Babe in the Manger for $5.

Babe in the Manger

Does anyone know what this is called?

Thanks for letting me share, this was my first awesome deal at Lowes and I'm so proud that I came out of my shell to ask. LOL I'm a big chicken when it comes to that sort of stuff. Don't know why though. hehehe The manager also patted my DH on the back and said Sorry man. LOL!!!

I hope you guys luck up too! Please share if you do!!! :)

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Hi SC1, the pink what is it plant looks like a caladium although I have never seen one that actual color, maybe it was getting too much sun or not enough or something. I don't think that is the color it is supposed to be.

My mom used to have the Baby in the Manage plant, not sure if she still does. This is also what they are called:
Queen of the Night
Dutchman's Pipe Cactus
Night blooming Cereus
Proper name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum
other info:
Propagation Methods:
By dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets)
From leaf cuttings
From herbaceous stem cuttings
Allow cut surface to callous over before planting

Seed Collecting:
N/A: plant does not set seed, flowers are sterile, or plants will not come true from seed

You got some nice looking plants for them to be on the knock-off rack, really impressed! Most of the time those are half dead on that rack, at least here anyway.

What happened to everybody? They disappear?

:) Fran

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

I compared it to my MIL's caladiums but the leaves aren't shaped the same, more like the Arrowhead. Hmmm... maybe it was growing in chemicals... rofl I'll probably have Swamp thing walking my yard at night munchin on my plants! J/K LOL!

Thanks a bunch for the info on the Babe in the manger. Maybe I'll try to propagate it when it gets fuller. :) Out of all of them, that has to be the most exciting to me as it only blooms at 12 or 1am and only stays open for 1-2 hours.

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SC1, I thought it looked like an arrowhead too, but had neve seen a pink one of those either and the only other thing I could come close to was caldaium. LOL.
Ok, I just looked it up, it is an arrowhead. I found one on eBay: PINK ARROWHEAD PINK SYNGONIUM PLANT that is what it is listed under as a search, but I am going to try to place a link to it. It might not go because it is ebay, so u can just search for it to see it.
Did I help? lol.

:) Fran

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I'm back!!! :O)

I missed youins!!

I'm unpacking and catching up on things!
I'll be back to post more later tonight after the kids calm down. hehe

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Oh HUGS!!! Fran and I were going stir crazy with the echos here. HEHEHE Glad to see you are back, how is everything going? Did you find yourself day dreaming and planning your gardens yet? :)

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Hey everyone! How was your weekend! Been laid up myself...back is giving me problems, will probably have to have facet injections or epiderals for the pain control again(really hate those procedures).
On the plus side I did pick up 4 of the prettiest mini roses for 10 bucks.
The heat has been bad here too with a promise of rain everyday,sometimes we get the rain ,sometimes we don't. Hear the rumble of thunder as it gets closer gets dark, windy and then pfft gone....and then other times won't be a cloud in the sky, sun shining and all of a sudden a downpour... liquid sunshine.....raining on one side of the street but not on the other side....that's Florida for ya!

Would love to get my hands on some good fresh peachs, ya'll have been making me crave some. I won't buy them at the grocery, they always smell really good, but are nasty and dry or sour. I like them to run down my chin and arm when I eat them.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm,yummmmmmy!

Alrighty then back to the trivia questions. The answer was California Redwood or sometimes called Coast Redwood and Giand Sequoia are the tallest and largest living organisms in the world.
ncgardengirl takes the points (10)

Question 10:

What makes up about 85% of all greenery on the earth?
good luck!

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Is it the plant life in the oceans? Did I win? Did I win??

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HEY!!! Yes, I have been daydreaming about my new garden! lol
I have to figure out how to take cuttings of this climbing rose so I can send some cuttings out if anyone wants some. lol
I've gotta chop down the privet hedge and move the hydrangea.....then it's on to the good stuff! hehe

I put all of my Hoya plants into sturdy hanging pots I got for 50 cents each at Stacys.....and wouldn't ya know it,the hangers the people who did live here put of them didn't hold out and dumped my rubra on the can imagine the gasp I let out when I heard it hit the ground! lol

Now, I'm on a mission to find something else to put out there to hang this one back up on.

Also, Regina, all the Hoya cuttings we swapped for have rooted...wooohooo, I checked them today and all of them are doing great!!! I am loving the heart shaped ones!
I was so excited to get them plants, I forgot to write the names on the now I have no clue what I have. lol
But, they are all doing great!

I also had a somewhat casualty...I had my short wother in laws tongue in a box moving it in and dropped it and it fell out of the pot and into two today I went back to my table and disected it, and out of the one plant I had, I now have about 12 plants. lol

I have run out of little my next mission is to go back to Stacys and admire their plants again...and find some 4 inch pots. lol

Fran, next time you go to the peach stand, you have to go over to Stacys and go into the houseplant greenhouse! lol
On the back stand, they have a whole 3 rows of nothing but amaryllis bulbs!!
I live about 5 mins from both of those places just keep going down 321 and im right off or the road! :O)
My husband was more than thrilled to find out how awesome Stacys was! lol NOT

Regina, I hope you get to feeling better soon...and, I hope you don't have to have epidurals for the pain...I hope it just goes away!

