introducing a plant friend to mnf

ladygreensleevesJuly 12, 2008

Hello everyone,

I participated in a RR for houseplants and was paired with a wonderful lady from S.Carolina and I would like to introduce her and invite her to join us at the MNF RR's. Her GW name is redheadedstepchild. She is totally awesome and loves to share her plants. And she loves to have fun doing it! She would soooo fit right in with the rest of us

So whatyaall say....shall we call her on over...HHMMMMM...


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ohhhh yes we shall!!! LOL come on over!! we'd just love to enable you!! **clearing throat!!** i mean meet you and just get to know you!! LOL please join in on all the fun!! LOL Hugs ~Medo

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Hi everyone!!!!
Very nice to meet some fellow enablers..I mean green thumbs! lol

Thank you Ladygreensleeves for helping me out of my hermit-like shell! :O)

I can't wait to meet all of you and make some new friends too!!!


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Hello Red,
UR name is just too cute, but now you don't want anyone to "treat" you like one right?...LOL.
I think these folks are great. BTW, I looked at your page, I may be able to get you all of the cactus you are looking for, my mom did have all of those IF she decided to keep them this past winter, she said it was getting to be to much for her to keep moving them in and out of shelter, she is 72, so yeah, I guess it would be. But I will check with her as soon as I can, it may be awhile cuz I don't get to talk to her everyday.
Anywho, glad to meet you!
:) Fran

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hehehehe.....ur hooked now!!!

now you need to go to the thread and tell us how ya got that nickname...if u dare...

ohhhh and don't let Dan by the pool scare ya off either,just be careful of the stuff he "passes" gives ya the munchies and possibly a blue clitoria

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Hi Red!
Welcome to MNF..we're always happy to have new victims..I mean fellow gardeners to talk to. Don't be shy, just speak right up and over!..and don't believe everything that they say about me..I'm really an angelic person "straighening halo"....

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Good morning and welcome to the group. You don't seem to be too far from me. I am in WNC. The people here at GW are wonderful, very helpful and sharing. Glad your with us. Sonja

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I feel like one of the group already! :O)

I'm going to go check out the thread again......and, figure out what i'm doing in it...and, I might tell ya how I got the nickname...although, the story isn't nearly as interesting as the one behind my real name. lol

Ncgardengirl, thank you very much for the offer! If you grandmother needs anything...please do noy hesitate to ask me...or you for that matter!

Okay, I'm over to the thread to figure out where I need to post....ya'll are a bunch of talkers! lol :O) Not in a bad way! hehehe

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Hey Red!
Welcome to MNF!
Be careful about getting out of that hermit-like shell, Dan already tried to get some of the girls skinny-dipping!!

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he he he watch out!! man!! them people are just bad!! LOL you DID notice i said "them" as in not me!! LOL ~Medo *all innocently* **big grinn**

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Glad you took the plunge Frances(red) and joined us. See I told ya they woulds make ya feel welcome here.Everyone here is just as sweet and kind as you with some lopsided halo's and dusty wings(and a few snobs lerking about), who all like to swap seeds ,cuttings,plants,knowledge,trivia,boo-boo's,their kids,family's,pictures,lots of fun, and lots of laughs.

AS a side note to any lurkers out there or anyone who may be offended by what I have said because they havent read all of THE POSTS:
Also helps if you CAN READ BETWEEN THE LINES....and not take anything too's all done in fun,period.If ya don't like it, ya can just bite me!

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hmmmm..... where to bite??? hmmm the hamm part!! i'm really hungry rite now!! LOL
WHAT????!!! we have "SNOBS" ohhhhh my!!! LOL and now the world is not all right!! LOL
ohhh yes you will fit right in, i'm the in the shell type here at home, yep! LOL
we just made some bread and it tastes good, and as soon as the machine cools down she wants to make some fairy bread rolls, or zuccinni rolls, so we'll see!! but i did see a cinnamon roll type of thing i want to make the bon bon one. i just don't know if i have enough cinnamon for it. EEKS!!! LOL ~Medo

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Regina.....I was gonna bite you...but, Medo started talking about cinnamon i'm gonna bite that! lol

Maybe you will be lucky and I'll come back for seconds though!! lol

I'm glad there is a place for people like me...and not uptight!! Life is too short not to have some fun!!!

Vic...I think Dan would be too scared to see me chunky dunk...I feel comfortable he'd not ask! lol

Y'all rock!!!

