Looking for mountain papaya cuttings

pad1(N CA)August 14, 2014

I have a female mountain papaya (chamburro) which flowers heavily but does not set fruit due to lack of pollination. I also have V. quercifolia but that does not pollinate the chamburro.

If anyone is growing a male chamburro, can you please send me a cutting ?

I can send a cutting from my tree in exchange. With all the variability in mountain papayas, you may get a new variant.

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i have papaya
if you want to exchange wood ?
can i grow chambo or quercifolia from cuttings ?
i really eventually want chambo rootstock
and try to graft papaya to it.

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pad1(N CA)

Yes, they can be grown from cuttings. What kind of papaya do you have ?

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pad1(N CA)


Let me know if you want to exchange papaya cuttings.

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