Gladiolas 101

booberry85(5)August 17, 2012

Although I have been vegetable gardening for a number of years now, I am relatively inexperienced at growing perennials. Well I bought some perennials at Walmart thinking they were irises. I have one blooming now and it is definitely a gladiola. I know nothing about them except they are pretty.

I thought I heard or read somewhere that they are not winter hardy in New York and that the bulbs need to be dug up and replanted every year. Is this true? Where and how do I store them? Some general growing tips would be appreciated.



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husky004_(z5 NY)

Becky-just leave them in the ground-they are winter hardy-mine have been in the ground for at least 15 years and rebloom every year.

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Some glads will overwinter but most turn to mush in zone 5 if the ground freezes deeply. The ones that come back in my garden are all red for some reason. Also, they put out some small side bulbs which take forever to get big enough to flower, and look weedy to me. I suppose if you're into propagation, this would be fun.

I buy a bag of new ones each year and plant them, and I'm grateful for the ones that come back each year. If you plant them in a sunny, south-facing place against a house, which makes it really a zone 6 microclimate, you might get better comeback. To me it's easier to replant than dig up and save them.

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Thanks. I do have these planted on the south side of the house, right next to the deck. So we'll see if I get lucky with them.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Mine are on the west side of the house so they get all the wind rain and snow as it blows eatward. Like Husky, mine have been in the ground for 15 yrs. I have never dug them up other than to pass along new ones that pop up and they pop up all over my bed.

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