Those were some gorgeous pics someone posted! I forgot who posted them. hehe
Those pink leaves....thats an arrowhead vine. I have been looking for one of the pink ones FOREVER!! I've found them at Lowe's, but they always look like POOP! lol
Give her some medium light and some miracle grow....and she will be beautiful in no time!!

I like the Moses in a boat, it's a cute plant...almost looks epiphyllumish!!

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LGS, sorry to hear about your back pain, I know how hard it can be. I hope you feel better really really soon. No fun being laid up.
We finally got a little rain last night, I was so happy I almost danced in it, until it came a big strike of lighting...LOL.

Yeah...laineyplantgrower, you are right on the trivia. I searched and that is it.....congrats!

Redhead, I am sure you are so happy to have a new home, I dream of getting one own yard to do whatever I want to do!
I wish I could take a trip to Stacey's I have never been in their actual greenhouses, they sell out of.

Yeap, me and SC1 where starting to wonder where everyone was...Glad everyone is coming back!!!

:) Fran

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Feels lively again! :)

LGS, I hope you start feeling better soon. Weather here is the same, I wish it would just pour already!!! All that show for nothing. LOL What colors of Minis did you get? Sounds like you got a good deal too! :)

Red, Thanks for the sweet pic comment, I wish I had moved that bag of potting soil, it caused the pics to have a bad glare. Maybe when the Pink Syngonium gets bigger I can share. :) I hope your Rubra is ok, btw what kind is that? I went to look it up cause I've never heard of it and there are a million different things, even a bird. LOL

Fran, I'm so glad you got rain. I love how all the plants perk up when they get the good water. :) All that rain dancing! You tried nekkid rain dancing didn't you?!?! just kiddin. ;)

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Frances Coffill(7b)

85 % of the earths plantlife is in the ocean!

who knew. cool trivia :)

Congrats on the new house Red! I know how good it feels to be "home", we bought this place almost 2 years ago. We were in Clover yesterday and I found myself looking for little porches and pink crepe myrtles (lol, how funny is that almost every yard in the state has a porch and a crepe of some sort) ha ha ha

I went to the Peach Tree yesterday but it was late and they were closing up so I just grabbed my peach 'fix' and headed home. the DH really is a darling, one day off from work and he hustles me all over the place. Such a good boy. No time for Stacey's though I am aching to go. Hopefully soon!

I am going to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens on Saturday! They are banding hummingbirds and me DH neice wants to go, so the girls (MIL, SIL, Niece and I) are going to see it, should be fun. It will be my first visit, I hope to take some good photos.

The rain was great! (thanks Fran I guess the rain dancing paid off lol) Gives me a few days off from handwatering. Maybe I can spend the time doing something else, like weeding or rearranging these plants...

LGS, I know just what you mean about the grocer store peaches, plump and pretty and SOUR or DRY or HARD..... I look at them all year long but will not buy them. I think next week I may grab a few baskets and can them for winter... to ease my craving.

I got to get to work ladies see y'all later


oh almost forgot
I divided the spider plants into 5 plants 4 large pots and one small one (the small one os a 9" pot) two I gave away, if you are interested in the 2 remaining large ones anytime in September/October let me know, you are welcome to them. If you are interested in a swap for something (indoor or outdoor plant) expecially a tiny plant that fit on small windowsill THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC lol.

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Thanks everyone for the well wishes!!! I should be used to it by now,it was a condition I was born with and unfortunitly wont go away and the surgery the doctor said would fix it didnt and arthur-itis has taken up liven in the back as well,so does'nt help any,and this time of year is always the worst.

Since I can't get any decent peaches sent my way(hint,hint) I have been making due with seedless watermelon and mango's that are in abundance right now. I saved 2 seeds from a couple of mango's that are hybrids and quite good. Have them drying now.

Stopped by Target today and found a mini Waxleaf Hoya in bloom(darn tooting I snatched that right up)and a Kong Coleus. I would post pictures here but for some reason GW always sazs they are too big even tho they are in a jpeg format. So I need to reformat or something.I am able to share them on yahoo IM and have with Frances(redhead).If you want to chat or find me there let me know.

Kind of hard to believe 85% of all greenery on the earth comes from the plant life in the oceans huh?
laineyplantgrower joins in for 10 points....way to go!
There are many plants used for medicinial reasons,which leads us to question 11:
Name 2 plants used to reduce fevers.
This should be a real hoot to see what ya'll come up

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Frances Coffill(7b)

I found 5 i am sure there are many more, none of the actual applications sounded very pleasant to me (a compress of minced garlic paste YUK)


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Hi - I found 4 of them:


and I once heard coffee would lower a fever.
Good Luck everyone! tina_2

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My poor flowering Hoys mini bella

And, a big giant scary South Carolina monster spider I killed in my bathroom last night by spraying bleach on it...still took 5 mins for it to die!

