Sapodilla Lovers - good for Southern California?

behlgarden(9)August 19, 2011

Hello, does anyone has sapodilla tree in their yard in southern california and if so, what veriety is it and how are the results so far. I am in riverside county and am planning on planting one that is grafted kind but there are choices in varities available in grafts.

please help me if it makes sense to grow here in So Cal.


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I've heard of alano sapodilla taking cold spells in south florida pretty well. I'm not sure, but I think it can do well in So Cal.

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I bought a Hasya sapodilla not too long ago, and it's doing well. Sapodilla is supposed to be a slow grower, but it's been putting out growth at a steady pace. I know of someone in Escondido that has an Alano sapodilla.

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I have one tree that had been on the ground for 7 years, it's 8-9ft now.I have been getting fruits from it every year for the last 6 years. it's having fruit on it right now about the size of a cherry. I don't know what the cultivar was because it was not listed when I bought it years ago. When I bought it,(in mimosa, Anaheim), it has a couple fruits on the tree already. It's fruits is long and not round. the tree is not very large but the fruit tasted very sweet. It's seems to do well and likes the Garden Grove, Orange county weather. Oh, I only have one tree but still get fruit from it so it must be self-pollinated variety.

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