NPK numbers for Fertilizer Help for Fruit Trees

behlgarden(9)August 16, 2011

Please ignore duplicate entry into this forum, I had it posted on to Tropical forum with no responses, looks like I posted in the wrong thread before.

I am confused over fertilizing my matured fruit trees. I want to know what are specific fertilizers for specific fruit trees:

1. Apple

2. Guava

3. Lychee

4. Custard Apple

5. Asian Pear

All threes have new fruits and leaves sprouting right now, wondering what would be the best numbers for these plants.


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Right now, I only use two main types of ferts for most of my plants, both are from Lily Miller and are organic granules. One is a citrus that is something like 8-5-3? the other is a general fert that is 10-10-10. I use the citrus on stuff like white sapote, citrus, spondias, pineapples (before blooms), avocado and even certain vines if I want them to spread. From your list, I would use 10-10-10 monthly and like I said, organic (chem can burn). I would go light on the lychee and heavy on the guava, everything else just a moderate amount. There are also bloom booster ferts that have a high P value that I'm going to start experimenting with in spring, now that many of my potted trees have gained size.

I think in very very general terms:
N=veg growth
K=fruits and roots

good luck,

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Thanks. I wasnt sure if there are differnt ferts to be used at different times of plant cycle, i.e more N during new growth of new season, more P and K for bloom and fruiting.

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Certain plants definitely have different needs. I'm hoping when spring rolls around again to use high P ferts to induce blooms then maybe switch back to 10-10-10 or whatever I was using initially. I use other organic granules like:

5-8-4 rose ferts on my roses, cacti and succulents
5-10-10 for the veg garden and fruiting/flowering vines
10-5-8 palm ferts
sometimes I use bone meal and fish emulsion too.

good luck and start off mild,

btw, the citrus is actually 10-6-4.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I use a 9-3-6 fertilizer for all of my plants - citrus, peppers, peaches, maples, figs, et cetera.
The important thing is to strike a ratio that is close to what plants actually use: a 3-1-2 ratio.
Plants will use more or less nutrients at different stages in the season, but will generally use those
nutrients in the same ratio to one another. For this reason, many folks will simply reduce the
amount of nitrogen rather than increase the amount of phosphorous to encourage blooming.


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