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Name two plants used to reduce fevers.
Indian Hemp, Sassafras

I wish we had a Target...We have Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Super K which I HATE...Hardly EVER, EVER, EVER go in there, been about a year since was in there last...

I am hoping to get to go plant shopping this weekend...I HOPE!!!

OMG. I am an idoit...I wrote this like right after LGS and Frances posted, I mean like a mintue later, got busy doing something else and forgot to hit send!

:) Fran

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Well Im glad you finally remembered to send it cause you posted the two anwsers I was looking for! I'm just wondering if they had to smoke it and brew it .....rotflol.

Whew another scorcher today with no rain....looks like its going too, sounds like it's going too, and then nothing but heat and humidity!!!

Do we have any lurkers out there wishing to join our houseplant swaps....still have time! So come on and join us!

points for the trivia are:
southerncharm - 30
ncgardengirl - 50
fcoffill - 30
laineyplantgrower - 10

next question #12

How did the Daisy get it's name?

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Frances Coffill(7b)

The Daisy

A daisy has an "eye" just as its English name of day's eye suggests and primitive medical men drew the obvious conclusion that it was plainly intended to cure eye troubles.

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How did the Daisy get it's name?

the daisy got its name, so-called because it is the days eye, as it opens with the light and closes again when the day is done. Perhaps that is where we get the expression, as fresh as a daisy, to describe the feeling after a good nights sleep.

Frances, Did you get some rain today? We got a little more today, and we got a little Tuesday. It sure has made some plants and me happy. It filled my rain barrel/can I wish I had many more of those.

Again, I ask where is everyone?

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Yes we got a nice little downpour! rained hard for about an hour.Love it love it! The plants are doing the 'happy dance' now!

it is very quiet here isn't it? Hope everyone is ok


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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

I'm here! :O) LOL Weather was weird today, I went out this morning to tinker in the gardens and it was actually cool. Then around 10am it was so HOT I was sweating like a pig. It rained twice this afternoon, or should I say came a down pour! LGS I think we got your rain too. :(

Hope everyone is well!


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Frances Coffill(7b)

Heeeeellllllllooooooooooooooo oooooo oooooo
was that an echo?

Southern Charm, rain is ALWAYS a good thing (unless you are in a flood zone)

Happy Friday Everyone! I am off to see the Hummingbird banding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens tomorrow, cant wait!

LGS, I will gladly send you peaches instead of plants if we are paired! (I think I can make a side deal for my pesky housplants)

Have a great day everyone!


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YEAAAAA..........we got some rain!!!! not a whole lot, but I'll take it! Maybe if we are lucky we'll get more today.

Had a couple of good guesses on the trivia question....but not quite what Im looking for....I'll up the ante to 20 points! How did the Daisy get it's name? Hint:There's more to it than just the eye.

One of the local nurseries has Ga. peaches for sale .... think I'll take a ride over and check them out today too. As well as any other goodies they may have.....hehehe.

And can ya believe it's August already. I want everyone to be mindfull of the heat when outside. I was outside yesterday for about a half hour and thought I was going to pass out. So please be aware of the heat index. Heatstroke is a silent and deadly killer and will sneak right up on ya from behind. Make sure you have plunty of water available when you are out enjoying yourselfs. Don't want to lose any of my garden buddies.

Ya'll have a nice weekend now,ya hear!

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Got a question for the African Violet growers out there. Or rather need some advice. I received some AV leaves in a trade. 4 of them and was told to start them in water.Well 2 didnt make it :( . I took one out of the water and put it in a good potting mix and covered it so that it has a dome(mini greenhouse effect). It sits in a saucer, so it gets moisture from the bottom up as well as from the greenhouse effect. It appears to be doing well. The other leaf is still in water and has lots of roots now and what appears to be a tiny plantlet at the very tip of that is were Im at a total I leave it be??? I pot it up???...and if so how??? Any help from the African Violet experts would be appreciated.

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

From a book that I have, it shows that you can actually cut the leaf into 1 inch squares and place it on top of moist soil and cover it with cellophane for the greenhouse effect the roots will start growing from the edges of the squares and then plants will form. After a while there are a bunch of little plants instead of just leafs. :) Pretty cool stuff. Seems to be one of the easier plants to play with. :) I would stick it in a pot and just cover the roots with some soil so they don't dry out. :) I'm no expert by any means... But If what I've read so far helps you, I'll know that my 99cents on ebay for 3 books was well worth it! hehehe

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I have 2 books myself on propagation, and have propagated many a plant with just a leaf or stem. African Violets and I however do not do so well. And sometimes I feel those that grow them and love them know the best methods with hands on experience than a book that just covers the basics.
Thanks southerncharm I'm familiar with that technique as well.... have done that with other plant leaves too. This just looks so ood and I'm worried that if it is indeed a little plantlet that it may start to rot in the water and I don't want that too happen. Where are my african violet growers at? This is a problem maybe you can help me with.