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

See, I'm not a snob, am I? O Crud, I might be a snob... Medo, Am I a snob? Help! I would not like being a snob. That would suck because I like to snub snobs. LOL!

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careful medo....u do know where the ham is located at don't you? You might get a e-mail too from someone who took ur post all wrong.....
doesnt bother me ...could stand to shave off some...picnic anyone???

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

no Tracy, you're not a snob...."L"

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RED ROVER, RED ROVER, SEND redheadedstepchild RIGHT OVER!!!
Welcome to the group kiddo! Dive on in and hang on for the ride of your life, because this group does tend to get to be a free-for-all at times! Why, I myself just recently escaped from the Betty Ford Clinic some of my "friends" (LOL) here were nice enough to take me to! But, as you can see, I was able to sweet talk that nice night nurse and she helped me escape!
Now, if you're hungry, we've got scones, cookies, brownies, and 'shrooms over there on the table, and Linda of the lopsided halo will be happy to add some Baileys to whatever you happen to be drinking! Right Linda??? LOL!

(hey, did anyone see my shorts? I haven't seen them since the last time I dove into the pool.....)

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WOA DUDE that did sound wrong!! LOL LOL
no tracy!! your not a snob!! i've met some snobs!! man have i!@! ya i kinda be nice to them and try not be like them! i am sooo not snobbish!!
although my hubs says that if people just look at me when they drive by that i have that "mrs.B" look down pat!! and i have an upsome snob pretty good. i'm like "moi" ?? LOL so now i wave at everyone with a smile even though i know they aint gonna wave and i wholeheartedly do hope they do wave, and hope we do get into a conversation. but to no avail!! LOL but i still have lester my nice neighbor across the street who will talk to me!! for ever!! about all kinds of stuff!! LOL mostly gardening and his is growing by leaps and bounds!! let me tell ya!!

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Hey Vic, do you have a big net? Seems Dan got out of the loony bin. Feel like going Dan-giggin?

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no,no,no..... no-one in the immediate group is a snob...unless you have been sending me private e-mails.Someone tried to rip me a new one and I ripped back....
At any rate I apologize to anyone who doesnt understand the humor that runs thru the threads all the time....
Life is just to short to not have fun...ya'll know what I mean???

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"sticking nose up in the air"..well, the air is fresher up here...."G"

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Sniff, sniff... Linda, I do believe you are right. heh heh heh

LGS, I am just pulling your leg. I like to tease a bit. Sorry darlin' didn't mean to make your heart bump too fast. I have a smart mouth sometimes, just ask my mom. She used to beat me like a red headed... oh, uh, never mind!(*giggle*)

Now, tell that someone to stop ripping you a new one when the old one works perfectly fine still! No need for that now. lol!

I'm off to go snub some snobs...Grin!

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LGS, kudos to you for not mentioning any names!!! I don't know who'd be doing this to you, but you're not stooping to their level. BRAVO!!!
I can't think of anyone in our group who'd be trying to rip you a new one, but, the bigger the group, the more bad seeds are possible I suppose. That's simply a shame.
Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it too much. You've got a lot of friends here, and what goes around has a way of coming around. And deservedly so!

Now, for a word to whoever is doing this to LSG...
I don't know what caused this, nor do I care to know. But, don't you think it would be the adult thing to just drop it and let it fade away? We've got a good group here, so why take the chance on sowing dissension? Let it go, and get on with living a good life without bothering someone else!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. Anyone else want a turn on it?


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I didnt take it worries....after all I live in the heart of snobville here in Palm Beach Co.,Fla. and can give it right
And lately my nose has been in the air too sniffing all the night blooming jasmines,Angle trumpets,moonflowers,morning glories,yellow cassia'a,purple jacaranda's,pride of barbado's,Royal poinciett'a,Allamanda's,Mandavillia's,bouganvillia's,gardenia's,honeysuckles........mmmmmmmmmmmmm heaven on earth!


