Showing off my new hoop-cover

mandolls(4)April 24, 2011

So, in case you didnt notice, I live in WI zone 4. Last frost day is still over a month away(May 31st). I start planting tomorrow and I am so excited that I had to share the new hoop-covers for my raised beds.

All of my seedlings are rarin to go, thanks to the info I have gleaned from the kind folks on this forum. (but dont worry I am not putting out tomatoes and peppers yet.)

I haven't settled on the best way to hold the plastic on these. Right now I have made "clips" out of the same flexible tubing that the hoops are made of, but I had sharp edges poke a few holes, and if they are not sized just right they fly off across the yard when a little tension is put on the plastic. - still....... its looking good isnt it?

It is hinged on to the backside of the bed with simple plastic strap hinges,and light enough that I can lift it with one hand. I didn't glue anything, so it is completely dismantable, and I can switch to row cover material if I want when it warms up. I have all of the parts cut to top of the other long bed, and should be able to get it on tomorrow. Including the 6 mill greenhouse plastic they cost me about 50 bucks a piece, and took less than a day to make using only a hacksaw and snips.

I suspect I will have to make some changes as I use it. Right now a windstorm could take it apart. feel free to offer suggestions.

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It looks good to me! It's similar to what I was thinking of doing to keep deer out of my 4'x 12' raised bed, using netting instead of plastic. I have no idea what I'll do once my plants get some height to them, though.
If a storm is in the forecast, maybe you could toss a tarp over the whole thing and anchor the edges down with tent pegs or bricks if the piping will hold the weight of the tarp.

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Looks nice...I need one. HOA will fine me though :(

I have an idea but I think it is hard to explain.

On the bottom maybe leave a few open PVC pipes. Insert rebar in the ground then stick the open PVC pipe over the top so it is held by the rebar to the ground.

Or in the T area leave a large hole to stick rebar into...
Hard to explain sorry!

I really wish I could make one. I have debated making a mini one and putting flowers in front to hide from the HOA>


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