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LGS, I wish I could help you on the A/V question but me and those thing DO not mix, nope, nope nope!!!
I had a little bitty one I think I paid a quarter for about 3 years ago, I kept it for almost 4 months and finally thought I had it in the bag and was going to be successful finally with one of the little things then it just started to shrivel up! and that was it.
You have me stumped/bummed(lol) on this current question. I have search and search, NOTHING comes up on it...and I mean nothing!!!

Hope everyone has a fab weekend, I hope too as well. I am miffed at Lowe's we went this evening, I was hoping to find some good mark down deals and guess what? NOTHING!!! I did get one little plant that I have NO idea what it is, never heard of it for .50 so we'll see if I kill it.
THEY HAD NO GOOD HOUSEPLANTS!!! ERRRR!!!!!! I don't know why I even bothered!
I was even going to consider going to K-mart which is across the street here from Wal-mart when we were leaving Wal-mart I looked over at their plant section, it was EMPTY!!! NOTHING, not a plant in site, can you believe that?
THIS TOWN SUCKS for good plant companies!!!

OH Well, guess that is why we have GW and members that share...LOL.

SC!, you lucky dog, I am still jealous over your great finds!

:) Fran

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

LGS, Sorry that didn't help. Best of luck with your little one. :)

Oh, don't be jealous Fran! LOL I'm sure one of those places will have some on clearance soon! :) Do you have another Lowe's near you that you could hit up? We have about 5 of them in a 20 mile radius of us. I frequently go to the closest, the others I don't get too that often with gas prices being as ridiculous as they are. :( They didn't have anything at all at your Walmart? *Cringes at the thought of an empty garden section* What about flea markets? Yard sales here sometimes have plants, oh and craigslist. Sometimes people will ask for someone to come and dig their plants up or take them because they don't want them or don't have time to do it. I haven't lucked up yet but have heard great things from others. :) ((((VIBES FOR CHEAP HEALTHY PLANTS)))) coming your way!!! :)

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Hey SC1, it was K-Mart that was totally out of plants, they have been doing that for a few years now. I don't know what the deal is with them, they have some things up until it gets hot then they put everything on "clearance" which isn't that much off the original price and get rid of everything.
I have always missed K-Marts mark down days except for one time and I managed to get a bunch of Dianthus that were almost dead, but I thought I could bring back which I didn't BUT I tried, and they were like a 1.00 each, this was about 4/5 years ago so that wasn't too bad I guess.

AND BTW I did kind of SCORE today, remember I said I was hoping to get to go plant shopping today? Well he did take me, I got 8 plants for 25.00 and they are nice plants too, I made sure that the Colocasia had BABIES in the pots! I got 2 different EEs, A Musa Sumatrana "Zebrina", 3 different Heuchera. They are root bound but that is ok, I went to our local Stacy's Nursery. AND 1 new houseplant it is a Philodendron Brasil.

I never see any plants at yard sales here, and we hardly ever go to the flea market, I want to, just don't think about it too much until it is too late to go and all then everybody is

As far as Lowe's goes they have a clearence rack, but everything almost was dead and almost all were annuals that were still not worth the marked down price! There was a poor little sage that was so crispy it should have just been thrown away and it was still 1.50!

But I am pretty pleased with the plants I got today....these are the first real plants I have gotten in a LONG, LONG, LONG time!

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Well I think I got a bargain today (I really don't know cause I never bought one before) but we were driving home from the Botanical Garden (we visited Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden today to see the Hummingbird banding) and my SIL spots a sign that says "Angel Trumpets $15 or 2 for $25" well I really don't know what to expect, but we pull in and there are dozens of the things in three gallon pots! White Pink and Yellow, I got a yellow one. It isn't blooming yet, but it looks very healthy. The man we spoke to had several large ones growing around the pool enclosure. Loads of flowers! I am so excited! I love those flowers, now I just have to figure out what to do with the darned thing!

I am sort of thinking a nice tropical looking bed, The angel trumpet in the center, with three datura surrounding, possibly add some sweet potato vine for a ground cver? (I have some rooting now) Mabe I could flank the Angel Trumpet with some dwarf canna? Sheesh, this means digging and ammending a big hole!!!! My DH is gonna shake his head in disgust!!!! ha ha ha!

Oh well my brain is going a mile a minute.....

Sorry LGS I still have not come up with a better answer for your question either

Have a great day everyone!


