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abbeyjosmomJuly 10, 2008

Hi everyone! I am new to Round Robin and just signed up for my first exchange. I am excited to say the least!

I am a mother of 3 (2 boys ages 18 and 12, and a daughter 2 and a 1/2... she was suprise and a blessing), a wife of 15 years, an artist (decorative painter) of almost 13 years, gardener of about 10 years, proud child of a risen savior, and a member of gw once about 7 years ago for awhile and am now returning. I love humor, let's face it...we all need it these days! And I just love giving gifts! It has to be one of my favorite things in the world to do. Just to know I brightened someones day makes my whole week!

Since my spine surgery I have been away from gardening but am now getting back into things that take less care like hostas or iris, things of that nature. Though I admit I bought gooseneck loosestrife the other day and we all know that is about as invasive as a plant can be.... moment of weakness, lol!

If ya'll need things painted and would like to trade for plants or see something on my list you need just let me know because I love to trade and I always share well with others, lol.

One other question...what does mnf mean? Like I said I am really new to this!

Well that is me in a nutshell....isn't that where all nuts are? I look forward to meeting you all and having many great swaps! God bless!

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Hi Abbeyjosmom! Welcome to the RR side of GW!
MNF is Make New Friends! And you are more than welcome to stop in and chat at any of our parties! We definately like humor!

Right now we are in the middle of our July swap and have already drawn partners, but you are welcome to come sit by the pool, but be careful! Dan has some strange crackers, although he swears it is the cheese ball! Linda is known to slip some Bailey's into anything your drinking! And, Stay away from the brownies! Myself, and the others are just trying to keep everyone under control! "looking around for lost Halo"

BTW, how did the trading go for your nieghbor lady? I hope she got some plants she liked, that was very sweet of you!


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Hi Vicky! What a sweet lady you are! My neighbor hasn't had any trades yet and I am shocked because she has some great plants! I am still going to talk to her about your cactus and see what she says because they are hardy here and she doesn't have any of those at all and I just have a feeling she will want some. I have been meaning to get over there but she has been taking care of her mom off and on who is out of town at a home still for the time being. I will be in touch though for sure so don't give up hope yet. She did say she was interested in some of the native prarie flowers from your area though, have any you can dig nearby?

Thanks for the explanation of mnf, lol, and the sweet welcome! I can't wait to join in! God bless! Wenonah

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Hi Abbeyjosmom,
Welcome, welcome, welcome. Yes, MNF is Make New Friends and we're just the group to do that. I have a difficult time keeping everyone under control though. Pool dunking, halo losing, strange foods.."sigh"..you name it, I've had to deal with it...it's a good thing they have me to keep them toeing the line..."drawing line with toe"....

Welcome aboard and come play with us!


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EEEEK! You might want to skip telling her about that cactus! Unless she like vicious plants! LOL
I didn't realize just how prickery this thing was tell I packed it up to send one on a trade to a cactus lover. I had to laugh while I was sending him an email telling him how much 'fun' I had wrestling that thing into a box. Of course, I was laughing the whole time reading the email from him telling me what 'fun' he had potting it up! LOL

And, from what I understand they can spread pretty fast also! I almost stepped on one barefoot the other day OUCH!

So, unless she likes to torture herself......... LOL

Hmmmm.......I'm surprised more of the MNF 'Welcome Committee' haven't stopped in yet......


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Welcome, Abbeyjo!!!
It's nice to see a new face around here...the natives are starting to act up a bit..... LOL
(example: see Vic & Linda)
I think everyone is restless with all the heat, rain, drought and storms that keep happening. Well...I guess that IS summer weather, huh?? :O)

Come on over to the MNF forum & play a bit! If you can keep up with the conversation, you'll fit right in!! lol


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Welcome Abbeyjo!! you should really drop in if ya havent@!! its a fun group!! and man they are really funny and onery!! LOL ummmm.....shhhhhh....don't drink around the pc if your an exploder!!! LOL there have been known to be people to explode and spew liquids all over their pc's. hmmm....very sad indeed!!! LMBO LOL i do love your post!! yup, me too!! can't wait till the day!!! counting down!! LOL well, cant' count down, but ya know!! LOL HE HEHE HEHE imagine no humidity, ahhh just right weather, just right everything!! LOL
good kids!! LOL i mean uhhh.... LOL ~Medo **wishing my kids were as good for me as they were for everyone else!!! LOL** ****sighing**** Hugs ~Medo

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Welcome Abbeyjo;
Nice of you to let us know you are around, thanks for all the info. I am not anyone's mother but I have some wonderful nieces and nephews that I love to death and they reciprocate. It is truly a wonderful thing. I have been gardening for years and have been a member of GW almost since the beginning.
There have been many changes as you can see by the ease of posting, posting pictures and the forums. There is also the availability of information on plants, diseases, etc. The round robin forum seems to be taking the place of the "Garden Party" although that might still exist, I have not visited there in quite a while, if it does.
The MNF group is "Make New Friends" which is open to anyone interested in any robin. Most of the other robins have become more accepting of new members but there was a time when new people were not as welcome so this group was started to allow people to experience a round robin without all kinds of rules.
Each host/hostess picks a theme and makes their own rules. It is really lots of fun and the best time to join a robin is in the growing seasons because then you trade plants. Not sure where you are from but here in the great state of Maine we have four seasons, summer, almost winter, winter, barely winter. We love summer for obvious reasons.
Come visit the MNF swap in progress and think about joining the August swap.
Welcome again.

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Welcome Abbeyjosmom, Glad to have you. I've been a memeber on gardenweb since 2002 and really love it here.

I'm a mother of one, "Shelby Lee" who is 29 and a Leukemia survivor; he was diagnosed in 2002. He lives in Wisconsin with is beautiful wife who has stood by him through this all. I have no grandchildren yet, maybe someday.

I'm sure you will find everyone here very friendly and helpful.


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