Which Avocado Variety

jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)August 1, 2013


Anyone could confirm whether or not this is a Reed variety? The men's watch inner diameter is 3 cm (1.18 in). Taste is excellent. Almost smooth skin. Thanks

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Its looks Reed to me. The large round shape,and that distinctive color to the flesh looks very Reed.

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)

Hello Stan,

Thank you for your reply. I knew that you would answer my post! This avocado tree grows in a friend's garden in Rabat, about 150 miles from Tangier.

I hope you could also help me with these burned-looking leaf buds on my young Glenn mongo tree. I first thought it was caused by excessive sun but after zooming on a picture taken this morning, I spotted some mealy bugs, scale insects and what looks like a fungal disease (powdery mildew maybe). Could all of these be the cause?


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The only problem I have ever had with Mango leaf color Jalilu was in a pot. I placed a saucer to catch extra water...and the plant hated that. I would guess your plant might resent the water quality or you have a buildup of salts in the soil it's in. I see yours is starting to flush..I would give it heavy watering right now and see if that washes away excess mineral buildup.
This time of the year..you wont be having temperature problems. Mangoes will grow happily in hottest deserts with good water.
One more thought: Is it getting full sun? Any shade might be causing the mildew. Is it getting good air flow? Not stagnating in a side yard or the like?

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)

Water salt content should not be that high since our gardenias and lychee are healthy. I read that mango trees are more resistant to salt than lychees and besides I haven't noticed any salt buildup on the container surface.

The plant is getting full sun till early afternoon and air flow should be sufficient (26 mph wind yesterday).

I'll try spraying diluted baking soda to increase pH. Hope this would help.

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Ahhh. its in a pot? The soil might not be getting enough air to the roots. They like a sandy potting soil. I grew one for years in a pot and when I moved into the ground..the rootball was like a sponge. No large roots showing.
Try a sandy,gravely,minerally mix or blended with what potting soils you have.

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)

All my mango trees were potted while I was away with a homemade mix of sand (yard is above an old sand dune), gravel and potting soil. Maybe, unlike for the Nam Doc Mai which is doing just fine, the mix ingredients have not been blended thoroughly. I'll check it when I'll be back home for weekend.

My Keitt spent the whole winter (a rainy one!) in a container filled only with ordinary potting soil without suffering from any disease. Bizarre.... Since then I put it in the ground.

The last 3 pictures from the link below show Keitt mangos from a yard near Gibraltar (opposite Tangier) with similar weather. Weight is in kilograms...Looking forward trying mine!


Here is a link that might be useful: Keitt mangos

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