PS Fran
both Lowes and HomeDepot in Gastonia have started marking down plants. I am looking for Lantanas mostly right now, but I picked up some gallon sized dianthus for $2 at Lowes. they were out of Lantana, I would really like to go to Stacey's they have a Lantana that smells GOOD!!!!! I should have bought it when I first saw it, but their local outlet seems to be closed for the season, and everyone elses Lantana STINKS!!! lol still love it though

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Oh Angel Trumpets....I love them too...I have a white one that bloomed it's first time on last months full moon. I Started it from cuttings my neighbor gave me. They sure do LOVE the water! And can wilt on ya in a heartbeat. And this one did a couple of times. I would look out and see it all droopy and run with the watering can or minutes later it was back up and happy and I would sigh with I have a yellow now started in a pot from cuttings and hope to be planting it out soon, and have some double blue and double yellow seedling in pots too. And when they are bloom they smell so good.

I have been gathering some plants myself these past few neighbor sold their home. It had something like 50 tropicals and plants in the backyard. They had to move back to Texas and had left a key to the house "just in case" and I kept a eye on the property. They over the years had shared many plants and cuttings with me. And had said for my troubles of watching the property that I could continue to take cuttings, which I often shared with the other neighbors and such. Welllllll.....the new owner.....sit down everyone and hold on.....had a guy come into the back yard and literally ripped everything out and into shreds!!!!....I'm totally sick!!!! There is a pile of torn up plants like you would not believe out in front of this place now!
I had taken over a housewarming gift the day before all this and he said he was having a few things removed and said I could help myself to the plants....that afternoon was a company there ripping them out. And they came back and ripped the rest out today. Makes me wish I had'nt wasted my time with the housewarming gift! I did get a couple of Brazilian firebrush trees and a verigated Hybiscus, it's kinda torn up a bit,but maybe some gentle prunning and tlc...and a bunch of plummeria cuttings, a clump of palms and another plant or two.
I also put a curse on this guy and his property.....rotflol. I have left my mind open on the wife and 2 little girls, havent meet them yet.I'm hoping they can be

Did ya all give up on the trivia guestion? Heres another hint...eyelashes....and another 10 points. So that's a possible 30 points!

I still havent gotten my peaches...darn it. The nursery was closed when I got there and wont be open till Tuesday.

Well hope everyone having a nice weekend, Im off to bed....nite all.

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Hi everyone,

I've missed the forum. Its been really busy around here...
Dr appointments, gardening,getting kid's supplies/clothes for the new scool year, etc...not to mention trying to keep up the housework.

Like an idiot I worked outside a few days ago trying to catch up on re-shaping my Canna bed. It was over 100 degrees and I got too hot, ended up with a bad headache for two days. I'm okay now though. Still stubborn enough to spend all day outside yesterday transplanting till 8pm -in 102 degree heat! But this time I wasn't overexerting/digging..just sitting on my bottom playing in dirt.
Its suppose to be 104 today and Monday...I'm still not finished with the Canna bed, but it will have to wait for cooler temps.

LGS, I hope your back gets better soon...take care of yourself girl- you're a keeper LOL.

Red/Frances, sounds like you're having a great time with the new place. Any photos yet????

I got a good deal on plants 3 year old & I visited the new tropical nursery nearby and they had EVERYTHING at 50% off for this weekend!!! My son picked out a Black Taro, I got a Philo 'Prince of Orange' and a little mix garden pot that has a Maranta, Dracaena, MIL, and a small Philo scandens..we also got two cannas (Firebird & Yellow Primrose).... The place has good prices already for a 'Tropical' nursery, but we ended up with $50 worth of plants for $25 !!!!! Aaaaah, tropical heaven!

I hope to be able to post more often soon, but it looks like things may get a bit more hectic before they calm down.... my older son needs a hearing test and the DR set him an appointment in Dallas!?! -Over 100 miles away! I don't know what she was thinking..we have plenty of places here capable of a simple hearing screening. Anywho, I'm hoping to get that reappointed more closeby. Then my younger boy has to go back for another blood test...they said his iron levels were low and want to make sure he's not anemic....even the dog is due a vet visit (and I have to clip/bathe her first!).... also I may have some jobs real soon (construction cleanup)...all four schools in our district were remodeled over summer and I may get the bid to clean them -with only about two weeks left before school opens for teachers & staff!!!! It'll be a 'hurry up & Git 'R Done' deal, but I really hope to get the schools. This company also has three new fire depts. almost completed and lots more upcoming work... wish me luck folks!

I can't wait till we get matched to our swap partners!

Y'all take care...hope to post again soon!

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Hey everyone!!!!!

I had typed out this long message and forgot to hit send frustrating! lol

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend thusfar!
Regina, I'd pot up the av leaf you have in water!! Just like you potted the other leaf. I haven't tried the water method because i've heard those roots die when you pot them in I thought it was wasting a little time doing that...not that it's wrong...I'm just impatient and want things RIGHT NOW! lol

SC, how was the hummingbird banding at DS? I would love to go out there sometime, I just don't want to go alone...and, my husband said he'd rather watch Sex in the City on tv than go look at flowers...and he hates my girlie shows. lol

I made it out to Stacy's today. I got three Amaryllis plants..I'm in the process of looking them up now to see what I got!
I am still at my wits end with the hoya mini bella! I'm thinking it's going to die...the leaves are turning more yellow at the base...and the alcohol did nothing to the mealies on it.
Id you buy hoya from the Lowes in Gastonia....make sure you look it over really well! The other hoya I bough now has tiny little mealies on it too....I'm having to treat it as well!

