No Flowers on Morning Glory?

wantoretire_didAugust 8, 2011

I think I have a sterile morning glory :-( From seed, it has climbed all the way up the shepherds crook with nary a flower!!! Am I being impatient or is this a slow bloomer???

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Some morning glories bloom very late. To get any flowers before frost on moon flowers, I have to start them indoors a month or so before planting out in the spring. My ordinary MGs usually start flowering late July to early Aug, and the only early flowering MG I have is a miniature blue one that starts in early July. I think your will eventually flower, if frost does not get it first.

As a curiosity, my niece planted some MG seed in a pot in my house one year, and though the light levels were not high enough, the darn thing flowered intermittently all winter. Since I already overwinter all my sweet potato vines, I have been thinking of doing the same with the moonflower (they are all ipomoeas).


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Thank you rosalinda - I'll hope for the best for now, and start earlier next year :-)

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

My wild morning glories haven't flowered yet this year. Rosalinda is right about starting them indoors especiallyt when we have such a cool wet spring like we had this year. Morning Glories don't like cool temps. They need warmer temps to sprout and the delayed outside warm temps have probably delayed the bloom time.


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They finally came to bloom in early Sept. and are putting on a pretty good show. Next year I will definitely get them started earlier.

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