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booberry85(5)August 22, 2013

I'm interested in getting some daffodil & hyacinth bulbs for a flower garden. When can I expect to see them in the stores around here (Syracuse area). I'm really surprised I haven't seen them already. What are the best local stores / nurseries to buy them? The one that is closest to my house doesn't sell bulbs.

Thanks for the help!

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Some daffodils are out in Walmart, Check out Lowes, Home Depot, Hafeners on Buckly, Gravinas, Dickman Farms in Auburn and even Super Markets tho they will be later. The bulbs should be coming in Sept------------------------Weedy

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Thanks so much!

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Just checking in. Lowes and Home Depot have bulbs in now for fall planting. I was surprised to see that Hafners did not.

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