For my local Frances' you have any advise for a local place for me to rent a tiller from to till up my garden and actually make a garden? lol
My dads tiller isn't strong enough to till up untilled dirt...and now i'm kinda stuck. Any advice as to what I can do?
I am finally ready to get out in the yard and do some things!! lol I have some pretty Iris and Monarda to plant already...and, I'm planning on trying the butterfly bushes from Stacy's or the ones on clearance at Lowes.

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The Oxeye Dasiy also known as: "Baldur's Brow"
Another son of Odin is BALDUR. Of him there is lonly good to tell; he is the best of all and all praise him. He is so fair and shining in visage that light comes from him, and there is a plant so white that it has been compared to the gods eyelashes and called "Baldurs brow"; it is the whitest of all plants. Baldur is the wisest, most eloquent and gracious of all the Aesir. This peculiarity follows him, however, that none of his decisions hold. His dwelling is in heaven in Breithablik, and in this place there can be nothing impure.
Is this FINALLY it?

chell, be careful out in the heat. Make sure you take water outside with you to drink, like LGS said heatstroke sneaks up on you and if you are not drinking water and are outside only that is a bad combo!

RED my advice to you is check to see if you can get free compost there, you should be able too...IF so, just put that down where you want to plant, and pretty thick and plant in it if it is alreay starting to break down, ours in Shelby is old enough it already is breaking down so it is really good stuff to use. Yes, you get some junk in it, BUT IT IS FREE!!!

If in the event this is not possible, check craigslist in and around Charlotte area for a cheap tiller. It would be better than renting. Also, log onto yahoo and check freecycle and cheapcycle, there is one for Shebly and Gastonia area, if you need help finding them let me know I will send you the link. Anyway, you can list that you are looking for a decent used tiller. Oh and check the Iwanna paper, there are some on there now. We've been looking for one too!

Hope I helped yah!
:) Fran

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Welcome back Chellflower! :) Be careful out there, don't forget the gatorade! :)

Looks like my vibes worked! You all got some really good deals! Care to share some pics of all those lovely plants? :D
Glad everyone is having a productive weekend! I hope to get some work done outside before it gets dark, just waiting for it to cool off a bit now.

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Hmmmmm, Iwanna I have to drive over to Gastonia to get one of those?
I'm gonna go try to find the freecycle and cheapcycle. :O)

Where would I find out if they have free mulch?

Chellflower, be careful, it's been hot as crap here too! holy moly!

I have some pics I'll share!

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In searching for an avenue to get some plants and tools...I decided to make up my own group. lol

If anyone close to me wants to join..or not's for passing it forward.

I thought it was a cool idea. lol

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RED you are too funny, I decided just today I was going to start one too. I was/am thinking about calling it Cleveland County Plant Exchange.or Piedmont Plant Exchange, or Foothills Plant Exchange.... I just can't wouldn't just be for Cleveland Co either, Rutherfordton, Gastonia and any one else could join as well. BUT we would set up in person plant swaps and stuff...

NO you don't have to go to Gastonia for an can go to the website (you can't veiw #'s until you pay the 1.00 which is what the paper cost too) or pick one up in any C store. There are some tillers listed, well, maybe that was last week, but check anyway. You can view the ads online, u just can't get the # until you have paid the fee, and you can pay for a week or for 4 weeks at a time. Or just go picl up a hard copy, but I think online is so much easier. Then if there is something we want we get the paper to take with us in case we get

Man I LOVE that sky in that background on your plant pic...that is NICE...nice shoot too BTW!

Free Mulch, call your city office. They will tell you if and where they have it.

SC1, were u asking me for pics?

Ok, anymore questions?

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Oh Goah Oh Gee,
I look around and what do I see?
No-one here, but lil' ole me....

Lone---ly, I'm so Lone--ly.......


:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Hey Red if you get to gastonia stop by and say hello (the mosquitoes would love some fresh meat) lol lol, I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY OF THE WRETCHES, except for camping in the back woods!

Before you invest money in a tiller, see what you have to deal with, rocks, sand, clay (or if you are like me a combination of all of those things) Most tillers that are available for consumers just cannot cope with compacted clay, end of story. Someone is going to have to get in there first and hand turn it once. Fran's suggestion is a good one, but even before I went and collected the compost, I would stck my shovel in and get a look at what I have to deal with! If it is only sand or compacted soil, some compost, some mulch and some water will get it softened up pronto and a tiller will be your friend. But if you are dealing with clay and/or rock, it's going to take a bit of back work first.