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WOW you are very lucky!! i think i;d keep my redhickneck nose in the air!! That's for sure!! and i'd be asking for lots of clippings and i'd for sure be a big time plant whore!!!! LOL man, i'd totally be a snob there!! LOL yes the uhhhh....humor is something here!! LOL ya gotta think fast!! LOL no time for loligaggin!! or ya might miss what was said. Hehehehe
i'm in agreeance with dan, geeze with all the beautiful plants, who'd want to have the time to rip someone a new one anywho??? talla and i are having way to much fun finding out whats fixin to bloom and such and hers is mary poppins, LOL (me too though, shhhhhh LOL) Hugs ~Medo

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I've got a thread on the Florida post for clippings of my yellow Mandavilla,Gardenia,Cherry Jubille Allamanda,Dwarf yellow Allamanda,and various Hibiscus. Anyone here want some ??? Just LMK ...Always willing to enable fellow mean share what I

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M'lady, you said it correctly the first way... "fellow plantwhores" I do have a question though, being male, wouldn't I be a plantgigalo?

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

OMG Regina!!!! I have seen the golden Allamanda around here and it's sooo gorgeous!!!!! I don't have any of those that you mentioned. For some reason I'm having a difficult time getting gardenias to "take" here. Not really sure why I'm having a problem with it. Anyways, let me know what I might be able to interest you in, because I'd sure enjoy having cuttings of those!


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OMGoodness!! (let me not sound TOOOOOO anxious!!! LOL) why Yes i'd be interested in them!! i'm a total glutton for punishment!! LOL meaning hubs will totally kick my butt!! it wouldn't be to bad if he spanked me though!! LOL **big grinn** LOL

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Well Dan...WE didnt want to say anything with ya running around the pool without your swimtrunks and the twig and berries were flapping in the breeze and all....Who are we to say anything??? I was kinda enjoying the show myself.....
So if you want to be a newly named plantgigalo by all means go for it!
I myself hate being a NOID.....ROTFLOL

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jelessa do u have central air and know where it drains at? Put a bucket under it to catch that slimy nasty drippy water.Why? Your going to root ur new gardenia cuttings in it....or if it drains onto the ground on the S-SW side of the house you can just stick the cuttings in the ground there. are a glutten for punishment....will have to include special homemade *wink* ointment as well too.
Both you ladies have mail.....

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WELCOME RED!!!! Happy to have ya in MNF!!! Trust me it occassionally does get "sane" in here but not often so just grab your keyboard, sit back and have fun!!! I am Pixie, I am one of the hit or miss ones of the group lately due to "life off the computer" (just realized that there was such a thing!!! lol j/k).

To fill ya'll in on whats been going on, no probs with the ear tumor thingie, its on a wait and see thing as its so very small and benign so would be more risky doing surgery at this time. No probs with me lol. I also just found out that my body seemed to realize that its in its 40's long before my mind has... went to the eye dr to update my contacts and shazaaam!!!!....I now have to wear "BI-FOCALS"!!!!! (got a cute lil red pair that will be in this coming week and then after I get used to them I will get contacts)...Sheesh time flies as you grow older eh???

Nan, my oldest son (24) proposed to his sweetheart and gave her an amazing ring, they had planned on getting married 7/11/09 but may now wait until that Sept or the following summer to allow Stacia (fiance) time to graduate college. I am finally going to have a wonderful daughter!!!

It has rained some here but not enough to salvage my veggie garden from while I was in NM. Oh well time to get the ground ready for a fall garden now anyways. I did manage to save most of my flowering plants and they are now almost ready to start sending again. I have a couple boxes that I need to get out this next week. The plants I brought back from NM are doing great and out of shock now. The sunflower I brought back and planted went into shock but is now almost as tall as me (ok so thats not saying much but hey!) I also have 5 lil baby cardinals that hatched today in a nest amongst my gourds (which believe it or not are doing great in this drought!). They are soo cute and the momma and daddy both take care of them. I have to get a mirror and stick it through the fencing to see in the nest but the parents don't seem to mind. On a very sad note..... my big taranchula (sp) died today, we had him (it) for over 8 years. We found it on the road in Okla and he became a "pet" (it was Cole Matthews first spider, we had two now we just have one)
Oh well I think I have rattled on enough, time for bed.

Once again, Welcome Red!!!!


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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Hello Pixie! I'm so glad to see you! These crazies have been running around causing all kinds of trouble. Congrats to Nan and Stacia! I love her name. Sorry to hear about your big hairy friend. I know how much you liked the creepy crawler. Bifocals huh? Granny glasses? teehee, next thing we'll hear is that you lost them, spent all afternoon looking for them and they were on the top of your head the whole time. lol!

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

OMG!!! That was hilarious! Plant whore! HAHAHAHA!!!

