Should I cut off all Baily fruit ?..I explain...

stanofhAugust 23, 2011

It has about 9 fruits the size of a large almond, very small apricot?..something like that. And, it hasn't flushed a new leaf all year since blooming. Then,the fruit began VERY slow growth in June. My Manila by now had large fruits to pick. Also,the no new leaves bothers me-it has finally flushed new leaves below the graft. For now,for energy pickup I'm leaving that-eventually that must be spring.

So,should I give up on fruit this year,and cut off all the fruit and stalks? try and get some more leafy growth? had been growing more than a foot a year.

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The pic of my hand are the above graft fruits,the leaf flush and Mango next to it are BELOW graft. Below graft fruit is straight outta of the trunk-and not outta of Compton!(bad pun)

Full size

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Andrew Scott

Okay, first off, I have to admit that I don't have years of experience like most of the mango growers here. However, if your not seeing any good vegatative growths since you have had these fruits develop, in my opinion, I would say that you should remove them.

I have seen fruits form on my small mango trees before, and even though they say that the tree will only hold what it can, the growth did slow down so I removed the fruit.

My thoughts were, if the tree is allowed to grow and get larger, than when it does fruit again, maybe I can allow more than fruit to hold.

I know from experience how hard it can be to remove those little fruits, especially when you have NEVER had fruits growing on a mango tree.

Good luck!

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I'm no mango expert but my mango trees that were holding fruit (Nam Doc Mai and Carrie) were not growing any new leaves untill I removed the fruit. Its been several weeks now and the Carries has lots of new growth and the Nam Doc Mai has lots of buds getting ready to open. They would have probably veged even if I left the fruit on but I want my trees to develope strong branches and leaves before letting it fruit. I feel this will better enable it to deal with its first real winter outdoors.

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Yeah,I thinks its time to give up on this year and get more foliage. If I had known in spring..but one tree isnt much of a sample.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

I'm singing with this choir, Stan! Snip the little jewels off and let the tree get back to its other business of growing....


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