Any how, hope everyone is doing well, I have all my cuttings and plantlings trimmed, cleaned and ready for shipping. Can't wait!


oh PS, if you Frans are setting up a local plant swap let me know.... I will have to bribe someone to drive me, but I am definately interested

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Lainyplantgrower and I are planning out a plant swap right now....for sometime next month in Charlotte.
We are still trying to figure out the best place to hold it...but, we (mostly hard work by Lainy)have almost come up with a game plan for it.

I did do a little inspection of my yard......its mostly companted sand and dirt....but, hardly any clay...can you believe that? It's all light colored soil. lol
I was very amazed with this I am very very used to only having red clay mud!!
There is an abandoned space not far from my yard that is covered in wild prickly pair cactuses.....Anyone want 1 or 100 prickly pair pads? lol
I know I need to get out and in it and turn it on my own......I think getting the tiller through it might be a lot easier once I do that.
My dad will not let me use his tiller...he said that it will wreck the tines...and it is for light jobs. lol
RRRRRRR, it's so frustrating...I just want some flower beds. lol
I called the city office today....the lady thought I was'am, we don't give away free mulch...if you'd like to purchase mulch there are several stores that carry mulch in the area. :O)

I'm slowly killing my plummie....what am I doing wrong?

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fcoffill......I'll share your mosqitoes if you share my biting ants!! lol

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Red, I am sorry about your local city office. if you are close to Gastonia, check theirs. I am sure they have one, good greif, if hick town Shelby City does Gastonia HAS TOO!

Frances, I have to disagree with you on using a tiller hon, you can use it in the hardest of dirt/clay/red dirt, what have-you, HOWEVER, it is extremely hard to handle if you don't have the strength to hold it back and MAKE it dig into the ground. I and SO have done it many a time.
The place we lived at the longest, 11.5 years was compacted red clay, from mule and donkey walking on it for years and years. When they died, landlord say we could open up the place the pasture was in next to our yard and have a garden.
We tilled it many times over, it was hard.
Then there was a place right next to my front porch, it was the same way...I tilled it myself, many times over the years to about 2 feet down, the tiller would be buried I went so deep, and I added a little sand once, but before we moved, that spot there, was perfect for growing.
The dirt was soft and fluffy and just crumbled in your fingers,,,,I added leaves and stuff to it too over the years...wish I hadn't had to leave it...oh well, life goes on.

The point is, it can be done with a tiller, make sure you get the highest horsepower you can find so it can handle the punishment. Mine was only a 5 but it worked, I would have rather had a higher one. But 5 was as high as it went when we got that died though, SO left it outside and it ended up getting issues uncovered in the elements.
It will no means be easy, no...but if you stick with it you will get it tilled up.
You have to go over it a few times before it is good. We used a tiller to do a garden spot this year, and it had not been planted as a garden in a very LONG time more than 5 year, it was overgrown with some kind of funky looking weed that has TOUGH roots, when the tiller it them, it would bounce/kickback off of them. It was hard, and it was tough. But we finally got it done, and yes there were rocks and other debris, . PPL had been using it as a dumping ground.
There were trees growing in it, pine and wild cherry and other junk....not to mention compacted ground
So yeah, it can be just takes a while and it wasn't easy.

But Red do check out Gastonia,,,heck if nothing else come to Shelby...they will even load it free on Friday mornings...We're going to go get more this Friday...and for the amount you can haul on a PU truck it might be worth driving over here.
Also there is someone on the Carolina Garden forums looking for a Swap for Charlotte so you two might want to post something like, Who would be interested in a Charlotte Swap?
So they can reply...
Frances, not trying to make you mad by disagreeing with you, its just that I have used a tiller all my life,,,we didn't have a tractor and doing it all by hand is not an option...nooooooo
Also, I am seroiusly considering putting a swap together as well for this area down here, Shelby, K. Mtn, Rutherfordton...this area so I will post it I do it alone or someone over there (CG forum) I have been talking to and I may get one put together with both of us hosting.
Don't know yet,

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

No Worries Fran, :)

doesn't hurt my feelings a bit, you have been gardening in this area longer than me! I was spoiled most of my life with soft sandy loam! My yard is a mass of rocks, gravel, OAK tree roots, bricks and compacted red clay. My house is the first house ever to sit on this property and it was build 6 years ago, prior to that it was a vacant lot, a storage lot and rumour has it it was even the vegetable garden of the property behind me. (could have fooled me)

I could manage a tiller at 20, I seriously doubt I could at 50 and we did ruin a rental when we moved here trying to till up some beds that turned out to be full of roots and rocks and baked clay. (lucky we had the insurance) and lucky we didn't buy it!

I only meant it is best to look first, and decide what to spend/ do after you have an idea of what you are dealing with.

Gastonia does have a mulch/compost program the sell it by the scoop, I don't have a truck, so I can't buy it. But it is available, I think it is $2 - #2.50 a scoop.

Well I envy you all your mobility! without a car I have to depend on someone to take me here and there, but I could probably get to a local swap. (20-30 mile radius) Let me know!