Now that I somehow seemed to have spit soda all over the place when I busted out laughing at the "Plant whore" comment, I have to go and clean it up. :D

I also hope to get to know all of you soon! :)


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uh, Tracy? I hope you're including yourself in that group of crazies. You do seem to be a ringleader occasionally! LOL! As if any of us were completely sane!

Oh no! I just checked the brownies, and it looks like LGS got the last one! Man, she's gonna be tripping!!! hehehe

Linda, hide the Bailey's! I think someone called the cops! You don't think we've been too loud lately, do you?

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"slipping Bailey's behind flower planter and shaking out brownie crumbs for the birds"....nope..everything here is just fine and dandy!...

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I'm not done reading all the replies....I have to do it while telling my kids to stop fighting over the Xbox.....but, I have to say.... I wanna be a plantwhore too! lol
That is killer!!!! How on earth did I not think of that to call myself? You, my friend.....kick major booty!! hehe

And, redneckhick self.......calling one...calling all! hehe
I am in BFE South Carolina! lol

I feel like this group was made just for me and my crazy self.....I can't tell Ladygreensleeves how very thankful I am to have met her...and in turn her intro-ing me to all of you!!!

I also had to share (non plant related) I got a funky haircut last week, and had been going over which crazy color to put in it...I always pick strawberry blonde and pink....but, this time I went for fire engine red. :O)

And yes, no matter where I go....everyone stares at me. I'm not sure if it's the hair or my screaming banshee kids...but, lol Just kidding! hehe

Okay....back to reading replies!!!

Thank you everyone who has made me feel so welcome to the group.....You rock major socks!!

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I am glad everything is good with you!!
As far as the bi-focals go....I can't imagine a more stylish look than red glasses...I mean come! lol

Congrats to you and your son and soon to be daughter in law!!! How awesome is that?

My oldest is 11...It broke my heart last year when he had his first offical girlfriend....and she is a year older to boot. lol
I can't imagine what it will be like when he gets engaged...then my middle son...and then my daughter....ahhhh.
Boy oh boy will I have more room for plants then though! lol

It's very nice to meet you!

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Just tripping thru....on my way to help southerncharm clean up the mess. The aka made her spit her soda all over ...giggling
Welcome to the group. Make yourself at home and don't worry there is more brownies in the oven and linda just hide the baileys behind the plants over there. I'm sure dan will have another pitcher of mararita's mixed up soon. And you might want to keep ur eye on him too at the pool... or not....he's always losing his swimtrunks.

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Ah I see we have another one caught in the net of MNF! Welcome Southerncharm!

Hey there red! I'm loving the new do! Absolutely fab! I'm thinkin' you should steal Trina's new specs! OMG, your son already had a girlfriend! Whoa is me! I have one just a year younger than him, not ready for little kid dating! Going to go hide under my beach towel.

LGS/PW, Could you hand me a screw driver? I need to post the "No Spewing Drings by the Pool" sign!

We should probably get Dan some suspenders for his trunks, don't ya think?

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi Red, I see you've already recieved a hardy mnf welcome! Glad you are joining us. As you can see, there is never a dull moment with this group! Everybody have their junk ready for the August swap?
DAN, keep your junk in your trunks for Pete's sake...

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Puleeeze he's around all us women!! ya know its gotta.....
hey!! guess what???!!! i have some awesome news!! LOL ya remember i told ya about me scoring on two 55 gal barrels?? well i just emailed her to let her know that wed i'd be able to get them. and found out that they like flowers and such, and.... i'm getting to enable some MORE!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! man i'm getting to be the totall bomb!!! and i got to give suzie some MORE plants, so my plants are dwindling down SOME!!! LOL
man PIXIE!!! i have not seen you around for like EVER!!! talla has been praying every single night for you! you are her favorite single most fairy friend! LOL she prays for pixie, wendys family, vera and christie. for when vera went into the hospital a 1 day surgery. she keeps things in order with her prayers. and she knows that fairy helpers are very important. LOL i told her that vera is ok now and i'm very sure that so is laurie but she is stubborn. LOL she said MOM and does that impatient thing. so i let her go. LOL but she likes to know what goes on with my gw friends, she likes me to read to her the posts. LOL
pixie i am so excited for you about stacie!! WOW!! and that is very smart of them to wait til she graduates!! no sense in putting all that pressure on, ya know, marriage and all. and tests in school. very smart ones you have there!! **wink**
you do know there is a NO SPEWING RULE HERE!!!! LOL **big grinn**
ummmm we need pics of the hair cut!! yep that's what we need!! mmmm hhhmmmm!!..... LOL
many hugs ~Medo

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handing screwdriver to tracy and hiding her drink and brownies....while asking whats a drings?