Red, I think I already have plenty of biting ants (and spiders too) I don't suppose I could interest you in a truck load of tree rats! Or a few very cute (but hungry) bunnies. I might be able to stand a few more ants if they were gone!

ha ha ha!


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Hmmmm Ncgardengirl....if the mulch there is might just be worth a trip to shelby!
Now to find a pick up truck! I knocked over some plants in the jeep moving...and my husband WIGGED OUT....the jeep is his baby. lol
I can usually pick up the spills before he gets in the car again...but, this time he was right there....he's a big baby! lol

I appreciate all the advice.....I need all the help I can get! lol

I respectfully turn down your offer for the tree rats! There was one in the house when we moved in that no one knew about til after we were already in here.....that was a fright in the laundry room!!!
Those sticky glue traps are so gross...but, I'm thankful he's not in my house anymore! lol

This weekend I'm making a trip someplace so we can atleast spray for whatever might still be here that we don't know about! lol
The more I learn about the people who used to live here...the more i'm thinking we need to do that ASAP! lol

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Howdy Red, found you a truck yet?

:) Fran

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I have not found a truck yet! :O( I need to though! lol

Something has eaten all the leaves off of the plumaria.
I thought it was something I was doing...but, I went out to check on it and all the leaves are gone's just the stem.
No ants are in the what the heck man!
I'm so mad! I was so excited about that its gonna die! #%#$%$^@^

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Maybe not, take it inside put it in a window and baby it...

:) Fran

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Don't worry, your plumeria can grow back its leaves...I've had this happen before. Plumeria appear to be tougher than most of us expect....

We get slugs badly here. I keep them under control with Epsom Salts. I also mix up and spray homemade 'tonic' on my foliage to control grasshoppers, etc (it adds nutrients too)...check out Jerry Baker's website for the tonic recipes. You mix them from natural common household items and they work pretty well....

Is it the Plumie I sent you??? Could it possibly be going through 'transplant shock? I would definitely take Fran's advice and put it inside in a sunny window -please be careful not to overwater it. You may want to give it water (preferably distilled) with a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide added (approx. 1/8 tsp. per quart). This will give extra oxygen to the roots and actually help 'dry' the soil if it has been overwatered. Just be sure the pot has good drainage and then water with the H2O2 water until it drains from the bottom to clean out any impurities. I learned of this H2O2 mix a short while back and tried it after my tropicals got soaked during 3 days of rain....I've used it for watering all of my plants ever since....its great for seedlings too - kills fungus & other impurities in the soil.

Hope this helps & good luck with your Plumie!

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Hello to all. Sorry I have been MIA...I typed out a message last nite and one of the kitties decited she needed quality kitty time and hit a key on the laptop and wiped out the whole thing #$@%^%$#@ cat! Like I needed help!!! Yea...I hear all the

I finally made it to the nursery to check out those Ga.peaches....more like Ga. rocks! and priced at $1.99lb shheeeeesh. I still bought 4...they better be good when they ripen...if they ripen! Got them in a paper bag. The nursery looked pretty bare too or picked over so I didnt pick up any plants this time. It's been so hot and the rains have been a mostly miss on the hit and miss department. My rain barrels are sucking wind right now too!

Redhead, sounds like a big grasshopper or slug got the plummie leaves. Like Chell said don't overwater it....they will rot on ya in a heartbeat! Let it dry out. How deep did you stick it in the soil? About 3 inches is good. is a good site for learning all about plummies and how to get a cutting started. Talks about problems and solutions too. Also has some great pictures. I did get a bunch of cuttings from the neighbor who ripped up his backyard. Only thing is now I don't know which is what. The brush truck came today. And he has already taken one load and will have to come back, thats how much stuff is piled up out there. Such a shame.

Guess I have ya'll stumped on the last trivia guestion.
How did the Daisy get it's name?
Daisy's open during the day and close again at night. The petals resemble eyelashes and the center being the eye.So they were called Day's Eye's which over time was corrupted to Daisy. There ya go thats how they got the name.

Question 13:
What is the smallest plant with root,stem,and leaf?

Good Luck!!!


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I'm still here, just a busy 3-day weekend (yay)!! I've missed y'all!

Fran, did I read this right...? You split 2 large spider plants and came up with 5 pots and the smallest is in a 9" pot??? That sounds like a monster!! I'd love to have 1 or 2. :) Do you want something in exchange? We can trade at one of the swaps in September if you want to.

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

My answers LOL!

Could it be a Mouse-ear cress
or poppy?
Or Duck Weed?

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Hi Elaine
I did indeed! I have two in 12" pots with your name on them. They have to go, I am not looking at them moping all winter. I'll keep the little one to start over. Two are already gone! They are just putting out a second crop of babies too!

We can swap, if you have something small (windowsill size, that doesn''t mind low light or even an outdoor plant) If not you can certainly have them! I also have a couple of unruly asparagus ferns..........

I wish I could make it to the Greer swap, maybe next year (no car) But I know there are plans for a more local swap and I hope to be able to make it to one of them.

Have a great evening everyone!


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