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Thank you for the warm welcome Tracyvine! :) I couldn't help myself, so much going on over here I had to see what was up! lol

Ladygreensleeves, Thanks so much for the help with cleaning up my soda.

Next time I'll enforce the "No Spewing Rule" better yet, I know now not to take a sip of soda or anything for that matter until after I finish reading the posts! :) Looks like I missed the Plant-gigalo making his entrance! ROFLMBO

Drings, definition= Drink that rings like a phone when you set it down, so... you know where left it! ;) Need one of those things for the remote my hubby is so attached to! HAHA!

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Southerncharm, now that is the best defintion of Drings! lol! I must have been slipped a mickey, I didn't even know I was slurring last night. Hmmm, not a bad idea for hanging out at the bar either, better patent that one quick! Make one for Dan that has a light up bottom that flashes. ;o)

LGS/PW, looks like you and I were both a little tipsy last night. Want another "Mararita"? ROFL! I bet if we lean on each other we can walk a straight line, come on...

Pressing my Dring call button, Drrrrrring! Hmmmm, now which to go?

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there's no way we could get thrown off the GW, is there? I mean, what with all the drinking, nudity, and trips to the Clinic, I'm sure we've been doing some gardening along the way, haven't we?
and no need to worry about the cops. they went to the house next door. good thing too! those brownies in the oven are just about done, and you know we're all gonna have some! they'll go great with our "mararitas"!!! LOL!!!

and, by the way, no need for suspenders for my trunks. I'll be keeping them on for awhile. At least, until the next chance I get to slip them off!! LOL!!! Anyone for another dip in the pool?

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LMAO ok lets all Dring some Mararita's!!! I think I need one! Been in the pool all afternoon, said boink the house cause the dirt will be there tomorrow anyways eh and to think this is just Tues! Oh well!!!

Medo, thank Talla for all her prayers, she is a sweetheart! Let her know that this pixie thinks about her and prays for her also!

Well I think hades opened up and swallowed my part of TX! I have lost my veggie garden basically but plan on tearing everything down and getting ready for a fall veggie garden.

Ducky, I think even with my new glasses (when I get them) that I wouldn't be able to walk with ya through that maze, sheesh I have a hard enough time walking straight sober as it is!!!!

I did my "good deed" for the day!!! I had to run to the store for cigs (yes I know that they are bad for me but so are peanuts!) and there were two young boys (early high school age) that had bicycle's, one was riding and one was pushing his, had a flat tire lol. So I spun around and loaded them up in the truck and took them home only to find out that one of the boys was a teacher friend of mine. LOL she had Alan for English and that same year Cole Matthew and his bf Mitch went fishing and caught a couple bass and fileted them and put the carcus' in her mailbox (which was plastic and absorbant). This was during the first week of school so it was very very hot here!!! It was her first week teaching so you can imagine what was going through her mind!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the day!!!


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OMGoodness pixie!! LOL that's halarious!! your cole was onery!!
i will tell Talla,
that was such a very nice thing for you to do for them boys!! you must live in a small town. :')
drings, LOL i like that LOL i didn't mean not to acknowledge anyone and not say hi and all, man, i do get wrapped up!! LOL i do sooooo LOVE and i MEAN L O V E to enable people who love plants!! LOL
ok here goes, hi!! its so nice to see new faces!! especially to the mnf's!! (((HUGS))) these guys are so crazy!!! LOL not me!! i'm just nuts the other way!! HEHEHEHE LOL so don't mind me, LOL
i am so happy to meet you please do tell all about yourself!! and please don't forget pics of your flowers!! and any animals ya have!!! LOL hmmmm....we love pics!!! LOL
many hugs ~Medo

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Southerncharm, Welcome to the group! and beware! heh heh heh, OH, not of me, but some of the others! LOL! If you read the "how'd ya get that name" thread you will see the story behind PW's name. Which BTW, I don't recall seeing your post on there???? "raising eyebrows" I'm guessing your just a sweet charming souther girl? Don't worry, we will change that!

Dan! What do you mean no planting going on?! Just look at the wonderful job Linda did trimming those bushes above! And, if you look close you can see Tracy and PW, they have fallen down and now I think they got lost in the maze! LOL

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Southen Charm, I am sooo sorry I didn't mean to not WELCOME you!!!

WELCOME SOUTHERNCHARM!!! Welcome to our MNF we love to meet new friends. Don't be alarmed at our misfit ways because we are all like a jigsaw puzzle. Some of us have the curved edges and some of us have to make up the border edges but we all fit together somehow! (trust me it may be a curvy edged puzzle sometimes cause we all get turned sometimes eh?)

Vic, I hope your landscape grows because you have a beautiful view and your place is so beautiful!!!

Michelle, I do live in a small town per say, its being over-run by Houston though so I keep begging fox to move west lol like that will ever happen. I want to move to the country and he wants to move to a "warehouse loft" in the middle of Houston YUCK!! Funny coming from a guy that was raised in the country! (he just doesn't want grass to mow dangie!) Ya won't catch me living in the city if I can help it!

Imma going to stay away from Linda's comment about trimming bushes lol.

    Bookmark   July 15, 2008 at 10:01PM
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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Spitting grass out of my mouth, Ptooey! Blech! PW, help me up will you? PW? PW? Uh, are you asleep? Great! I guess I'll lay back down and take a nap too.

    Bookmark   July 16, 2008 at 12:34AM
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did ya'll fail to notice that the g ran away a l o n g time ago with this group...
*pouring gas into my chainsaw, and checkin oil* there is more than one way out of this maze....come on tracy....we are out of here!
RRRRrrrrr RRRRRRrrrrrr or something like that, never was good at sound affects......rotflol

    Bookmark   July 16, 2008 at 2:30AM
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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Oh yes, very sweet and charming! I'd say, my hubby on the other hand would say that I'm like a wet cat in an electric fence when I get my panties in a wad! ROFLMBO!!!

Thank you all for the warm welcomes! I didn't mean to take the spotlight off the original posters though!!! I'm not a ham, just a cheesy nerd who loves chatting. hehehe ;)

Ducking from flying debris the chainsaw is slinging! LOL

    Bookmark   July 16, 2008 at 1:45PM
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who ladygreensleeves???? awww she's just the sweetest!!! i think....notice i "did" say "think" and ohhhhh with me that is a big and scary word they'd say, LOL but this is a gab fest!!! HE EHE EHEHE ***big grinn** and our person who was inroduced has "just" disapeared, as if ummmmm she doesnt want to be with us, ***boo hoo*** ****boo hoo**** or maybe it was ya'll talking toooo darned much again!! i knew it would happen again!!! go and scare someone away!!! hmmmmmm....then again it coulda been me!! my absent minded ways!!! LOL
i say.....cut a line straight through that ol maze and it'll look perfect!!! LOL yeppers!!!
and pixie!! you have it just right!! LOL gotta go fix waffles now. ugh cooking like a regular wife, **just kidding* LOL many hugs ~~Medo

    Bookmark   July 16, 2008 at 2:52PM
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Hello All;
I am trying to get a seed robin together for newbies, anyone have anything to contribute?
Let me know.

    Bookmark   July 16, 2008 at 9:45PM
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Thanks medo.....I "think"
and to "think" it all starts with one introduction....
I got redhead helping me gather up some houseplantwhorders for a rr just think they are plantaholics instead...ROTFLMAO. So if you don't see us so much that's probably why. Feel free to lurk thru and say guys are the best!

    Bookmark   July 17, 2008 at 12:55AM
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Southerncharm.....welcome to the group..even though i'm new too. lol

I'm gonna sit by the edge of the pool...drink a margarita....and wait for the flying swim trunks! lol

    Bookmark   July 17, 2008 at 2:09AM
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lol hi redheadedstepchild:) looks like your fitting in already:) you'll have fun with these ladys n dan they are a funny good group
im new too n yes im a snob LOL i lurk more than i post:)

    Bookmark   July 17, 2008 at 10:59AM
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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Chrizty, you can't be a snob! If you are then I will have to snub you so no no no no! Definitely not a snob! See, here you are posting! lol!

(putting on protective goggles to prevent injuries due to flying swimwear!)

    Bookmark   July 17, 2008 at 11:44AM
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LOL i'll have to post ya my pic of all my little plants we've either gotten or sowed, LOL they are all over till i can plant them strategicaally!! LOL ~Medo

    Bookmark   July 17, 2008 at 2:13PM
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